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How To Fix Kindle Won’t Charge or turn on?

by Julia
Kindle Won't Charge

Kindle Won’t Charge or turn on? No worries lets start! It is a prominent, sturdy, and not so costly tablet for those who prefer budget-oriented gadgets. As it’s easy for gadgets to have design flaws, this could cause your kindle battery replacement to catch fire, your tablet to stop working, or both.

Finding the solution if kindle won’t charge online is simple, and before you discard your Kindle charging light fire, you should investigate the best kindle not charging troubleshooting methods that can restore my kindle paperwhite won’t charge and ready to use. Let’s find out the easy procedures you can apply to your kindle won’t charge catch fire when getting rid of its charge issue.”The Amazon, or “the Kindle Fire,” is a fantastic low-cost tablet that you can buy. When Amazon started back in 1995, it was a book store.

However, over time, how long does it take for a kindle won’t charge began to add more products and categories, and it now has over 10 million products in dozens of categories. Fire TV (Amazon Fire TV). How long does a Kindle take to charge? The dead Kindle is a tablet that still continues the legacy by offering millions of books on your tab. It was designed to offer you a real book-reading experience on a digital platform. Today, millions of people use the Kindle, which won’t charge exclamation points, to read books, office documents, presentations, and do other stuff.

Unfortunately, the main reason being the budget-friendly, inexpensive tablet, many models of the Kindle won’t charge exclamation points and are known to have several issues. The charger or charging point is the most common cause of the kindle fire won’t charge when plugged in. They are known to fail to work after some years for various reasons. Below we are listing the solutions to help you solve the problem with your Amazon kindle fire won’t charge when plugged in.

What do you do if your Kindle won’t charge?

Kindle Won't Charge

If the kindle fire won’t charge and the battery is not too far away, you can revive it as follows:

  1. Connect the device to the kindle battery replacement light A/C adapter (not your computer) and let it charge for a few hours. Make sure the charge indicator is on. Sometimes an empty Kindle battery will stop charging a few seconds after being connected.
  1. Unplug and then plug in the power cord until the indicator remains lit, and then leave it alone. Most of the time, you’ll return to a restored Kindle. If not, go to step 3.
  1. If the same critical battery screen still appears after charging, unplug the USB cable and hold the power switch to the right for at least 20 seconds.
  1. Release the power slider and immediately hold the home button for another 30 to 45 seconds.
  1. Release the Home button when the Kindle kindle paperwhite not charging no light critical battery error screen starts to flash. The eReader starts in recovery mode. To start, press and hold the R button until you don’t see the blinking screen again.
  1. After the device restarts, the “Critical kindle battery replacement” screen may reappear. If so, connect the USB cable and wait for the Kindle to return to the home screen.

What happens when your Kindle Fire won’t charge?

A malfunctioning charge indicator can be a symptom of one of several problems on kindle paperwhite not charging no light critical battery error device. While various issues can be diagnosed and resolved through Amazon’s troubleshooting guidelines, you may need to contact kindle won’t charge exclamation point Customer Service for other more serious issues, and send your Kindle charging light in for repair or replacement.

Updates to software

If there is a battery available on your kindle won’t turn on, you may be able to solve this problem by updating the device software.

  • To update your Kindle software, log in to the Amazon Kindle Software Updates website and download the latest software update for your device.
  • Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable and drag and drop the software update files directly onto your device.
  • From the Kindle Home screen, press the “Menu” button and select “Settings“.
  • In the Settings menu, press the Menu button and choose Update Kindle.
  • Your Kindle will restart twice during the update process. You can then connect a USB cable to the Kindle and check the status of the charging indicator.

What Causes Your kindle won’t charge or turn on?

When your Kindle won’t charge, there are four possible reasons for this problem. However, we advise you to remember any recent changes that you made to your Kindle’s hardware or software and try to revert them back. Below we are listing the reasons that cause your Kindle fire to stop charging.

  • Configuration/Software related issues.
  • A problem with the charger
  • A problem with the charging outlet
  • Damaged or dead battery.
  • files on the device.

How to Fix a Kindle Fire That Won’t Turn On

As we have stated, the problems are different and thus the solutions. You have to try every method that we have mentioned to successfully fix your Kindle fire and charge it again.

Method 1: Turn off your device.

We know that it’s almost obvious that you have already restarted your device. However, we still recommend you do it once again, and rather than restarting it, shut it down for 30-60 seconds before pressing the power button and starting it again. If there is a software glitch that is preventing your device from getting charged, it will be fixed by the restart.

Method 2: Inspect your power cord and adapter.

If the first method doesn’t work, you should test your charger to see if there is any fault associated with it that might cause your device to stop charging. To determine if the charger is working, try using the same charger with some other device. If the device isn’t charging, remove the power adapter and cable and test both things separately.

Method 3: Restart Your Kindle Tab

If the power cable and adapter are working fine, you should shift your focus to the software components. We can attempt a soft reset that might resolve this issue and other issues related to your Kindle Fire. Follow these steps to soft reset your Kindle.

Method 4: Perform a factory reset on your device.

Even after performing the soft reset, if the issue isn’t gone, then you should try giving it a hard reset. Please note, a hard reset will wipe the data on your device completely. Before performing a full reset, please backup your device and files to a secure location and then follow these steps.

  1. Back up all your data to a different computer.
  1. Swipe down the notification bar and select the settings option. You can also visit the settings app by visiting the All Apps section.
  1. Choose your device options.
  1. Choose “Reset to factory defaults
  1. Confirm Reset.

Change your battery

After trying all the above methods, is your Kindle isn’t charging? Then it is time to consider a battery failure or a dead battery. This is a major problem, and unlike all other methods, it requires time and expert knowledge to replace a battery on an Amazon Kindle Fire. The battery is expensive and can cost you as much as the price of a new Amazon Fire.

Although Amazon doesn’t offer any battery replacement service, you can purchase a new battery from a third-party seller on Amazon. Here is an example of a product you can purchase.


Following these methods and solutions, you can troubleshoot your Kindle Fire and solve the “Kindle Fire Won’t Charge” problem on your device. These methods are tested and known to be working on many devices to successfully solve the issue. If you have any questions or need more information about the Amazon Kindle Fire and the various errors associated with it, you can comment below and one of our support staff will assist you with the same.

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