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14 Best Mycam App Alternatives For Windows In 2022

by Julia

Mycam is a camera app for Microsoft Windows developed by E2ESOFT. It enables a person to capture pictures and record videos using a webcam, open video and image files and make them look more appealing by adding stunning video effects and photo filters. Mycam is multilingual with support for over 15 languages, including Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai, and Spanish.

Any media files it creates can be transferred to your mobile phone through the “Album” feature and shown to people by broadcasting to a streaming server, shared with friends, and scanning QR or bar-code. The primary highlights of mycam Alternatives download for windows 7 are that it is powerful, easy-to-use, and serves as a video and photo processing app with amazing features.

Mycam features include video broadcasting, sending media to the mobile phone, opening and playing video or image files, stunning video effects, capturing pictures with support for delayed shooting, high quality, and fast GPU image processing.

14 Best Mycam App Alternatives For Windows

Following are the different Mycam Alternatives apps which you can use for clicking pictures and video recording as well so these Mycam apps are as follow.

1 Cameroid



Cameroid is an Online Webcam that makes it easy for everyone to create a wide range of pictures using a typical webcam. It is important to note that you cannot think of the mycam Alternatives application as being applicable only for photography as it is not the case because it is equipped with many modes along with the option to add effects to give humorous or artistic overtones to images. You can use the several tools that it provides to modify the color of the composition scenes, distortion, and filters.

Some of the most prominent options are photo frames and backgrounds. It gives the shooter a free hand by allowing them to add a picture from a large library into the liked box. Regarding the background, you can experiment with it by placing your face on the body of the dwarf, or on a famous portrait such as the Mona Lisa, and more. The mycam app enables the capturing of funny photos for free, and all the photos can be saved on an online storage service or PC. You also have the option to upload pictures to social networks or forums.

2 Cheese



Cheese is a mycam alternative that features a feature-rich and easy-to-use webcam application. You can use it to record short movies, and after that’s done, share them with friends. mycam view app Capture photos instead of videos in a single click using Burst mode. The pose can be changed with each shot, providing greater flexibility. You can add humorous effects to videos and photos, like picture distortion, or change the color. Besides these features, you can save photos and videos, view captured videos and photos, and delete videos or photos. In case of any problems, you can find solutions by checking the “Common problems and questions” section.

3 Kamoso



Kamoso mycam Alternatives is a powerful program released under the GPL license to help you use your camera. The end-user can capture pictures, record videos, and then share them with friends. The user guide of mycam download for windows 7 64-bit provides a comprehensive description to help you with all matters related to using it. Once the application is launched, you will be able to see two groups of buttons, one located on the right and the other on the left. Also, there is a button displayed in the center of the screen.

The purpose of the button in the middle is to help you capture a picture. Kamoso will provide a 3-second wait time so that the picture taker can adjust their pose and will also ask them for a smile before the picture is clicked. The function of the second button, located on the right, is to transform the camera into burst mode. Once the burst mode is activated, Kamosos will continue capturing pictures randomly unless you tap the button in the middle. The program supports sharing and gives you a choice to upload the image to Facebook or upload the video to YouTube.

4 Camorama



Camorama is a mycam Alternatives and webcam application that comes packed with multiple image filters and is fully compatible with Linux. By using it, you can view video from the webcam and add several image filters to increase its visual appeal. The project also has the ability to upload images over FTP. The developer created the program to increase his understanding of v4l and it. The application mycam download for windows 7 performs its tasks at a decent speed, and more work is underway to enhance its performance. You must have v4l and gnome2 to run it on the system.

5 Webcamoid



Webcamoid is mycam Alternatives an open-source and feature-rich webcam suite that is available on multiple platforms like Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac. There are a lot of functions that you can perform using the application, and one of them is the ability to record videos and capture pictures. The huge benefit for the end-user is that they can easily manage multiple webcams and apply funny effects to the webcam. It is written in Qt and C++ and comes packed with more than 60 effects for you to test. It offers many language translations and has custom controls for each webcam. The application feeds other programs by offering support for the Virtual Webcam.

6 CamStar




CamStar is a top-notch Photo Booth alternative for the camera on your mobile phone and comes packed with more than 45 live effects. The features include a Self Timer, Live FX camera, and sharing with friends using social sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or email. You can also apply stunning effects to photos like 4 Rainbow, Vintage, Half negative, Fortify, Colorbooth, Mirror, Poster fx, Bokeh, Lomo, Bulge, Vintage photo, and more. mycam pro It has a simple gallery so that it is easy for you to view/use the pictures and share them with anyone. You can utilize existing pictures in the photo/album library and experiment with several other features.

