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12 Best Idle Games & Clicker Games on PC – Techlion

by Nemo
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What are some of the best idle games for PC? Clicker games have a lot of fascinating connotations attached to them. The name betrays certain expectations: click your mouse, get a small reward, and repeat until you can make the process more efficient and lucrative.

Also known as ‘idle’ or ‘incremental’ games, the name betrays certain expectations: click your mouse, get a small reward, and repeat until you can make the process more efficient and lucrative. In most cases, advancement is accompanied by a snowball effect that makes your clicks more productive, hence the “incremental” term.

Many the best idle games and Clicker games for PC also run on their own even while you’re not playing, earning them the moniker “idle.” High-complexity concepts are reduced to a succession of single clicks and automation in the the Best idle games and Clicker games for PC. It’s an intriguing concept that begs to be investigated, and it forces you to consider what makes a game.

The best idle games for PC as a whole are a fascinating exercise in getting the most fun out of a single click of the mouse. These incremental games succeed in making large role-playing games palatable for folks who just have a few minutes to spare each day for gaming.

The genre, which was formerly limited to the dark depths of Itch.io and Kongregate, has exploded in popularity in recent years, and marketplaces like Steam are brimming with the Best idle games PC, Clicker games, and incremental games for you to try. It’s almost too much to bear.

12 Best Idle Games & Clicker Games

Fortunately, Techlion.net can assist you in determining which of the following the best idle games for PC are worth playing. Here are 12 the best idle games and Clicker games for PC worth checking out. With a few exceptions, clickers are usually free, so if you’re looking for some of the the best Clicker games for PC, you might find an idle game that appeals to you. Here are some of the best idle games for PC :

Creature Card Idle

Fighting a large rat in one of the best Idle games, NGU IdleCreature Card Idle combines idle games with the best card games available. You collect gold every second by placing cards on the field, which you’ll need to save up in order to buy card packs and unlock spots in which to position your cards. These monster cards feature various advantages, such as the Ice Sword, which provides the card above it 100% production, and Beer, which offers three gold every second but prevents the creation of other cards in its row.

The goal of the game is to arrange your cards in the best possible way to extract every last drop of gold, then use the money to buy more powerful cards and rearrange your field once more. Don’t throw away your old cards, though; once your pockets are full, you’ll need to buy and combine ten of the same cards to make an improved version and keep the money coming in.


It’s all clicker, part RPG, half sidescroller. Crusaders of the Lost Idols puts you in command of a band of fantasy heroes as they fight hordes of monsters. This is one of the best game in the list of the best idle games for PC. You earn gold by defeating foes, which you can use to buy more crusaders. Each character has a set of powers that can be acquired for gold and can be levelled up. As you go, your little army will grow in size, as will the amount of damage they can deal.

The Crusaders’ formula revolves around formations. Increasing your gold flow requires rearranging your party. Particular characters deal more damage when they’re near certain classes, characters who deal more damage from the back row, and so on. Crusaders of the Lost Idols is a wonderful pick if you enjoy your clickers with a side of tactics.

Realm Grinder

best incremental games cookie clicker

You play as the ruler of a little fantasy country in Realm Grinder. Simply clicking on your realm earns you coins, which you can then spend on constructions that generate income for you automatically. Even when you’re not online, buildings like inns and blacksmiths continue to collect cash. The freedom to choose a good or evil path for your country is where Realm Grinder really makes its mark in the realm of idle games, and clickers in particular.

Choosing one allows you to form alliances with various fantasy races and gain access to unique buildings and improvements. However, once you’ve made your decision, you’re stuck with it for the rest of the game. This is one of the best game in the list of the best idle games for PC. Realm Grinder manages to give a surprising amount of variation, which isn’t exactly a frequent theme among clicker games.

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clicker games, Clicker Heroes

The Cookie Clicker, one of the first incremental clickers, has become synonymous with the genre. You begin by clicking on a giant cookie to get one cookie for each click. If you bake enough cookies, you can buy new cursors to click for you. You can also hire grandmothers to bake cookies, sow cookie seeds in a field, and improve the efficiency of your clicks.

You can continue your game and aim for additional upgrades like heavenly chips, play new minigames to earn a large number of cookies at once, or even barter with the Cookie Dragon if you’ve earned enough cookies. Seasonal festivities may provide temporary opportunities to increase your cookie total. If you appreciate idle games at all, you owe it to yourself to give Cookie Clicker a, er, click. If you prefer restaurant management games, Cookie Clicker is also on our list of cooking games.


best idle games forager

If you enjoy clicking monsters into oblivion, Clicker Heroes is the game for you. You begin with a lone warrior, and each monster you click deals one point of damage. Soon, however, you’ll be able to enlist teammates who will automatically do harm to foes. Each member of your party may be levelled up using coins dropped by defeated enemies, and each character has a variety of talents that can be purchased over time to make them more powerful.

The most rewarding aspect of Clicker Heroes is watching the amount of damage you deal balloon from single digits to huge figures. There’s also a surprising amount of variety, as various character powers may be available at any given time. There are no bad choices because everything you do contributes to the amount of damage you can deal, putting a relaxing spin on the concept of RPG building. This is one of the best game in the list of the best idle games for PC.

