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14 Best Grocery Delivery Services to Work For 2022

by Julia
Grocery delivery Services

Grocery delivery Service is useful whether you’re busy, lack grocery store access, want to socialize, or are unwell. Several grocery delivery services near me provide different options, prices, and delivery timeframes. Some serve special diets. Delivery time, cost, regional availability, and food variety are used to score these grocery delivery services. The best grocery delivery services offer same-day delivery countrywide and can accommodate all dietary demands. They provide fresh vegetables, frozen and refrigerated groceries, a membership option, and are affordable.

How we ranked Grocery Delivery Services

I am paying and joining. We chose best grocery delivery services that provided cost-saving subscriptions for frequent customers.

  • Inventories There are many tiny grocery delivery services that offer a restricted range of food, but the ones on this list offer a vast selection of many different sorts of grocery products—akin to what you may get at your local grocery shop.
  • quality and dependability. These services are large, popular, and widespread. They offer groceries of varying quality to meet the demands of different homes.
  • Service. While many local retailers provide delivery, we concentrated on nationwide and regional services. All of these services are available in many states or substantial areas of the country.

Choosing the Best Grocery Delivery Services

Grocery delivery Services

Choosing a grocery delivery services relies on local services. Large cities provide more possibilities than rural areas. Consider which delivery service meets your dietary needs and preferences. Consider whether it offers staple goods, fresh produce, frozen or refrigerated meals, or whether you’ll need to purchase things from a different service.

Then consider delivery and how often you’ll use the service. If you use grocery delivery services rarely, consider the service with the lowest pre-order rates. If you want to use grocery delivery Services often, you might consider a subscription option. You should also consider same-day delivery if they offer an app and customer service. Regardless of the delivery service you choose, tipping your delivery person is customary.

Best Grocery Delivery Services Platforms In 2022

We Pick Some of the best grocery delivery services platforms listed below.

#1. Shipt

grocery delivery services

Shipt is a grocery delivery services that connect with grocery chains to offer delivery from a number of outlets. It meets all nutritional demands and tastes. The yearly subscription costs roughly $8 per month. This service may mark up individual products. Shipt subscriptions may be free for Visa cardholders.

Price: $10 for one-time orders (plus a service fee); $10.99/month or $99.99/year for free delivery on $35+ orders.

Best for Memberships

#2. Target

grocery delivery services

Target has a limited in-house delivery business in a few large cities, but Shipt handles most of its grocery delivery Services. Target offers Shipt delivery without a $9.99 subscription.

The most service-effective method to use Shipt is to become a member and meet the $35 threshold for free shipping. Target’s app and website offer drive-up service if delivery isn’t necessary.

Price: $9.99 for one-time orders; Shipt membership includes free shipping.

Best For Target customers

#3. Walmart+

grocery delivery services

Walmart provides items to fit all dietary demands, and because they don’t outsource their delivery service, the costs are the same as in-store. A yearly subscription is the most cost-effective if you utilise Walmart+ delivery at least once a month.

You may contact Walmart customer service via the app, email, or the store where you bought it. If Walmart is out of a brand-name item you ordered, your courier will substitute.

Price: $7.95-$9.95 for one-time orders; $12.95/month or $98/year for unlimited delivery above $35.

Best For Walmart patrons

#4. Instacart

grocery delivery services

Instacart collaborates with grocery store companies to offer grocery delivery. As a result, they provide items for various nutritional demands. Some grocery services, like Kroger, partner with Instacart to offer grocery delivery through their website or app.

You may contact Instacart support via their app or email if you need substitutes while they choose your order. Instacart’s delivery and service costs may make some goods more expensive than in-store purchases. Join Instacart Express if you use it often to get free delivery on purchases over $35.

Price: $3.99+ for one-time orders (plus variable service fees); membership is $9.99/month or $99/year for free delivery and reduced service fees on orders over $35.

Best For Available nationally

#5. FreshDirect

grocery delivery services

Kroger works with Instacart for their grocery delivery service, but you can make your order straight through the Kroger app or website—guaranteed to pay the same amount as at the store or for grocery pickup. Kroger offers ship-to-home for some non-perishable goods and household products with free delivery over $35. There’s no membership option for online or app-placed Kroger delivery orders.

Price: $9.99 per order.

Best For Kroger customers

#6. Kroger

grocery delivery services

Kroger works with Instacart for their grocery delivery service, but you can make your order straight through the Kroger app or website—guaranteed to pay the same amount as at the store or for grocery pickup. Kroger offers ship-to-home for some non-perishable goods and household products with free delivery over $35. There’s no membership option for online or app-placed Kroger delivery orders.

