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100+ Best Pick Up Lines: Cheesy, Funny, Dirty & Smooth

by Nemo
Pick Up Lines

Pick up lines are used for breaking the ice and striking up a conversation with someone in whom you’re interested. The goal is to grab the attention of the audience and make them smile, whether they are intelligent, hilarious, or just plain corny. You may use best pick up lines to strike up a discussion with someone you want to learn more about or who you’re interested in dating.

When you happen to meet someone who catches your eye at a party, bar, or any other place, a Cheesy pick up line will help you two get along. It’s a good idea to start out with the corny pick up lines to demonstrate your sense of humor and lively personality. The best pick up lines for 2023 are listed below, so try them on your crush to start a discussion and perhaps even go on a date!

What is a Pick Up Line?

Pick up lines are one kind of icebreaker for discussion. A clever one liner is typically used in good pick up lines. Perhaps a sly smirk. Depending on the circumstances, they could succeed or fail. Confidence is essential if you want to utilize a pickup line without coming off as a fool. Consider them jokes, if possible. If they don’t work out, at least they will make you giggle. You have nothing to lose by striking up a conversation with someone you feel confident enough to approach. Finally, try not to overthink it. Play it cool. And just enjoy yourself.

When to Use Pick Up Lines for Flirting

Pick Up Lines

People often associate pick up lines with being corny. However, that doesn’t imply they don’t work—you just have to set reasonable objectives. Which would you prefer—a bold come-on that sends the girl running away in disgust or a one-liner that makes her laugh? The only thing a pick up line is probably good for is a good chuckle or an “I can’t believe he said that.” That being said, everything is achievable with the correct delivery.

However, that’s what makes pick up lines so beautiful. When you hear one, you can be certain that the other person is attempting to flirt—just in a lighthearted way. Not even substantial use of them is required. To avoid a pause in your discussion with a female, practice your pick-up lines. Find out what her go-to pick up lines are. Then give her a few of your lines.

Best pick up lines may be quite effective if you’re not sure how to make an impression on a dating app like Tinder. The worst-case scenario is that she chooses not to reply, which is always a possibility. But any day, it’s better than a lonely “hey.” With someone you’re already dating, you can always use pick up lines. The best thing ever is when the person you already want to be with picks you up. Also, pick up lines are hilarious if you like cheesy comedy.

Best Pick Up Lines To Get His Attention

Romance, magnetism, and the thrill of seduction may all be found in the exhilarating experience of dating. Icebreakers are a fantastic method to establish rapport and start a discussion between two individuals. The following are some excellent pick-up lines to try:

Best Pick Up Lines for Flirting

Certain quips are timeless for a reason when it comes to the finest pick-up lines for flirting. These suggestions will never leave you on hold when you need a good pick up line to make a lasting impact:

  • I would want to take you to the movies, but you are not allowed to bring in outside food.
  • Even without a pen or paper, you may still catch my eye.
  • You’re not one of the good pick-up lines; everyone else is.
  • You look like a piece of art, so this had to be a museum.
  • What is WiFi? since I sense a connection.
  • Even though I’m not playing cards, I managed to draw a queen.
  • I could have caught these butterflies without even having to sprint.
  • I am adrift. Could you tell me how to go to your heart?
  • Okay, so here I am. Which two more desires do you have?
  • Hi, how did you find heaven when you left it?

Funny Pick Up Lines

Pick-up lines are naturally humorous and even silly. Use these clever pick-up lines if jokes are your favorite method of flirting. These funny pick up lines can lighten the situation and highlight your great sense of humor, whether you meet the person in person or through Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble.

  • Look through designer wedding dresses in one spot.
  • Who’s Siri? You autocomplete me, that’s why.
  • Do you have a charger? because without you, I’m dying.
  • Wish to play Minecraft without using a craft?
  • Do you have the lights on? because McQueen is you.
  • Is that my heart taking off, or is there an airport nearby?
  • Do you go by Jimmy? I have Fallon because of you.
  • I don’t often pursue individuals, but if it were you, I would activate my Crocs.
  • You would be an acute triangle if you were one.
  • Do you owe money? You have my attention.
  • Can you perform magic? Because I lose sight of everyone else when I gaze at you.
  • Did you create aviation? Since it’s obvious that you’re Mr. Wright,
  • Does your father box? since you’re the best!
  • Without your phone number, how can I organize our wedding?
  • What are you, a keypad? Considering that you could be my kind,
  • As it happens, I’m not very good at flirting. Instead, how about you trying to pick me up?

