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How To Right Click On a Chromebook In 2023 – Techlion

by Julia
how to right click on a chromebook

If you’re used to a trackpad with two buttons, comparable to a mouse, you might be wondering how to right click on a chromebook because it doesn’t have those buttons. In certain circumstances, your trackpad already has that capability; all you have to do is know the right commands. However, you may need to enable the feature of how to right click on a chromebook first in some circumstances.

The trackpad on Chromebooks does not have separate left and right buttons. It’s a design flaw that has some Chromebook users scratching their heads or grabbing for a traditional USB or Bluetooth mouse. However, you are not required to join them. We’ll show you how to right-click (or middle-click) on how to right-click on a chromebook without a mouse in a few simple steps.

How to Use Right Click on a Chromebook

The tap-to-click capability is enabled by default on all Chromebooks, so touching one finger on the trackpad will act as a conventional click. Instead, tap two fingers on the trackpad to use the right-click command (and access contextual menus, among other things). If the screen scrolls up or down as a result of this, you’ve just held your fingers on the trackpad for too long, as ChromeOS also uses the two-finger-to-scroll gesture and how to right-click on a chromebook without a mouse Simply remove your fingers off the trackpad and tap it with your two fingers again to bring up the right-click menu.

How to use other trackpad gestures on a Chromebook

Alongside the If you’re on a how to right click on a chromebook. feature, there are several other useful trackpad gestures that can make life easier on your Chromebook. Here are those we use most often:

See all open windows

If you have multiple apps or browser windows open at the same time, it can be tiresome to have to either tab through them all or go down to the dock and select the correct icon. Instead, swipe up with three fingers and you’ll instantly be presented with all the windows currently open on your Chromebook.

Open a link in a new tab

If you’re on a webpage and want to open a link but also want to keep the current page, tapping on the link with three fingers will open it in a new tab.

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Move between pages

When using the browser, you can move back and forth between pages you’ve already opened by swiping left with two fingers (to go back) or right with two fingers (to go forward). This is very useful if there was something on the page you’ve just left that you wanted to know about. This is probably our favorite of all the ChromeOS trackpad gestures. Again, in how to right-click on a laptop without a mouse if you have multiple tabs open and want to easily switch between them, place three fingers on the trackpad and move them left or right.

How to right-click on a Chromebook

In most cases, you can just tap with two fingers at the same time on your Chromebook’s trackpad to right-click. However, if how to right click on lenovo laptop isn’t working, you’ll need to enable the feature.

1. Go into your settings by tapping the menu located in the bottom-right corner of your screen, and then selecting the gear icon.

2. This will prompt a settings window to open. Next, scroll down and click “Advanced.”

3. Select “Manage Accessibility Features.”


4. Under “Mouse and Touchpad,” select “Open mouse and touchpad device settings.”

how to right click on a chromebook

5. Click “Enable Tap to Click.”

how to right click on a chromebook
The “tap to click” option is at the top of the menu.
Devon Delfino/Business Insider

Once that’s set up, there are two simple ways of performing how to right-click on a laptop without a mouse

  • Tap two fingers on the trackpad at the same time.
  • Hold down the “Alt” key (usually located just to the left of the space bar) and tap the trackpad with one finger.

If you’re using a Chromebook, you may notice you just have one trackpad, without any buttons. So to access context menus? Don’t worry. It’s easy to right-click when you need to on a Chromebook.

Using the Trackpad

Even if you’re using the trackpad on your Chromebook, you can right-click. All you have to do is use two fingers to tap the trackpad. As if you were right-clicking with a mouse, this will bring up any context menus. If you right-click on a web page, for example, you’ll see a menu of how to right-click on touchpad option that includes returning to the previous page, refreshing it, storing it, and casting it to your devices.

