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Top 20 Skylum Luminar Alternatives & Similar Software – Techlion

by Julia
skylum luminar

The Skylum Luminar is a cutting-edge universal photo editing software that legitimates photographers to extract the best quality out of it. Ge the reliable experience with the new set of features and tools, and you always remain on top with the top-notch design having the plethora of tools and features on the go.

The Luminar 3 free download software is sustainable, providing best-in-class Artificial intelligence, so be creative with your approach to having Skylum Luminar neo. There is no need to spend time on importing because you can still explore, rate, sort, and enjoy images from all your folders with ease.

Take the expediency of the featured rich exclusive tools that allow you to design your portraits, travel, landscapes, and all the other genres of photography. There is nothing Skylum luminar ai alternatives here and no need to learn; even if you are a novice, you can pretty understand the procedure. Hot features are realistic results, skin enhancer, and responsive interface, insert objects, add sunrays, Luminar ai structure, various selective adjustments, and more to add.

Top 20 Skylum Luminar Alternatives For Free

Following are the Skylum luminar alternatives for free that you can easily download for free and edit your images through this software in 2022.

1 Adobe Lightroom

Adope lightroom

Adope lightroom


Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor skylum luminar alternatives & Pro Camera app comes up with a built-in photo editor and camera to allow users to capture photos and convert them into stunning portraits right on their handheld devices. You can share a photo with other content creators to motivate them to be the top photo editor in the industry. Adobe Luminar 3 free download Lightroom Photo Editor app features crop options through which users can change the size and the dimensions of a photo to upload it to all the available social media apps without losing quality and pixels. You can synchronize your digital gallery on a cloud server to view images on your other devices.

2 Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is one of the best skylum luminar alternatives most leading photo editing software designed for professional photographers, artists, and designers. It is a comprehensive solution and comes with all the advanced tools that help you to design and edit any kind of image easily. The design app is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud service. It allows you to quickly design complete websites, mobile applications, banners, posters, and lots of other things without any effort.

Also, the software lets you create and enhance paintings, illustrations, and 3D artworks that make it professional image editing software. It offers unique patterns and effects as well as some new brushes that allow you to create and customize digital masterpieces. The Luminar 3 free download interface of this photo editing software is quite simple, where you can access all tools and features. The best thing about this solution is that it offers multiple add-ons and plugins that increase its functionalities and features.

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3 Inpixio Photo Suite

Inpixio Photo Suite

Inpixio Photo Suite

Inpixio Photo Suite is an all-in-one photo editing software that comes with advanced support tools and functions that make your photos stylish and vibrant. Get yourself to be on top with top-notch organizing features and you’ll more likely take advantage of the exciting special effects and proficiency in your photo projects for sure. With this Luminar AI plugin smart technology, you will be able to produce photos that are of complete quality courtesy of having the best-in-class photo maximizer, an extensive photo studio, and photo focus on the go.

The hot features are removing unwanted objects, restoring old pictures, repairing photos, retouching, rotating or resizing, printing, and you can share all of your photos on social media platforms. The Inpixio Photo Suite provides everything that you need to make your photo editing experience more enhanced and improved. If you make a purchase, you have multiple additional options, such as multi-computer usage and backup hard copy installation.

4 Anthropics



Anthropics is completely skylum luminar alternatives a legit technological software platform that comes with the state of the art image processing tools making businesses and photographers to be delighted. Get a Luminar AI plugin competitive edge with your editing via having efficient tools and features, so producing a quality image is no longer an issue with Anthropics. Smart Photo Editor is one of the top products listed by Anthropics that will let your photo experience to the next level with agility in mind.

Anthropics, overs the years providing sophisticated products for the retailers and leverage you with the professional editing experience that will enhance not only your skills but also you and can make an impact as a photographer. You can use different products here either you are making your business gigs to sell something or doing branding, or there is always something extra for the audience to make engagement. Ultimately, you will reach the goals defined by you.

5 Exposure. software

Exposure Software

Exposure Software

software is a professional skylum alternatives tool designed for creative photography, providing you a rich experience of having resounding exposure. The software is found to be a vital utility that makes your photos a vibrant look courtesy of the extensive library, and more likely, you can make your experience more streamlined with an automated adjustment that sounds great for your creative adjustments. When talking about the workflows, it is reliable, efficient, and according to the requirements of your hard drive space, so less time to manage files and more on editing images in a real-time experience.

The tools are advanced and unique, and you will be able to make your imagination turn into a reality with the color editor, artistic focus effects, film grain, and overlays. Exposure Software is setting the benchmark as far as your photography is concerned via having the customizations, simulations, elegant styles, and color shifts that are just pleasing to the eyes. The versatile features are 3D color masking, linear and radial gradient tools, Spot head tools, non-destructive layers, brush tools, noise reduction, white balance adjustment, and more.

