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10 Best Freight Forwarding Services \ NVOCC In USA

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Looking for the top freight forwarding Services in the United States to move your products in a safe and timely manner? We’ve compiled a list of the best freight forwarding Services in the United States to assist you with your freight and logistics needs.

Freight forwarding is reliant on the dependability and expertise of the logistic providers with whom you operate. A reliable freight forwarding company guarantees that your shipment arrives on schedule and in good shape. The foundation for long-term cooperation between freight forwarding Services and you is efficient and timely delivery based on dependability and transparency. The cherry on top comes when you locate goods at the best price.

If you’re looking for reliable freight forwarding Services in the United States, keep reading to find the top options.

Find a freight forwarder in the United States.

By nominal GDP, the United States of America has the world’s largest economy. When comes to global trade, it has various competitive advantages. The country is the biggest importer and second-biggest exporter of containerized goods in the world. This makes it a hub for trade and business around the world.

Furthermore, the United States has a favourable geographical location and one of the world’s greatest marine transportation networks. The Mississippi River, together with the Ohio, Red, Missouri, and Tennessee rivers, constitutes the world’s biggest network of navigable waterways. It also boasts a widespread interstate highway system totalling 97,000 kilometres, as well as an intercity train system linking 500+ cities over 34,000 kilometres of track.

The Land of Liberty also boasts around 360 commercial seaports, with the larger ones, such as the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, handling roughly 32.5% of the country’s total vessel traffic. All of these strategic advantages make the United States a significant trade site for enterprises all around the world. As a result, having reputable freight forwarding Services in the United States is critical.

We’ve compiled a list of the top NVOCCs and freight forwarding Services in the United States based on a variety of criteria—performance ratings, company data, and services offered—to make it simpler for you to locate reliable partners. Continue reading!

Top freight forwarding Services/NVOCCs in U.S

In the United States, there are hundreds of freight forwarding Services, and selecting the correct one takes time and effort. We assess the top freight forwarding Services so you can save time, effort, and resources.

#1. Rain Logistics Co., Ltd

freight forwarding Services

Rain Logistics was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Montclair, New Jersey. The company has direct relationships with all major shipping carriers and companies and is a well-known name in the freight and logistics market. They primarily provide ocean and air freight forwarding Services, as well as multimodal transportation services across the world. With GPS monitoring and EDI capabilities, the company provides total transparency during delivery.

#2. Great Luck Inc

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Great Luck is an NVOCC located in Torrance, California, that was founded in 2002. It is a subsidiary of Japan Trust Co., Ltd., a renowned Japanese freight forwarding Service. For speedy freight delivery, the company has a large network of partner warehouses and shipping companies. Their annual transport statistics for the United States alone surpass 10,000 TEUs. Great Luck specialises in identifying the most efficient routes, scheduling, and prices.

#3. CSI Container Services International

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CSI was founded in 2011 and is based in Quincy, Massachusetts. The company is well-known in the shipping and forwarding market. It offers a wide range of container transportation services, including container procurement and leasing, logistics consulting, and container modifications, among others. Other container-related services include finance, insurance, shipping, and storage. CSI is well-known for its service delivery integrity and efficiency.

#4. Manuport Logistics USA LLC

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Manuport Logistics, founded in 2016, is a prominent brand in the freight forwarding market in the United States. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and has partners all around the world. They provide timely delivery of consignments and shipping follow-ups by collaborating with major global and local carriers. Manuport specialises in container logistics, providing comprehensive solutions such as in-house customs, warehousing and storage, cargo insurance, and contract and procurement.

#5. Alberta Ltd

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Alberta was founded in 2007 in Grande Prairie, California, USA. They have over a decade of experience in shipping and logistics and work in the worldwide freight forwarding industry. Along with its network of partners, the company provides transportation, cargo tracking, and storage services. They are well-known for their punctual deals and competent approach to all of their tasks.

#6. Trans Overseas Corporation

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Trans Overseas Corp., founded in 1978, is a high-quality logistics partner based in Romulus, Ohio. The company offers a wide range of services, including international and local freight forwarding, as well as warehouse and distribution facilities. They are a full-service third-party logistics provider specialising in end-to-end supply chain management. The company is continually improving its technology in order to provide better responsiveness and visibility to clients in real-time. They also place a strong emphasis on customer happiness and customs compliance.

#7. Simple Forwarding Inc

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Simple Forwarding Inc., founded in 2016, is a shipment forwarder based in Monroe, New York, USA. It mostly serves enterprises and Amazon sellers who wish to export from China to the United States. Thanks to their in-house custom brokers, the company assures easier and faster customs clearance for its clients while also handling the end-to-end process of moving products. They also have a network of Amazon FBA facilities around the United States.

#8. Portable Storage Of Mn

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Portable Storage of MN, situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 2001. The company provides movable container storage for commercial and household use. They sell, rent, and transport various sizes and capacities of containers. They also provide temporary storage and pick-up services for freight loading and unloading. In its activities, the company is known to be ethical, dependable, and solution-oriented.

#9. Tri-State Forwarding

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Tri-State Forwarding, founded in 2016, is a full-service logistics firm situated in Mahwah, New Jersey. Among other things, the company provides air and sea freight, FTL, LTL, and 3PL services. They also provide warehousing and customs brokerage services to suit all logistical needs. Freight consolidation and fulfilment are also offered as add-ons. They are an excellent freight forwarding partner because of their individual approach and end-to-end openness.

#10. Cargotrans Inc

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Cargotrans Inc., founded in 1989, is a well-known brand in the freight forwarding industry. The company began operations in Manhasset, New York. They provide a one-stop shop for all logistical and worldwide commerce needs. Cargotrans has over 30 years of expertise in customs brokerage, 3PL services, paperwork, and dealing with trade compliance. They are well-known for their efficient business operations and on-time payments.

Find more reliable freight forwarders and NVOCCs in the United States.

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FAQ about freight forwarders in the United States

How can I locate freight forwarders in the United States?

On Container xChange’s company profile page, you may locate reputable freight forwarders in the United States. All featured companies have been validated and their profiles include information such as performance ratings, partner evaluations, location, background, and services offered.

How many freight forwarders exist in the United States?

There are over 1 million freight forwarding agencies and brokerages spread across the United States.

In the United States, what is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders are companies that handle supply chains for shippers, including transportation and storage. They specialise in scheduling shipments to transport items from suppliers to final distribution points.

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