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22 Best Games imvu Alternatives – Best Free Games like imvu

by Julia
Games like imvu

Second Life is sort of a virtual world that was established in 2004 and was very popular at that time. It Twinity allows you to create 3D avatars in a fun and safe virtual world, and that too, for free. It is basically a multiplayer online video game that brings people together on Games like imvu 2022.

At that time, the game had millions of accounts registered where people used to create 3D avatars, participate in games, chat with each other, and generate products in a safe and secure environment. Games like imvu allow you to make new friends or focus only on content creation.

Today there are more than 4 million registered users of IMVU Login games. However, there are many other great gaming websites similar to IMVU games where you’ll get a good social experience and avatar customization. If you’re looking for some good IMVU games, This Games like imvu download post is for you.

The following is the list of games. The Second Life game isn’t just a virtual world for adults. It has an interesting story and characters. You can also create your own customized avatar so it can be used as your main character. Second Life can be played by 16-years old.

The game actually separates teenagers and IMVU games from adults and older players and takes them into separate worlds from the start. It provides parental controls and safe chat sessions and makes it a place where everybody can enjoy. With multi-lingual support, Second Life allows you to connect players from almost every corner of the world, interact with them and learn different languages, cultures, etc

The unique Economy system of the virtual world for adults enables the players to buy or sell any product by using IMVU Login Credits, Promotional Credits, or Developers Tokens earned by Promo Tokens. Players can also buy IMVU credits via actual money and use them to buy things like fashion accessories (Clothes, Hair, Skins, and Accessories), home decorations (Furniture, Appliances, Paints, etc.), Clubs, pets in the game world.

Virtual world for adults also allows the players to create content for the game and sell it in the IMVU marketplace to earn credits and use that credits to buy upgrades in the game. Old Games like imvu download also offer great visuals, an amazing fun-filled experience, and many other things to discover.

22 Best Free Games Like IMVU 2022

These are some of the games that are old Games like imvu 2022. which you may readily visit and where you can have fun playing games.

1. OurWorld

OurWorld is a famous virtual world that allows you to interact with other players and play online mini-games too. This game is designed especially for teenagers and includes all the fun and features for them. The game uses a currency named Flow, which can be earned by performing various activities, such as playing games, performing various tasks, and even dancing. You can also trade the currency for coins or EXP.

2. Lady Popular

Lady Popular

If you want to play a game like imvu that is designed particularly for ladies, Lady Popular is the perfect one. It is a virtual world game where all the avatars are females and the players are females too. It’s sort of a dress-up and makeup best virtual world games online and is very interesting because of the features included. Each player can use an avatar called “Lady” that can be customized in terms of dress, makeup, and hairstyle. You can even create the clothes of your choice and customize them according to your preference. You can improve the look of your avatar by spending more money on it.

3. Active Worlds

Active Worlds
One of the best Games like imvu to the Second Life game is Active Worlds. Just like other virtual games like Imvu, this one has enough features to make it very realistic. Players can assign themselves any name. They choose to log into the Active Worlds universe. It is also an open world where you can explore 3D virtual worlds and the environments others might have built. It can be played on Linux operating system browsers and also on Windows XP. It is a browser game and it plays very smoothly without demanding many resources.

4. Twinity


Travel through cities, make new friends offline and online. New locations like New York bring more friend requests on your social profile. Twinity is an online multiplayer game just like Second Life. In the Second Life game, you can explore and make new friends. Some hardly see it as just a game. That is also the same fun Twinity brings. It brings more innovative features, such as avatar customization using a special Photofit application. It is known as a massively multiplayer online game like imvu, and a social-network game.

5. Onverse


OnVerse was a beautiful game and the best alternative to Second Life. It was played by thousands of interested players since 2010. It was finally shut down on January 7, 2018, and the creators said it was due to hackers. Overall, it really was fun to play games like Imvu. You could grab a free home and head out to explore shopping points. Hit the dance clubs or play games with friends. Decorate your avatar and your home.