AdVenture Capitalist 

You play as an enterprising entrepreneur aiming to make it big in the investment game in AdVenture Capitalist. You begin with a solitary lemonade shop, but before long, you’ll be cooking pizzas, managing hockey teams, producing films, and even managing banks. Each firm you purchase boosts your income and the speed with which you can produce things, but it also makes it more difficult to focus on all of your projects. This is one of the best game in the list of the best idle games for PC.

Fortunately, you can engage managers to automate each firm, allowing you to focus on other things while the money keeps coming in. AdVenture Capitalist is all about the snowball effect. The addictive nature of clicker games is captured by watching each firm work independently while you expand your ever-growing portfolio of companies. AdVenture Capitalist also embraces the phrase “idle game,” as you continue to make money even when you aren’t playing. If only capitalism was that easy to understand.


idle games time clickers

Forager isn’t just a clicker, idle, or incremental game. As you engage in combat, establish your base, and, well, scavenge for supplies, progressing through this crafting game demands a lot more active participation. As you get closer to the finish of Forager, the pace picks up as more and more of your systems become automated, allowing you to sit back and relax as your machines churn out all the items you’d otherwise have to fight for or pillage from the surrounding wilderness. This charming top-down indie is tough to beat if you want an incremental game with a little more action. This is one of the best game in the list of the best idle games for PC.


Time Clickers is the incremental version of a first-person shooter, if Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an approximation of RPGs. In this futuristic game, you click to destroy cubes that drop coins. The funds will be used to purchase new guns that will fire automatically for you. Each gun may be upgraded to improve its damage output, and you can even purchase activatable abilities that deal massive amounts of damage. This is one of the best game in the list of the best idle games for PC.

Here are the best first-person shooter games on PC. The game is divided into “arenas,” each of which features a big boss at the conclusion. The bosses function as a kind of progress check for the player; they’re bullet sponges with timed engagements. If you fail, you’ll be relegated to a lower level where you can grind for weapons upgrades. It’s an addictive loop that gives the clicker game genre a futuristic twist.


best idle games

A Dark Room, along with Cookie Clicker, is one of the forerunners of the incremental game genre. The fact that A Dark Room revels in its mystery and minimalism sets it apart from the other games on our list. The storey is told solely in text and gradually unveils details about the environment around you. The game starts with you in a dark room with the task of lighting a fire.

You’ll soon run out of wood and will need to go find some in the neighbouring forest. Soon after, a visitor enters your home, and you embark on a quest that is equal parts text adventure game and optimization problem. It’s strangely disturbing and atmospheric, which is quite a feat given A Dark Room’s limited visual and gameplay breadth. In recent years, idle games have developed a cult appeal.

The snowball effect, in which a modest quantity of resources may be leveraged into massive gains just by clicking a mouse, seems to relieve a widespread desire. It’s wonderful to unwind with something a little simpler in a medium full of sophisticated control systems. However, as games like “A Dark Room” demonstrate, the experience doesn’t have to be brief. It’s intriguing to see developers and programmers play with genre norms, and there’s a surprising amount of creativity going on in this field. It doesn’t imply a game isn’t immersive just because it’s labelled as “idle.”

NGU Idle

idle games trimps

NGU stands for Numbers Go Up, a humorous RPG-style idle game that puts you in the shoes of a wimpy amnesiac who has ended up in the sewer and must train up to battle numerous adversaries in order to proceed through the plot, beginning with beating on a piece of frightening fluff. Every second, energy is generated, which may be used to train attack and defence skills, with more unlocked with time. You’ll progress through several bosses as you gain strength, and once you’ve conquered them, you can battle them again in the Adventure menu to earn gold and item levels.

The game’s developer, 4G, walks you through the first few minutes in an appealing tutorial; the narrative approach is a reward in and of itself as you unlock additional features and bosses, though the ultimate reward is watching those numbers rise.


Trimps begins like many other clicker games: you must click to collect one resource. Because you can only have one activity (collect wood, check traps, etc.) active at a time, you’ll quickly become overburdened. However, you’ll soon meet the titular Trimps, which are little animals that you may use to automate most jobs. You’ll find yourself inundated with resources and food as your small army of Trimps grows. This is one of the best game in the list of the best idle games for PC.

You’ll utilise your Trimps to construct a little settlement, battle enemies, and even assault a mystery spire. The Trimps interface is entirely text-based and resembles a spreadsheet, and there are a lot of numbers to manage. This idle game is likely to provide hours of fun for math fanatics.


A board generating income in Creature Card Idle, one of the best idle games

Plantera begins with a simple task: catching a butterfly in a net for one penny. You’ll have enough cash to start a tiny carrot patch in no time. To make money, gather carrots in order to plant blueberry bushes. This is one of the best game in the list of the best idle games for PC. You can grow an apple tree if you sell enough carrots and blueberries. You’ll soon have a flourishing garden full of delectable fruits and vegetables.

It’s undeniably a healthier idle game than Cookie Clicker. As you grow, you’ll earn helpers who will gather ripe crops for you automatically. You’ll also have to keep an eye out for scavengers like magpies and rabbits who want to take advantage of your hard work. Plantera is one of the few games on this list that actually costs money ($2.99 on Steam), but it feels like a comprehensive game with a lot of options. Oh, and it’s also quite cute.

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