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Top 40 Best Jalshamoviez Alternatives To Watch Movies Online In 2022

by Julia

 If you’re searching for a website that features the finest regional hits from across the world, Jalshamoviez is the place to go. The website is a great source to get all of your regional, Bollywood and even Hollywood movies. Many other languages are also represented: Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telegu, Marathi, Bengali, and many others.

You may watch these films on our site or, better yet, download them for a future binge-watching session. This site’s user interface is straightforward, and the services are completely free. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting the movie’s quality, which is another plus for Jalshamoviez service. Jalshamoviez offers pirated copies of the films you want to download.

The Jalshamoviez, as well as the application version, is quite popular among users due to its many beneficial features. There are numerous proxy sites like Jalshamoviez available online if you want to check out their proxy sites as well.

Top 40 Sites Like Jalshamoviez To Watch Movies Online

Here is the list below of Jalshamoviez alternatives.

1. AZMovies


On its site, AZMovies displays thumbnails of the most recent flicks. You may also watch movies online by searching for them by year of release or genre, or by getting a list of all the titles and choosing your favorite to watch. You can even search for articles by name using the search box in the top-right corner. It is a good alternative to Jalsha moviez.

2. FMovies


FMOVIES like Jalshamoviez includes practically all popular old and new films and TV programs from all genres, as well as a user-friendly layout and many search possibilities. This will assist you in locating the specific material you want to watch throughout the weekend. The linked video player also allows you to choose between window and full-screen modes, as well as turn on or off subtitles. After creating a free account, you may watch movies online in 1080p, full HD, or even 4K resolution.

3. Plex


Plex is the third greatest movie streaming service on this list, allowing you to watch movies online for free and in high quality. You may watch movies on our website on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and any other device that supports online streaming. This can replace Jalshamoviez.

4. Bounce TV 


Bounce TV is billed as the first African American-focused broadcast network, with programming available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The site includes a large library of movies, series, and other items that air on local TV and cable in the United States. Nonetheless, you can watch new movies online for free without any restrictions. It is a good option for Jalshamoviez.

5. Putlocker


Putlocker like Jalshamoviez allows you to search for movies by putting the title into the search box in the homepage’s center. You may also narrow down your search results by selecting a category or using the IMDB rating. There are connections to additional movie download sites at the bottom of the landing page.

6. Youtube


Another famous movie-streaming platform with a wide range of genres is YouTube. It also features a large library of movies that can be seen for free online. You can watch your favorite movies on YouTube even if you don’t have a Google account. It is a good substitute for Jalshamoviez.

7. Crackle


Crackle is a movie streaming service created by Sony and Chicken Soup for the Soul to allow you to watch movies for free online. When you visit this site, you may watch some original TV shows and series as well as download on-demand complete movies.

8. Popcornflix


Popcornflix like Jalshamoviez comes to mind when you think about streaming movies or watching movies on Netflix. Popcorns make movies more enjoyable, and Popcornflix does the same when it comes to finding the greatest movie websites. Popcornflix does not charge you any money to join the platform right away. Unlike other free sites that do not provide decent quality, you get to experience fantastic enjoyment for free.

9. Yidio


Yidio is another movie website that you should check out if you want to watch Prime TV episodes without any restrictions, anywhere and at any time. It also has a TV guide that allows you to browse a large choice of videos, saving you time. The classification of videos on Yidio makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. You may browse a list of recommended films and TV series for your viewing enjoyment here.  This is a good replacement for Jashlamoviez.

10. Vumoo


Vumoo is a movie streaming website like Jalshamoviez featuring thumbnails of the most recent movies and TV shows that, when clicked, take you to the relevant page with an integrated media player that allows you to watch the video in your browser. You may also watch titles that have recently been launched on prominent OTT (Over-the-Top) platforms like Netflix, HBO, and others on Vumoo.

11. Vexmovies


VEXMOVIES may not feature the most up-to-date collection of movies to watch online, but when the mouse is held over a thumbnail, a little box appears with all the facts about the film, including its IMDB rating. This allows you to choose which film will allow you to spend quality time with your friends and family.