6. IIMVU Instant messaging Virtual

IMVU Instant messaging Virtual

The IMVU N(Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) game is the first on our list so far that is install-able on (Android), iOS, Mac, browser, and Windows. It is a 3D avatar-based social experience game with large maps to explore, an active community of players, free customization of characters’ appearance, and lots more. This is very similar to the Second Life game looking at the number of active users and recommendations it has from players around the world. Other cool things that can be done also include personalization of animated emoji and messaging with friends!

7. Grand Theft Auto online

Grand Theft Auto online

The popular GTA Online is an online multiplayer action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar that is an alternative to Second Life games like imvu. This game is the online component of Grand Theft Auto V and is set in San Andreas. Players up to 30 can explore the open-world game and also engage in cooperative or competitive game matches.

8. InWorldz


The game allows you to create your own avatars, making them look like you or something different. The game will enable you to add customizations like wings and claws; you can do almost anything with your avatar.Games like Imvu are more social gathering based, and you can enjoy going out with your friends and socializing. It is a pretty cool game, and it allows you to buy land for private fun and expand your world.

9. Stardoll


Stardoll is a Paid and Free Online Browser-based game based on Paper Doll concept. Stardoll is a free to play online Virtual World Simulation that mainly focuses on girls of age 7 or above and lets them join the game world, customize their own online avatar with the help of all the given choices such as clothes, accessories and gadgets and go explore the game world in order to get familiar with it, interact with other online players, make new friends and play games together.

Stardoll initially credits your online account with the game currency of the amount of 500 Star Coins and lets you go shop in the beautiful Star Plaza, buy a lot of new clothes, accessories, make-ups and just enjoy being part of a colorful world. With all the amazing things, Stardoll offers fantastic visuals, an immersive and quite addictive game-play and loads of cool things to discover

10. Mabinogi

Have you always loved watching anime and reading manga? Is the way the characters look appealing to your eyes and your heart? Did you ever wish you could be an anime character too? If that is the case, then Mabinogi is the game for you! The game was launched first in Korea in 2004 by Nexon Korea. The company kept throwing in different countries over the years. The game allows you to create anime-like avatars with which you can explore the game and play. The game has multiple quests and has a fairytale-ish approach where you can complete the quest to progress. You can attain skills like cooking, fishing, ironsmithing, and make a profession out of being your identity.

11. Sim3


For all those who wanted more freedom in The Sims games, The Sims 3 is their dream come true. The game offers more playability and more freedom as compared to its predecessors. While playing the game, it literally feels like the series has grown up to provide more entertainment and possibilities to the players.

12. SocioTown

games like imvu


SocioTown was launched in March of 2008, and it became quite popular soon after among the newly teenage crowd. Games like Imvu are made to socialize and meet new people and communicate with them to grow. You will be assigned daily tasks as a player, and completing these tasks will lead to your level going up. The game begins in the beginner’s phase with very tiny and mediocre tasks. The intermediate phase begins shortly after with a little more complicated but still modest job. The advanced level has some challenging tasks, but they, too, are not exceedingly hard. One admirable thing about games like Imvu is that the conversations that take place appear in thought bubbles. The look of it feels like one is living out a comic book; it is a great game to enter the virtual reality world.

13. Ozworld

games like imvu

oz world

Oz World was initially due to be released in 1999, and it could have been the first virtual reality game. The virtual world game was still under construction, and it was finally released in 2005. The game is still one of the best. The game has many features and allows the most interaction of all the Virtual Reality games we have seen. The players can even get married to each other in the game and start a family with whom they want. The game has impeccable landscapes, and it allows you to meet many players and communicate with them. As you start with your avatar, you are shown around the primary land and slowly progress to explore places. The game has excellent costumes too, which you can buy with the credits you earn or with money. It is a perfect game for people.

