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What is Mystic Messenger Email Answers Guide 2022

by Julia
Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger email guide is a charming game that revolves around players having to organize parties and win affections of their hearts. The game, although it may come off as easy, is relatively difficult and has mind-boggling challenges for its users. And the trickiest part? In order to grasp the game, you need to have a real-time commitment to it.

It features 707 Mystic Messenger email guide PC routes in real-time while providing evolving opportunities at various hours throughout the day and night. Playing out a full character requires 11 days or more if you are thorough and keen on collecting multiple endings for every character route.

With a game so complex, needing a guide is no shame. If you’re curious about the Mystic Messenger characters, interactions, 707 Mystic Messenger email guide, and the experience of a real-life-like dating situation or romantic relationship, you’ll find answers on this page.

A lot of anime and otome fans are going gaga over this video game. Also, to kill your curiosity, we’ll give you all the things you should know about this fun app.

What Is The Mystic Messenger Anime?

While Japan was the one to popularize dating simulations, is actually a Korean otome dating simulation app that allows interactions among players in a 707 Mystic Messenger routes style.

Mystic Messenger general guides

  • Mystic Messenger Essential Things YoubNeed To Know

    In this post explain how to play Mystic Messenger PC, Phone call guide, and set you up to solve it on your own, with the minimum amount of spoilers. This will equip you with a full understanding of the Hearts and HG currencies, the save and load systems, how the chat and email systems work, and much more.

  • Mystic Messenger Email Guide: CoverCasual , Story Mode

    The correct replies you’ll want to enter in order to guarantee RSVPs to Mystic Messenger’s endgame party; you’ll want at least ten complete RSVPs to unlock the best endings, and the correct answers aren’t always obvious. It contains slight,707 Mystic Messenger text message guide, unavoidable spoilers for email content. It covers Casual, Deep and even Another Story modes.

Mystic Messenger Characters

mystic messenger guide
The main characters that you’ll be encountering the game include:
  • V – the current leader of the RFA and Rika’s ex-fiance
  • Jumin Han – the heir and, and current Executive Director of C&R International
  • Jaehee Kang – assistant to Jumin Han. She is the only female with a route that you can play through.
  • Seven/707 – RFA’s hacker and informant
  • Zen – a rising actor
  • Yoosung Kim – a university student
  • Unknown/Ray – one of the main antagonists of the game. He is responsible for bringing the player character to the RFA.
  • Rika – RFA’s deceased founder, and
  • Yoosung’s cousin.

What is MysticMessenger PC Guide? – Best New messenger Site

1. ModeSelecting 

mystic messenger guide

Mode selecting

There are the following three modes available in the Mystic Messenger PC Guide to the Original Story.This is the very first mode that you come across once you start off with the game. This mode comes for free and is where the game’s story starts. This mode provides three modes only: Yoosung, Jaehee, and Zen routes.

  • Deep Story

This messenger guide is the second one that comes after the very first one. Here your 707 Mystic Messenger text message guide will come across Jumin and 707 routes only. Unlocking this mode is somewhat tricky and mainly requires the use of 80HG to unlock and play permanently. Mystic Messenger routes text message guide

  • Another Story

This mode of 707 Mystic Messenger chat comes with two routes only, that is the V and Ray routes. Unlocking it permanently is somewhat tricky and for this you are required to use 550HG, that is 300 for V and 250 for Ray. Before going ahead and playing this game, it is better to be aware that it contains some disturbing content

2. Messenger 

mystic messenger guide


This is a notorious mystic messenger PC , a mystic messenger guide place where all the secret conversations occur. More than 10 chat rooms open up on an almost daily basis for an hour or two for gamers to talk. The conversation Mystic Messenger helps goes on even if you are not present during the conversation. However, Mystic Messenger routes once you open the chat after the chat room closes, you will still be able to read the chat, just not interact with people.

3. PhoneCalls 

mystic messenger guide


All of the members’ phone numbers are stored by Mystic Messenger walkthrough Day 2default within this application. It allows you to call other RFA members, albeit they will pick up at certain times. Calling members would, however, cut five hourglasses from you and ten hour glasses from Another Story. Calling back missed calls will also cost such deductions.

4. Messages

mystic messenger guide


This game also allows users to receive private mystic messenger guide messages from other characters. The  messenger phone call guide contents change as per conversation and the responses allow you to gain hour glasses and hearts. It also makes you go through heartbreaks or you end up gaining nothing at all. The game only allows users to reply to messenger guides during a given time period once they receive them. With this, you are restricted to replying to messages before receiving a new one, or else you won’t be able to reply to any messages whatsoever.

5. Album

mystic messenger guide

Photo Album

This comprises all the images you might have Mystic Messenger Zen seen or recessed within the chat room. The place allows you to zoom in and get a good look at the pictures. To get complete information on all the images present, you will have to visit the album.

6. Email 

mystic messenger guide


Mystic Messenger helps While party planning, you can send or receive emails too, which allows you to keep up a good relationship with your guests. An email checker is present which indicates a correctly written email with a green envelope, while an orange envelope indicates an incorrectly written email.

How to invite guests?

Mystic Messenger guests not to invite? The task of inviting guests may seem pretty simple, but it is certainly not that easy. There are certain things you should consider for your mystic messenger guide to attend the party. Mystic Messenger guests not to invite? You are required to have at least 10 guests to reach a good ending, and their participation depends upon how you respond to their correspondence. Mystic Messenger guests are not invited via email.

Suggestions and Tips to have a Good Ending in Mystic Messenger

  1. Invite the highest possible number of guests to the party. Sometimes a guest will not confirm their participation in the party at the earlier stages, and that might drive you a little impatient, but all you need to do is to hold your ground and try to make sure they come to the party with your continuous effort. It may take a few days for the guests to confirm their presence at the party.
  1. The continuous Mystic Messenger email guide wiki participation in chat earns you hearts that can be exchanged for hourglasses, which are of prime importance when it comes to unlocking premium content in Messenger.
  1. To increase the probability of having a good party, you should reply to all the emails correctly and aim to earn three green arrows.


So we are optimistic that after going through this messenger guide, you will be able to know what this game is all about and how to get to a great ending. If you forget the answers to the messenger guide you need to send to the character you are interacting with, it is suggested that you bookmark our web page for future reference and go through this messenger guide again to get the correct answers. In the end, Mystic Messenger email guide wiki fully support your Messenger email guide wiki virtual love life, virtual parties, and entertainment by playing Messenger and we do hope that you get the most enjoyment out of it.

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