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24 Best Games Like Eve Online 2022 – Best Space Games

by Julia
Best Space Games

Games like Eve Online 2022: Are you planning on playing online space travel or a fighting game like games like eve online Free? If yes, then you’ve come to the right location; here are the 24 best space games compiled!

Games like elite dangerous eve online are a game enjoyed by game fanatics, and maybe that’s why it has more than half a million subscribers. The games like elite dangerous eve online take place in Ascent the space game and have a lot of technologies and gameplay that are fascinating.

With all the worlds to explore, spaceships, guns, and planets, there is a lot you can do in the game. We also mentioned many if you are fond of games like eve online free, keeping you occupied in your spare time. EVE online gameplay is a game like an eve online that is loved by game fanatics and perhaps that is the reason it has over half a million subscribers.

The game like eve echoes take place in space and feature a lot of interesting technology and mechanics. There is a lot you can do in the game with all the planets to explore, spaceships, weapons, and planets. If you are fond of Eve online, we have listed a bunch of games like Eve online Reddit that might keep you busy in your free time. All these games are space flight simulation games just like Eve Online.

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Top 24 Games Like Eve Online 2022

The following are some of the more interesting games like eve online free, Take a look please:

1. Planet Calypso

games like eve online

planet calypso

Let’s take a look at the games online that are very similar to Eve and are good game alternatives. Planet Calypso is an online game similar to games like eve on the switch, which promises efficient and intriguing gameplay. The game has exceptional features and has an MMO mode. In the virtual universe, you are given real money for completing activities.

2. Evochron Legacy

games like eve online

evochron legacy

4 Another perfect game for space exploration is Evochron’s legacy. You’re allowed to climb into your spacecraft and visit various planets in this space simulation game like elite Danger. Ships can be personalized at the level of shields, guns, engines, hull in a lot of ways, and you can even adjust their location on ships.

3. DarkOrbit

games like eve online


Another fantastic MMO that essentially focuses on ship wars, clan engagement, and resource gathering is Dark Orbit. The games like eve online on switch give you the power to control spacecraft and lead the game. In this video, there’s a lot to do so that you won’t get sick of the game anytime soon.

4. Kerbal Space Program

games like eve online

kerbal space program

The Kerbal space program features alien-like astronauts that are controlling a fully equipped spaceport known as the Kerbal space center. The eve echoes game allows players to create spacecraft, rockets, airships from a set of components they are provided.

5. Astro Lords

games like eve online

astro lord

Astro Lords is the next up on our list and this 3D game is all about exploring places, building, and maintaining the human race. You are assigned the role of an Astro lord, having complete control over your own asteroids in the Oort Cloud.

6. Wurm Online

games like eve online

wurm online

Another space game that is similar to Elite dangerous vs eve online is Wurm Online. The playstyle is the same as online Eve; the only difference is the setting and the characters. In the games like eve online, the primary goal for you is to gather money, build stuff to engage in a virtual economy, and level up skills.

7. Star Citizen

games like eve online

star citizen

In these games like eve online gameplay, you wake up to realize that your spaceship needs a replacement. Just outside the window, you see the gaping space and a planet revolving around the sun that is in extremis.

8. Vendetta Online

games like eve online

vendetta online

This MMORPG allows thousands of spaceship pilots to interact with each other in the vast universe. In this space exploration Eve Online gameplay alternatives, the gamer can choose the role they want to execute. They can choose between being Captains of Industry or Military Heroes.

9. Elite: Dangerous

games like eve online

elite dangerous

In this space simulation game like eve online on the switch, the players are given their spaceship and a small amount of real money! They need to carve their way through the Milky Way Galaxy. Do your best to upgrade your spacecraft engines and weapons in one of the best space games for pc.

10. No Man’s Sky

games like eve online

no man sky

The space MMO games like eve online enable you to explore the enormous Open Universe consisting of eighteen different planets. Undertaking the role of an alien exploring different planets, you can repair and refuel your spacecraft as and when required.