14. Gojiyo

games like imvu


GoJiyo is another such Virtual Reality game that has the most beautiful scenery of all the other games. The graphics are stunning, and the view is breathtaking concerning the outdoor world. The game allows many tiny games and activities that players can use to interact with other players. The avatars are adorable and are customizable to look like yourself or how you want them to look. You need to log in with your email id and set up your avatar, and you are all set. You will visit many cities with different aesthetics, such as a modern city and a vintage city. You have to complete your tasks to level up in the game. The game is an excellent option for you if you prefer playing a Virtual Reality game with great visuals.

15. Clubcoee

games like imvu

club coee

Club Cooee is a game dedicated to teenagers; it keeps teens and their behavior in mind. The game has a lot of parties and social gatherings as a part of its activities. The community is huge already and is expanding every day. One has to log into the game to start playing, and the game has several customizations for the avatars. The players can look. However, they wish, and the clothes can be set as per the destination of the day. Club Cooee is the best virtual reality game like Avakin Life for teenagers out there.

16. Kaneva


The last to make our list for today is Kaneva. However, it is in no way the least. Kaneva was released in 2004, and the game, like life, has been loved dearly by people ever since. The game has a beautiful interface and has many interactivity areas, such as the beach or the club. The players need to log in and set up an avatar to start playing, which is the only requirement. The game will introduce you to how it works at the very beginning. You will get the hang of the game soon after and enjoy playing it. The interface is fantastic, and the avatars look very human. Lastly, the sights are beautiful. In sum, this is a great game to play if you are bored and want to do something outdoorsy indoors.

17. Habbo


Another perfect alternative to IMVU games is Habbo, which was once called Habbo hotel. If you love virtual world games you must be familiar with this name as it was very popular at that time. Habbo was once so popular that it had around 5 million registered users every month, most of which were teenagers. In this game, you have to use avatars and you can meet and interact with people from around the world, play games with them, and get virtual pets too.

18. Touch


Touch is another interesting virtual games like imvu and is very popular among teenagers. It is a dance game that involves K-Pop dancing. If you love dancing and this sort of game, you’ll love to play it with other players from around the world. It is specially designed for Korean pop fans in the world and it includes customization options too.

19. Desperate Housewives: The Game

Desperate Housewives: The Game

Desperate Housewives: The Game by Liquid Entertainment is a life Simulation, Virtual World, MM and REG for all the amazing audience around the globe. The game is based on a television series named as Desperate Housewives and it allows you to get into the character of an Amnesic housewife who recently have moved to Wisteria Lane with her husband and son. This game is a greatly inspired by The Sims and provides with a similar game-play and mechanics.

20. Woozworld


WoozWorld is also a very interesting and great IMVU alternative. This game is very popular on mobiles and it includes many personalization options. It is sort of a fashion virtual world where you can dress up your avatar and change the looks every week. There are thousands of accessories and clothes which you can use to make your avatar look more beautiful. This game is designed especially for teens to enjoy and make friends.

21. Avakin Life

. Avakin Life

Avakin Life is an amazing mobile app that allows you to enjoy the perks of virtual life on iOS and Android devices. This is another great alternative to IMVU and it allows you to customize your avatar, apartment or house, and meet a lot of people at different locations. You can create your own avatar and customize it with over 1000 different options for changing the look. There is an in-game apartment too which you can decorate according to your preference.

22. Secondlife


Second Life is an amazing IMVU alternative that is also available for free. The game is created by Linden LAB and is available for PC and MAC since 2003. This game is perfect for teenagers and has numerous customization options and possibilities. The good thing is that you can also make real money by selling the game currency to anyone else. The game has people from all around the world which allows you to meet different people and make new friends.


Virtual reality may not be real, but one can experience many emotions and excitement when they take part. With the Pandemic on the move, our mobility and socialization have become limited anyway for our safety and security. Now is a great time to get hooked to a virtual reality game if you miss going out. We have already selected the best games out there for you; all you have to do is log in, set up an avatar on Games like imvu, and play! So, what are you waiting for? We are indeed waiting for you to join us in fun!

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