Using a Physical Mouse

If you have a real mouse, you can attach it to your Chromebook in the same way that you would to any other laptop. If you have a lot of desk space, this is a fantastic alternative. A USB mouse can be plugged into one of your Chromebook’s ports and used normally. The right mouse button will function similarly to that of any other PC. You’ll need to pair your Bluetooth mouse with your Chromebook before you can use it.

Automatic Right-Clicking

Here is how to right-click on a laptop feature an option to automatically click after you stop moving the pointer if you don’t want to or can’t click manually. It’s one of Google’s accessibility features for Chromebooks.

 auto click settings

To use this right-click feature on an HP laptop, go to the Settings menu and select Device from the drop-down menu. Select the “Manage accessibility features” button from the Advanced menu. Enable the “Automatically click when the cursor stops” option in the “Mouse and touchpad” section.

In the corner of the screen, you’ll notice a menu. You have the option of choosing what happens when you stop moving the pointer. how to right click on a chromebook is the second from the leftmost button. When you press this button, the cursor will stop moving and you will automatically right-click. The interval is set at one second by default, but you can change it via the menu. Simply turn off the “Automatically click when the cursor stops” button to turn off automatic clicking.

How to Middle Click on a Chromebook

If you’ve ever used a mouse with a clickable scroll wheel, you’ll understand how useful middle click’ actions are. Middle-clicking on Chrome OS can achieve a variety of tasks depending on what you click on.

The two most prevalent uses of how to right-click on a chromebook without a mouse are as follows:

  • Middle Click on a link in a background tab to open it.
  • Middle Click on an open tab to close it.

On a Chromebook, a center click is performed with a three-finger tap on the trackpad. Mastering three fingers tapping on the touchpad at the same time can be tricky. If you’re having problems figuring out how to right-click on a macbook or should I say tips? — By holding the Ctrl key and clicking on a link, you can open it in a new background tab using the center click gestures.

How to Scroll on a Chromebook

Although it’s likely that you already worked it out, we’ll go over it again for the purpose of completeness. On a Sign in to your how to right click on a chromebook if you haven’t already. You can scroll a webpage by placing two fingers on the touchpad and moving them up or down (depending on the desired scroll direction). By how to right click on a chromebook adjusting the setting in Settings > Touchpad and Mouse > Scrolling, you can enable so-called ‘Australian Scrolling,’ where pressing two fingers up the trackpad moves the page up.

Other Chromebook Touchpad Features

Move the pointer Move your finger across the touchpad.
Click Press or tap the lower half of the touchpad.
Right-click Press or tap the touchpad with two fingers. You can also press Alt, then click with one finger.
Scroll Place two fingers on the touchpad and move them up and down to scroll vertically, or left and right to scroll horizontally.
Move between pages To go back to a page you were just on, swipe left with two fingers. To go forward to a page you were just on, swipe right with two fingers.
See all open windows Swipe up or down with three fingers. (If you have Australian scrolling turned on, swipe up; if you have traditional scrolling turned on, swipe down.)
Switch between tabs If you have multiple browser tabs open, you can swipe left and right with three fingers to quickly move between tabs.
Drag and drop Click and hold the item you want to move. While holding, move the item. Release your finger to drop the item at its new location.

Changing Chromebook Touchpad Settings

To change the speed at which your mouse cursor moves and how your touchpad operates, go to:

  • If you haven’t already, sign in to your chromebook and learn how to left click on a chromebook
    The status area, which displays your account picture, can be accessed by clicking it.
  • From the drop-down box, choose Settings.
  • Adjust the sliders in the “Device” section to customize the speed of your touchpad or mouse (how quickly your pointer moves).
  •  Touchpad settings on how to right click on a chromebook (or Touchpad and mouse settings), click Touchpad settings (or Touchpad and mouse settings).
  • Turn on or off tap-to-click.
  • Change the primary mouse button.
  • Choose between classic and Australian scrolling.

Note: You may advance up the page by swiping up on the touchpad, and down by swiping down on the touchpad. Scrolling in Australia works in the opposite direction.

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