Cheesy Pick Up Lines

To be honest, all of the pick up lines are cliche by nature. Choose your go-to pick-up line and use it with assurance if you want to play up the cheese factor. (After all, it’s among the best qualities in a possible mate.) These are a few of our most embarrassing pick-up lines that may be used for in-person or text flirting. Who knows, maybe your partner will find these corny pick up lines.

  • I would group U and I together if I could reorganize the alphabet.
  • What is the term for a group of individuals hoisting mozzarella cheese? An awkward pickup line.
  • Do your laces remain tied? I want you to love me and no one else.
  • Do you have a parking citation? Considering that “fine” is written all over you,
  • You’re a nine on a scale of one to ten because I’m the one you need.
  • Is there really such a thing as love at first sight, or should I pass by once more?
  • Even if I’m not particularly good at arithmetic, I can still offer you the respect you merit.
  • I’m not an electrician, but I can brighten your day.
  • Who’s Google? Everything I’m looking for is right here.
  • Desire a raisin? Not at all? Or even a date?
  • Are you a Tennessee native? since the only ten people I see are you.
  • Would you want to join me outside to enjoy some fresh air? You’ve just made me gasp in shock.
  • I’m not sure if it was an earthquake or if you just had a major impact on my life.
  • What do I have in common with the Little Mermaid? Both of us desire to be a part of your universe.

Smooth Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for a unique opening statement? Use one of these chick pick-up lines to wow your possible date.

  • Although 4+4=8, you+me=fate
  • Are you worn out? My thoughts have been focused on you the whole day.
  • Which drink is your favorite? So that I know what to get you on our first date, I’m asking.
  • I should file a complaint with Spotify for failing to include you as this week’s top song.
  • Play soccer, too. as you are a treasure.
  • You seem so familiar. Did we attend the same class? We really did have chemistry, I swear.
  • I’m studying historical dates; would you want to be one of them?
  • Since dating is supposedly a numbers game, may I have yours, please?
  • What number should I text you tomorrow morning to say good morning?
  • Hi, you may reach me by phone tomorrow. My name is [your name].
  • Could I share your profile with my friends to demonstrate to them that angels exist?

Corny Pick Up Lines

Naturally, we would have to include some of the silliest concepts in our list of the greatest pick-up lines ever. You’ve already received pick-up lines for males and girls, as well as pick-up lines that are intelligent, witty, and smooth. See our top corny pick-up lines to complete the list—because, occasionally, being silly can be a good thing.

  • I’m hoping someone is trained in CPR, since you just made me gasp.
  • You are a touch under the weather; you must be deficient in vitamin M.
  • Do you act as a WiFi hotpot? since I sense a connection.
  • Are you carrying a Band-Aid? I fell hard for you, scraping my knees.
  • You would be Optimus Fine if you were a transformer.
  • Ah, let’s have a game. People like you are difficult to find, so don’t play hide-and-seek.
  • Are you a fan of Star Wars? Yoda one is for me.
  • I had never given love at first sight any thought until I met you.
  • Thank goodness I have my library card since I’m thoroughly investigating you.
  • You would be found guilty as charged if having beauty were a crime.
  • I’ll make an exception for you even if my mother advises me not to speak with strangers online.
  • I’m so pleased I recently purchased life insurance because I thought my heart would cease seeing you.
  • You’d be a cute cucumber if you were a vegetable.

Clever Pick Up Lines

These witty pick-up lines for Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and real life are perfect if you’re afraid that a corny comment would cause an eye roll or a ghost.

  • 324467889. Yours is the only number I’m missing from this list.
  • What is Instagram? My parents have always encouraged me to pursue my goals.
  • Do you create art? You do a pretty good job of grabbing my attention.
  • Angels belong in paradise. How did you get away?
  • We’d be a terrific pair of socks if you and I were socks.
  • Okay, so here I am! Which two more desires do you have?
  • How does it feel to be the most beautiful person here?
  • You would be fine printed on a page if you were words.
  • From all the way over here, you managed to take my heart; therefore, you must be a skilled thief.