6 Movavi Photo Editor


Movavi Photo Editor is Luminar 3 free download professionally-graded photo editing software that is making a landmark with its editing tools, and you have a realistic approach towards your design. If you are a photographer and want to make your experience to be improved and enhanced, then Movavi Photo Editor is the skylum alternatives reliable option for you because of its extensive design and features that can make comfort for any skill level.

You have an intuitive user interface that makes things simpler and efficient, so keep taking your workflow to the next level in an automated and strategic way. Movavi Photo Editor is making quite an impact in the market with its AI that will do a lot for color optimization and contrast in a matter of seconds. There are multiple Luminar 4 vs Luminar AI features on offer that are background color removal, restoration of old images, thousands of effects and filters, auto enhancements, custom sharpness adjustment, precise object removal, photo retouching, and counting.

7 Nikon Capture NX-D

Nikon Capture

Nikon Capture


Nikon Capture NX-D is a non-destructive raw imaging processing software and skylum alternatives application that comes with multiple customization and editing functions. Via utilizing the sidecar system utility, you can save the adjustment if you are a Nikkon photographer, looking for both editing and processing. Nikon Capture NX-D is robust in its processing time and is just intuitive with its design. Nikon Capture NX-D has always been there to match your styles and requirements and is compatible with your PC.

The rich features are Luminar 4 vs Luminar AI batch processing, levels, and curve adjustment, latest picture control, noise reduction, lens corrections, and more. Nikon Capture NX-D is perfect, and you will get the most out of Nikon raw image files, and images after being processed will have a look as they are just newly captured. The image processing for the raw images is consistent and seamless from image to image, and you are not going to face any destructive processing. Moreover, the software integrates with your existing workflow if you are a user of camera control Pro2, so went with the flow with enhanced quality images for sure.

8 Photo Pos pro

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro


Photo Pos Pro is one of the leading photo editing software known for its professional image quality and enhancements. The technological software is simple, reliable, and has an intuitive interface that makes things a lot understandable for how you can extract the best experience out of it. You have advanced skylum luminar alternatives tools and features that will create an extra level of editing, having effects, filters, resizing, clustering, cropping, and removing any background from the image you like. Modern-day photographers want elegance, modernity, and resounding artwork in their editing, and these specific needs are being covered by Photo Pos pro that is eye-catching vibrant. Top Luminar AI plugin features are filters, layers, curves, script editor, effects, brushes, resizing, HTML photo mapping, stunning text effects, advanced photo effects, frames and collages, and more to add. Furthermore, the software seems to be a versatile option for you that is making your photography experience to the next level.

9 Pixlr Editor

Pixclr Editor

Pixclr Editor

Pixlr Editor is a flexible and instant photo editor of  skylum alternatives that can be run right in a mobile web browser, and there is nothing to be downloaded or installed. This Luminar AI plugin online web-based software is designed for desktop needs and is supporting multiple image formats like PSD, PNG, PXD, Jpeg, SVG, and more. You also have the plus point of having artificial intelligence, so you have automated experience to remove background and a more professional look to your photos. There are multiple features offered by Pixlr skylum luminar alternatives Editor that are exciting filters, responsive design, more adjustment functions, fill and gradient tools, classic desktop UI, advanced color picker, complete gradient control, and more. Furthermore, the software is according to your expectations, and there is no manual work at all and be automated with the state of the art technological tools of Luminar AI plugin that let you be creative always

10 LiveCollage

Live collage

Live collage

LiveCollage is a photo collage maker and skylum luminar alternatives application that will let you have the best collection of images in place. This application is the best way to make your memories in one place with exciting layouts and filters. You can also create a fun, amazing layout and collage via remixing all of your photos, having things like text, sticker, filter, frame, and background in seconds. The creativity is worth viewing, and after making any college, you can share them with people on social media. There is nothing complex here, just download it from the play store, log in via your social media account, and start creating with ease

11 Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adope Photoshop camera

Adope Photoshop camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera is an intelligent application that comes with the best way for how you can make your photos captured better with different filters and lens. This application skylum alternatives software automatically suggests what kind of filters and images suit your image, even before you take a shot. There are over Luminar 4 review hundreds of aesthetic, worthy lens, and filters, and more importantly, you can use Adobe Photoshop Camera with ease without having the knowledge of Photoshop.

This application is quite remarkable because of its artificial intelligence-based features that will ultimately help you to pick lens color, take stunning selfies, scenery shots, perfect portraits, and more. There are multiple features on offer that are auto-tone fix, efficient portrait controls, blur background, fun filters, custom filter support, easy swapping, real-time photoshop effect, sharing options, and more to offer. Furthermore, Adobe Photoshop Camera is skylum luminar alternatives free to use and make your experience to be blazingly fast while capturing things on your camera, and artificial intelligence adds more to it.