11. Darkstar One

games like eve online

darstar one

Darkstar One, one of the most engrossing Eve Online gameplay alternatives, enables you to undertake the role of a young adventurer Kayron. He attempts to upgrade and customize his ship for space exploration.

12. Ascent – The Space Game

games like eve online

ascent the space game

The next game similar to Eve’s online gameplay on our list is Ascent, a PVE sandbox space MMO that features 270,000,000,000 star systems. The main emphasis of the game is on hardcore Sci-Fi, colonization exploration, research and technology, StarBase construction, trading and combat, mining, and farming.

13. Pirate Galaxy

games like eve online

pirate galaxy

Pirate Galaxy is also a Sci-Fi space game that allows you to explore different parts of the galaxy by traveling from planet to planet and star to star. You build and customize your own spaceship.

14. Perpetuum



This game-like elite dangerous is another MMO experience game where you can customize and build your own robots. You can top them off with different powers and get on the battleground.

15. MechWarrior Online

games like eve online


Yet another first-person space shooter MMO to make it to the list of the top games like Eve Online gameplay, MechWarrior Online, is unmissable. If you are an avid fan of sci-fi games and love shooter games with a scientific bent, MechWarrior Online is meant for you.

16. FreeSpace 2

games like eve online


FreeSpace 2 requires the player to take charge of his/her spacecraft and perform myriad tasks in the never-ending solar empire. You embark upon various missions in the first-person shooter game and most mechanics are sure to remind you of games like eve online. The gameplay is similar to Eve’s universe.

17. Oolite 

games like eve online


This is a free and open-source 3D environment Space Combat simulation game. By its name, Oolite – Object-Oriented (E)lite, this game was inspired by games like eve and share several similarities.

You have to pilot a space vessel that can accomplish interstellar travel to other nearby planets. The vessel is capable of generating wormholes for achieving the same.

18. Star Wars – The Old Republic

games like eve online

star war

Here is the choice if you are a Star Wars fan. SWTOR is a massively popular free-to-play MMORPG game that gives you the option to play at the center of your own plot-driven Star Wars saga. You are can play one of the fabled roles from your Star Wars characters. Being on the Light or Dark side is your choice.

19.  EveEchoes

games like eve online

eve echoes

EVE Echoes is a next-gen mobile MMO spaceship-based game. This is a simpler version of its successor games like eve Online gameplay on the mobile Android platform. This one came as the solution to casual players who dreamt of playing a massive game like Eve Online on a mobile platform. It is perfect to be called “EVE’s little brother”.

20. Vega Conflict

games like eve online

vega conflict

Vega Conflict is another MMO space game like elite Danger that helps your imagination come to life in the game. Players are assigned playful minors in space looking to have complete control over the remaining assets and valuable resources that are situated inside space rocks in every sector.

21. Warframe

games like eve online


Warframe is an alternative for players who want to step out of the spaceships and into the role of a soldier. Players can pilot Warframes that have various capabilities and offer distinct styles of gameplay.

22. Vega Strike

games like eve online

vega strike

We have another game like eve echoes on our list which is inspired by Elite. In this Vega Strike, you are introduced to a dynamic universe with diverse factions. These games like elite Danger allow you to build relations when traversing between factions.

23. Faster Than Light

games like eve online


One of the best space strategy games like Eve Online, FTL enables the players to control their spacecraft which can travel faster than the speed of light. You get to manage and control the Kestrel and its crew as you traverse through the galaxy. Controlling your crew is essential for keeping the spaceship operating and for fighting off enemies.

24. Universe Sandbox

games like eve online


One of the best games like Eve Online, Universe Sandbox, enables you to create and destroy as you have never done before, encompassing the gigantic space.


If you are a fan of EVE Online gameplay then you would surely fall in love with the games mentioned above as they too serve somewhat similar gameplay and are bound to keep you glued to your computer.

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