Price: $9.99 per order.

Best For Kroger customers

#7. Whole Foods Market

grocery delivery services

Whole Foods Market offers organic and natural items and caters to vegan, gluten-free, and paleo diets. Whole Foods delivery operates like Amazon Fresh since Amazon owns it.

For the greatest deal, make sure your orders meet the $35 to $50 minimum for free delivery. Delivery prices may be higher than in-store prices.

Price: $14.99/month, $139/year

Best for Organic food

#8. Amazon Fresh

grocery delivery services

To use Amazon Fresh, you must have Prime membership.It sells natural and organic foods from Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market. Amazon Fresh offers home products and pet supplies, and customer service is available by chat, email, and phone.

Price: $14.99/month, $139/year

Best For Prime members

#9. Freshdirect.com

grocery delivery services

FreshDirect is a virtual grocery store. It offers frozen, perishable, natural, and organic food.It’s only accessible in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. You can email or call customer service. Sign up for FreshDirect’s $13.17/month DeliveryPass for unlimited free grocery delivery.

Price: For one-time orders, DeliveryPass is $5.99+; for unlimited delivery above $30, DeliveryPass is $79/6 months.

Best for Northeastern states

#10. Safeway

grocery delivery services

Safeway is a grocery store chain in 17 states and Washington, D.C. As a grocery chain, it caters to numerous dietary preferences. Some Safeway stores have in-house delivery workers; others use Instacart. Pricing may change.

Price: Free delivery and discounted service costs on orders over $35 for $9.99/month or $99/year. Safeway FreshPass is available for $12.99/month or $99/year (which you choose depends on who handles delivery for Safeway at your local store).

Best for Safeway patrons

#11. Thrive Market

grocery delivery services

Thrive Market sells natural, organic, and healthy groceries. $5/month gets you exclusive prices. Thrive Market offers full-size free gifts with orders, so you may test new goods for free. You can email or call customer service.

Price: Membership is $5/month (paid yearly); shipping costs vary on what you buy.

Best for Dietaries

#12. Publix

grocery delivery services

Publix is a southeastern U.S. grocery chain. Their grocery delivery service is a partnership with Instacart, so pricing and fees are the same. Delivery costs more than in-store charges.

If you plan to get Publix delivery often, sign up for Instacart Express and just place $35 in purchases for free shipping. Instacart, not Publix, handles customer service.

Price: $3.99+ for one-time orders (plus variable service fees); $9.99/month or $99/year membership includes free delivery and lower service fees on orders over $35.

Best for Publix patrons

#13. Gopuff

grocery delivery services

Gopuff is a quick and easy grocery delivery service. Micro-fulfilment facilities in the U.S., U.K., and France stock groceries, household goods, and alcohol for rapid grocery shopping. Gopuff’s delivery rates start at $2.95 per order, while their fam membership with free unlimited delivery is $5.95 per month.

Price: Delivery costs $2.95+ per order, with a monthly fee of $5.95 for unlimited free Gopuff Fam deliveries.

Best For Fast delivery

#14. Boxed

grocery delivery services

Boxed is a no-membership online bulk warehouse club. Nonperishable goods and paper items are available. Boxed Express offers same-day grocery delivery in several cities. This service offers fresh cuisine. Boxed and Boxed Express email customer service. For the best deal, join Boxed Up and place orders over $19.95 for free delivery.

Price: No membership fees; $6.99 delivery or free on orders of $79 or more; optional $39/year Boxed Up membership for free shipping on orders of $19.95 or more;

Best For Bulk buy


Who uses grocery delivery?

Grocery delivery is popular. It’s helpful for senior citizens who have problems travelling to the store or transporting groceries, as well as families with young children. After my youngest child was born, I started using grocery delivery. People who are busy with work or other activities may find grocery delivery convenient.

Immunocompromised people may continue to use grocery delivery to preserve social distance, as they did during the COVID-19 epidemic.

What are the benefits of grocery delivery?

Grocery delivery is more expensive than in-store shopping, but it offers several perks.

  • Convenience
  • Fewer impulse buys
  • Faster
  • Separation
  • Less Grocery

A free grocery delivery app?

Very few grocery delivery services provide absolutely free delivery. Walmart+, Instacart Express, Shipt, and Amazon Fresh offer paid memberships with free delivery.


As more individuals avoid grocery shops owing to COVID-19, grocery delivery is gaining popularity. You may want grocery delivery even without a pandemic. There are various grocery delivery services, some of which cater to specific dietary needs. On this list, you’ll find an excellent grocery delivery service.

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