7 WxCam



WxCam is a mycam alternative. A Linux webcam is a software application that allows you to record videos, take snapshots, and send commands to Philips webcams for astronomical purposes. The app is optimized to work with video4linux 1 and 2 drivers, allowing you to use it with a large number of devices. The features of mycam download for windows 7 include support for frame grabbing via the video4linux 1 & 2 API, customization of saturation, resolution, gamma, brightness, and contrast, multiple formats for snapshot taking like XPM, BMP, PCX, PNG, TIF, and JPEG, and several graphics effects such as mirror, color correction, laplacian, edge, monochrome upturned, and negative. Besides these features, it also provides video recording on movement detection and comes with special controls for the Philips webcam, including shutter speed, frame rate, and gain. Lastly, you can record videos with and without audio.

8 UVC Viewer GTK+



The GTK+ UVC Viewer is an easy-to-use and simple UI that can be used to capture and view videos through V412 devices, placing special importance on the UVC driver for Linux. The provided control interface is built on top of Qt5, or Gtk3, and this depends on the build configuration. It also offers a console-only option. Guvcview can also be used as a control window, enabling image control on different apps such as Skype, ekiga, MPlayer, and cheese. You can select audio support from multiple APIs, namely portaudio or PulseAudio, subject to availability. Interfaces like JACK, ALSA, OSD, and other interfaces with support for portaudio are available in guvcview. However, to ensure their proper functioning, portaudio should be compiled with the desired interfaces enabled.

9 ComicWebCam



ComicWebCam is a mycam alternative and a decent application that allows you to capture photos using your webcam and add amazing features to enhance its look and appeal. The captured photos can be saved on the PC and shared with others by posting on Facebook. The features include taking pictures via the webcam, more than 60 webcam effects to apply to photos, and an online photo booth for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, uploading videos to Facebook. The app doesn’t require you to pay any fees and has no hidden charges.

10 Video Booth

Video booth

Video booth

Video Booth is a mycam alternative that lets you use your webcam to capture snapshots and record video clips without hassle. You can browse all the available effects and apply them to the videos and photos to give them a crisp and beautiful look, and share them with friends by uploading them to your personal website or to YouTube. The features include using the webcam to record video clips and capture snapshots, several effects to bring a shine to your videos and photos and give them a unique look, the ability to take four instant pictures one after the other, compatible with all digital cameras and systems, and makes it easy to upload pictures and video clips for sharing.

11 UniCam



UniCam is an open-source, feature-rich webcam viewer written in Java and released under the MIT License. It is a universal webcam viewer that can be used by everyone. It makes use of the Sarxos webcam capture API to execute tasks. The functionalities include easy-to-use one-key shortcuts for your facilitation, a fullscreen mode for better clarity, a function for capturing screenshots, copying the images to the clipboard, and automatic detection for ideal resolution. You can also double or half the resolution without restrictions and enable webcam viewing with custom resolutions.

12  QtCAM



QtCAM is a powerful and open-source web camera solution developed for Linux. It comes packed with a special set of features like color space switching, ten image control settings, and extension settings. It supports multiple file formats for capturing the still capture, such as BMP, RAW, PNG, and JPG. It allows for adjustments in preview by offering image quality settings like brightness and more. You can record video clips and use the keyboard navigation for quick execution. The mycam Alternatives Video Capture Settings tab comes in handy to find the resolution and support color space for preview and to modify the video record format, video saving location, and video encoder format. Other features include emulation support for still pinning capture and tooltips covering information about the application.

 13 Screen Recorder PassFab



PassFab Screen Recorder enables you to record whatever you like on your computer and offers powerful features. It is an ideal solution for students, teachers, business users, and game lovers, and it has the capability to record screens, webcams, and pictures in pictures to fulfill your needs. The best feature is that you can record your webcam and screen without meeting any time limits. You can record the speaker and microphone and the screen without intervals. The application also helps with the recording of sports video, game video, and instructional or teaching video. It works perfectly well with all webcams, microphones, and speaker devices. You can install it on multiple versions of Microsoft Windows, including 10, and you can install it

14 Camwiz Webcam Recorder



Camwiz Webcam Recorder is an mycam Alternatives application for Mac that allows you to handle every aspect of the webcams on the system. It can be used to record and playback any video taken through the webcam. You can easily upgrade it thanks to its modular design. It has many features, including night vision mode, audio recording, the ability to add a timestamp while recording, an auto-stop recording timer, adjustable recording quality, and more. It comes with a built-in iSight/FaceTime and supports an external USB webcam.

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