12. Gostream


GO STREAM, which is practically identical to VEXMOVIES, is undoubtedly one of the greatest movie streaming sites for watching the latest movies for free because it doesn’t have those annoying adverts that crop up now and then. The films are available to view online in HD definition or to download to your PC for offline viewing.

13. Movie Gaga


At the time of writing, MovieGaga allowed you to pick films or TV episodes based on the current year, for example, Top Rated 2021. You may alter the playback speed, choose your favorite remote server to stream from (if the default one is down), and even go to the “Suggest me” tab to obtain a list of hand-picked films or TV shows to watch while watching movies online. This website is like Jalshamoviez.

14. CMovies


CMovies like Jalshamoviez is a site with a large number of titles to watch movies online and has a database that contains nearly all of the most recent films in various resolutions based on their availability. Some videos, for example, are in 720p, while others are in CAMRip. Nonetheless, if picture quality isn’t too important to you, this might be one of the top movie streaming sites for you.

15. Ymovies


Ymovies is a free movie website that allows you to select your chosen genre or category and receive a list of titles in that genre or area to watch movies online. You may arrange the claims by IMDb rating, ascending or descending names, popularity, and so on once you get the list.  This website is a good replacement for Jalsshamoviez.

16. StreamLikers


StreamLikers is another great movie download service similar to Jalshamoviez that features a simple homepage with a search box in the center and a few social networks sharing buttons. However, there aren’t many TV series available to view online at the time of this writing. Another drawback is that it links visitors to certain obnoxious X-rated advertisements that are not appropriate for audiences under the age of 18.

17. 123movies


123Movies is one of the most popular movies streaming sites in the world, with millions of users. You may use the API to integrate it into your website or blog to assist visitors. You may also search for your favorite TV series or movies on 123movies by genre, country, or even year of release.

18. IOMovies


IOMovies features fewer advertisements than other free online movie streaming services, with a homepage that is virtual as plain as Google’s. Depending on your Internet access and data plan (which may be regulated by your Internet Service Provider), the integrated video player allows you to select a display resolution ranging from 360p to 720p (ISP). It is a good option for Jalshamovviez.

19. Soap2day


Soap2day like Jalshamoviez, although not having the most attractive homepage, provides a good selection of recent films. To watch movies online without advertisements, you must first create an account. In addition, the website’s “Sports” section now allows you to view the most popular matches directly from your browser.

20. Watch Free


On the site Watch Free, there are numerous categories such as HD Movies, Latest Movies, and so on that categorize the titles. To watch movies online in HD definition, you must sign in with your registered account. You may also use the search bar at the top of the page to hunt for your favorite movie or TV show. It is a good option for Jalshamoviez.

21. Cinebloom


Cinebloom like Jalshamoviez, an integrated media player, automatically plays your favorite TV shows and movies in HD quality, so you don’t have to manually adjust the resolution while viewing. The website’s homepage features thumbnails for all of the newly released or aired TV shows and films.

22. BMovies


BMovies is another famous free movie site, with a variety of tools at the top of the screen to help you filter and narrow down your search for movies to watch online. The built-in media player automatically sets the resolution to the highest possible and allows you to add or disable subtitles as needed. This is a good substitute for Jalashamoviez.

23. YoMovies


YoMovies provides a list of all accessible categories and genres. Furthermore, the menu at the top of the screen allows you to choose the sort of content you wish to watch, such as TV series, movies, or titles grouped by IMDb’s top titles, their rating, or even those that are currently trending.

24. Look Movie


The homepage of Look Movie has a professional feel to it, as do the homepages of most of the greatest movie streaming services with premium memberships. In addition, the built-in media player allows you to watch movies online for free in any quality between 360p and 1080p (Full HD). You may also activate subtitles in your desired language, depending on availability and it works like Jalshamoviez.

25. SolarMovies


Solar Movies is a new website where you can watch a large selection of high-quality movies and other video content. By registering on the site, you will be able to get updates and other information. The site is VPN-friendly and lets users filter material depending on genre, country, and other factors.