Cute Pick Up Lines

Maybe you don’t think appearances are that important. These adorable one-liners are a great place to start flirting, whether you’re looking for a nice pick-up line for her or for him.

  • Nothing endures forever, they say. Do you wish to be my nothing?
  • You are the happiest location on earth, and anyone who thinks otherwise has never stood next to you.
  • Can you travel back in time? since I can envision you in the future.
  • Even though I’m not a photographer, I can see us together.
  • French, are you? Since Eiffel is for you,
  • Observe what I’m wearing. Your grin was contagious.
  • Your parents work as bakers. since you’re such a sweetheart.
  • You’re so good-looking that I’m dumbfounded. I had a good pick-up line ready to go.
  • I believe there is a problem with my phone. Please give it a call to check whether it functions.
  • Or did you simply give me a smile? Did the sun come out?
  • Could you please squeeze me a little? I must be dreaming since you are so adorable.

Romantic Pick Up Lines

Particularly when flirting in person, certain romantic pick up lines might almost come across as uncomfortable or unpleasant. Though it’s always advisable to gauge the situation and use your best judgment before saying anything that can come off as strange or improper, here are a few of our favorite hot pick-up lines for when you’re feeling brave.

  • Now that I’m here, you may remove the app.
  • What’s your name? Or may I claim you as my own?
  • I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of you, so there must be a problem.
  • Your lips seem to be alone. Do they want to meet my family?
  • I would love to offer you my heart, but I do not presently donate organs.
  • I’ll give you my kiss back if you let me borrow it.

Flirty Pick Up Lines

Seeking to differentiate oneself from the crowd? To make sure there are no confusing signals in the DMs, try one of these flirtatious pick-up lines.

  • You and I both have phone numbers; consider the possibilities.
  • All I need is a little spoon—I have knives and forks galore.
  • Could I hold your hand for you? It seems heavy.
  • Happiness seems to start with an “U,” but I always assumed it started with an “H.”
  • Hold a map, please. I simply vanished from your sight.
  • Have you recently exited an oven? since it’s too hot to manage you.
  • I believe we have already met. Nevermind, actually; I believe that was only in my fantasies.
  • My number sounds better than yours, I bet. Care to hear it?
  • I reassure you that you are the only thing making me drunk.


Are these love pick up lines just for Netflix subscribers, or can I use them on anyone?

Although these pick-up lines are intended for Netflix lovers, anyone who appreciates movies or TV series can use them as well. Just be imaginative and adjust the line to suit the individual’s preferences!

Do these pick-up lines provide an assurance of success?

Since success varies depending on the person and the circumstances, no pick-up line can be said to be 100% effective. But these clever and entertaining Netflix pick-up lines are a great way to strike up a discussion with someone you’re interested in. Just have an open mind and act with respect.

How can I create my own pickup lines for Netflix?

Consider the person’s unique hobbies and the kinds of TV series and films they enjoy watching on Netflix when crafting your own pick-up lines. The situation in which you want to use the pickup line can also be taken into account. Use your imagination and enjoy yourself!

If the individual doesn’t react well to my pick-up line, what should I do?

You should respect someone’s limits and feelings if they don’t react well to your Netflix pick-up line. Avoid pressuring the matter or attempting to impose a dialogue. Just move on and attempt to approach them differently later on.

Are pick up lines on Netflix limited to romantic scenarios?

Not invariably. Although these pick-up lines are frequently employed in romantic settings, they may also be an entertaining and original approach to striking up a discussion with a friend or coworker. Just be aware of the other person’s emotions and the situation you’re employing the pick-up line in.


An innovative and entertaining approach to striking up a discussion with someone you’re interested in is by using Netflix pick-up lines. They can serve as a non-threatening icebreaker and let you connect over a common interest. Being bold, kind, and inventive is crucial while utilizing Netflix pick-up lines. Consider the scenario in which you’ll be employing it and adjust the line to the person’s interests.

Furthermore, keep in mind that pick-up lines are only one method of striking up a discussion; success is not guaranteed. Use one of these pick-up lines the next time you want to impress your sweetheart or start a discussion with a fellow Netflix enthusiast. You never know—it may be the beginning of a wonderful romance!

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