12 Fotor

skylum luminar


Fotor is a web-based photo editor and sharing platform that helps online designers and editors skylum  alternatives to create stunning photos. It is based on the creative needs of the users, like adding filters, frames, text, stickers, and much more. Luminar 4 review It provides the users with the amazing tools of designing and collage making. It is one of the best image editing platforms that requires no installation, as everything will be done in the online environment.

One of the best advantages of using this tool is that it is a simple and easy-to-use image editing application. It is a pack of highly advanced technical features. Luminar 4 review its main highlighted features and functions are basic photo editing, photo collage system, graphic designing, beauty retouching system, HDR photography functions, and much more. Fotor is ready to use application that gives the users new and amazing features and assists the users in transforming the average image into a stunning one.

13 InkScape

skylum luminar


Inkscape is a free, professional, and open source vertical graphics skylum luminar alternatives and is regarded as one of the best replacements for Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Illustrator, Skylum software, Corel DRAW, and Xara X. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It is suitable for illustrators, designers, web designers, and those who want to create vector imagery. The core features of InkScape are flexible drawing tools, broad file format compatibility, powerful text tool, Bezier and Spiro curves, free availability, suitable for all, either beginner or professional, and many more.

14 Capture One

skylum luminar

Capture one

Capture One is an all-in-one photo-editing software. And skylum luminar alternatives come with all powerful tools to make your photo editing smoother and more precise than ever. It is an alternative to Skylum software Apple Photos and introduces a new interface and tools to make it the best choice for photographers. The best fact about this solution is that it introduces a customizable interface with unlimited options, so you can easily set it based on your requirements. It offers creative control on all your content to transfer color and unleash your creativity by using its precision editing tools.

15 Affinity Photo

skylum luminar

Affinity photo

Affinity Photo is an application that offers modern tools for improving, altering, and modifying your pictures in an unimaginably instinctive interface. This Luminar AI plugin tool offers top-of-the- Skylum alternatives line features including lighting, obscures, bends, tilt-move, shadows, shines, and some more. This platform offers a live preview as well so that you can visualize the changes on the go. Using this tool, you can upgrade pictures with levels, curves, black and white, white balance, HSL, shadows, highlights, and over twelve different alterations. Whether you need to make just a few slight changes or need to spend hours to remodify your image, then this is just the perfect tool available for you. It also features blaze, clone, fix, flaw, and red-eye

16 Snapseed

skylum luminar


Snapseed is one of the best complete and professional photography app by Google that offers all the major tools, features, and services. It is an all-in-one mobile app that provides different functionalities such as split, cloning camera, collage, mirror camera, and much more. The app comes with more than 29 best tools and filters, including healing, brush, HDR, and perspective. Luminar AI plugin Save your looks and apply them to new photos later. All your styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control. Snapseed app allows you to create, edit unlimited images, and share them with others.

17 Vsco

skylum luminar


Vsco (also known as Vsco Cam) is a leading photography mobile application for Android and iOS devices created and published by Visual Supply Company. The Luminar aj app lets you create, capture, and edit your images with these superior mobile presets and advanced camera controls. It is an all-in-one photography app that offers lots of new and exciting features to lets you have an ultimate fast experience. With Luminar aj Vsco, you can explore content from the people you follow, curated work from the community, and also discover exclusive editorial content.

18 Prizma

skylum luminar


Prizma Photo Editor is free to use the Photography Luminar aj app that has more than 100 million users around the world who are using it to express their artistic talent. Prisma skylum was developed by Prisma Labs Inc. for Android, iOS, and Web. It has the world’s largest creative community where all the talented people are sharing their experiences with others. Prisma app transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists such as Munk, Picasso, and the world’s most popular ornaments and patterns.

19 Foodie

skylum luminar


Foodie – Camera for Life is an excellent photography app specially made for those people who want to share their stories on Facebook, Instagram, and all other similar skylum luminar platform. It is the essential companion for the modern socially able foodie. The app carries more than 30 different professional filters such as BBQ, Crispy, Yum, Sweet, and various others. It also enables you to add any of your desired filters over your pics to make them more attractive and unique. You need to download it into your mobile device, add the required information, and start shooting photos without any limitations.

20 Pixelmator



Pixelmator is a fully-featured and powerful image editing and managing application for the Mac OS X operating systems users that contains the basic features of editing the images. It is a highly advanced website  skylum luminar platform that provides the users with the system of picture enhancement, text, and shapes, and a system for adding dazzling effects and performing various other functions.

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