26. Moviesjoy


You can easily watch all of the most recent and popular movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment on the MoviesJoy website like Jalshamoviez. The site offers a straightforward UI with a search bar that may be used to locate your favorite film. You may also narrow down your search results by genre, region, and IMDB rating.

27. Flixtor


Flixtor like Jalshamoviez is a well-known movie site where you can watch all of your favorite movies and TV episodes without having to register. You may also make your list to keep track of all of your favorite books in one location. The site also recommends movies based on your previous searches and includes a section where you can search for movies that are now showing in theatres.

28. StreamLord


StreamLord offers a large video library to choose from, whether you want to watch a popular historical drama, an action film, or anything else. This is an ad-free site with the opportunity to register, but it is not required. You may browse popular new releases as well as various kinds of films and video material. This can replace Jalshamoviez.

29. Sony Crackle


Sony Crackle offers a wide range of high-quality movies like Jalshamoviez, TV programs, and original series to watch online. The site is also accessible as an app that can be downloaded and installed on a variety of devices. Because it is an ad-supported platform, advertisements are playing while the movies are being watched. The site is geo-restricted, so if you want to watch the movies outside of the US, you’ll need a good VPN.

30. Tubi TV


Tubi TV is similar to Jalshamoviez allows you to watch movies for free without having to register or sign up. The platform is accessible on a variety of devices, including Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, and others, in addition to internet streaming. You may watch movies and other content from MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and other studios.

31. Yes! Movies


YesMovies is a free movie website that includes a lot of new movies and TV shows, including some that have just been published. Its user interface is very simple to use, so you can easily find the most popular movies online at your leisure. This website is like Jalshamoviez.



XUMO TV is a website headquartered in the United States that features a wide range of entertaining movies, series, and other forms of media. What sets this service apart from the rest is that it also allows you to watch various live channels on the internet. The services are available as a streaming website as well as an app. This website can replace Jalshamoviez.

33. Peacock TV


Peacock TV like Jalshamoviez, which debuted in the year 2020, is one of the newest streaming services, but it has quickly gained traction because of its extensive movie library, seamless playback, and ability to be used as an app. The service is exclusively available in the United States, with a premium edition that includes extra video material and services.

34. Pluto TV 


Pluto TV is a streaming service located in the United States with over 170 content partners offering over 250 channels and 100,000 hours of programming, in addition to a library of free online movies. Free movies may be seen on the website or through the available applications. This is a good option for Jalshamoviez.

35. Internet Archive 


The Internet Archive like Jalshamoviez is a powerful platform with a large library of public domain digital content. Not only movies and TV shows are included in the collection, but also images, books, and other items. This digital collection contains a wide range of videos and films, from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. The free website also allows movie buffs to upload and download the necessary digital content.

36. Hoopla


Hoopla is also a well-known and extensively used public library that has a large selection of films, television series, audiobooks, eBooks, comic books, and other media. The material may be seen on a variety of devices, including computers, televisions, phones, tablets, and more. You may even install the app on your device to watch new movies for free. It isa good option for Jalshamoviez.

37. 123Chill


When it comes to drama, horror, romance, mystery, and a variety of other genres, 123Chill is a good option. Although the site is relatively new, it has a large amount of content and is popular among users due to its simple and quick navigation. It is a good substitute for Jalshamoviez.

38. PrimeWire


PrimeWire is a popular online streaming service where you can watch any of your favorite movies. Previously, the website was named LetMeWatchThis and 1Channel. Genre, nation, movies, TV series, and IMDb ratings may all be used to search the site’s content. You may also use the search box to look for the title of your movie. It can be used instead of Jalshamoviez.

39. FilmRise


FilmRise is a free online movie streaming service with an ad-supported independent streaming platform where you can watch movies, series, and a variety of other media. In addition to web streaming, the movies may be seen on mobile devices via the company’s app. This is a good replacement for Jalshamoviez.

40. Kanopy


Kanopy is a fun movie website where you can watch movies if you have a library card from a participating library. You may also sign up for a free account on the site to have access to free movies. The streaming and playback are both seamless, and simultaneous streaming is a possibility. This is a good option for Jalshamoviez.

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