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Samsung Airdresser Review

by Julia
samsung airdresser

One of the best samsung airdresser big selling points is that it promises to keep garments looking fresh and revitalised without the need for cleaning, which means you’ll make fewer trips to the dry cleaners, do less washing and ironing, and sensitive goods will last longer. However, it does not remove stains or clean clothes: the term ‘freshen’ is more appropriate here.

However, the Samsung Bespoke AirDresser is an investment, both in terms of price and the amount of space it takes up – it’s the size of a tall, narrow closet, so you’ll need to make a dedicated place for it, which is something to consider if you’re planning a remodelled walk-in closet, bedroom, or laundry room. You won’t need a new or separate water line for it, either – just a socket. Is it, then, worth the space and money? Our review will assist you in making your decision. We’ve all been through a lot during Covid19, and we’re all being extra cautious now.

We all often sanitise our hands, but this isn’t enough to keep us safe. Every day, with or without washing, the Airdresser sanitises and refreshes your garments. It’s a breath of fresh air in the world of clothes maintenance. The powerful stream and air are used to dust, deodorise, and gently dry and sterilise clothes, as well as smooth out creases. Isn’t it fascinating? Samsung’s AirDresser is one of the greatest on the market. To learn more about the samsung airdresser , read the article.

What is a Samsung AirDresser, and how does it work?

A Samsung Bespoke AirDresser is a combination closet and appliance that sanitises, deodorises, steams, and dries garments, especially delicates.

What is the purpose of a Samsung AirDresser?

Choose your chosen setting and let it work its magic on your clothing by hanging them on the three removable AirHangers, which are meant to cure your garments off the inside as well as the outside with air, heat, and steam. The Samsung Bespoke AirDresser employs a Jet Steam system to disinfect fabrics by removing bacteria and loosening dust; a deodorising filter removes odours, and the HeatPump gently dries the clothing at a low temperature, so you don’t have to worry about heat damage – or clothes shrinking.

Three jackets and three pants can be stored in the AirDresser, and ties can be hung on the back of the door. It’s also worth noting that the AirDresser is compatible with Samsung’s smart home platform, so if you already own other samsung airdresser appliances, this could be a better choice than one from the competition.

Samsung AirDresser: specifications

  • Weighs 97 kilos/214lbs.
  • Size: 445 x 1850 x 615 mm.
  • Power: Needs a 230V/50Hz outlet.
  • Controls: Touch panel LCD display with 11 ‘buttons’ on the mirrored door.
  • Looks: like a mirrored cabinet.

Functions and usage of the Samsung AirDresser

The Samsung Bespoke AirDresser is large and cumbersome, but it was delivered and plugged in by two delivery men who also removed the packaging and instructed me to wait two hours before using it. To prevent poor ventilation and condensation build-up, the Samsung Bespoke AirDresser requires half an inch across the top, sides, and back to perform at its best. While it gave out a ‘new’ fragrance when I first used it in an open area, there was minimal steam given off from what is a well-sealed machine.

On the mirrored front of the AirDresser is an LCD display that you can use to select the desired cycle, view the estimated time remaining, receive notifications, and check your Wi-Fi connectivity. Normal (39 minutes); delicates (36 minutes, for lace, chiffon, rayon, or things with decals); fast (20 minutes – for mild odours and wrinkles); and sanitise (1hr 52 minutes – for streaming a few lightweight or one larger item at a time) are the options for selecting a cycle. Suits, school uniforms, wool/knit, down jackets, fur/leather, heavy-duty, winter coats, and denim all have professional care options, including dry and special.

The use of a kid lock/silent button decreases operating noise but lengthens the cycle time. The delay end button extends the end time from one to twenty-four hours, which is beneficial if you require something ready-to-wear and fresh when you get home from work. If goods cannot be removed immediately after a cycle, the maintain fresh function will stay on for up to 24 hours – and I encourage utilising it because steamed clothes can quickly crease if left hanging in the samsung airdresser for any amount of time.

Filter to remove odours

The deodorising filter deodorises the cabinet while also keeping your clothes fresh. It will also keep your clothes from smelling bad by eliminating odour-causing gases. Before purchasing an AirDresser, make sure to check for a decent deodorising filter.

Care for wrinkles

Make sure you purchase a Samsung airdresser, which works in conjunction with the Air Hanger to create powerful air jets that can be directed upwards and downwards. As a result, there will be fewer creases and the garment will be easier to iron.


Purchase a Samsung airdresser that is simple to maintain. When it’s time for a cleaning, certain airdressers send reminders every 40 cycles.

A door that closes softly

Make sure to purchase an AirDresser, which softly and safely closes the door. Samsung’s AirDresser with Jet Steam is one of the company’s top products. You can sterilise your clothing and clothes using Airdresser. It contains a lot of features that aren’t found in other Airdressers.

Why should you purchase a Samsung product?

The Samsung AirDresser is a great way to keep your dresses clean by removing airborne particles and viruses. To keep the dress clean, fresh, hygienic, and ready to wear, you may store three coats and three pairs of pants. Jet Steam technology is also included to cleanse and freshen the garments. The odour-causing gases are caught and removed by the Deodorizing filter. It also has a Touch Display for the convenience of the user. As a result, Samsung is the best AirDresser appliance on the market because it is still a user-friendly product.

Conclusion on the Samsung AirDresser:

Unless you have a lot of delicate, high-quality garments that need to be well-cared for, are wary of going to the dry cleaners every other day, and regularly need to freshen or knock the creases out of clothes that have been in a closet for a long time, the Samsung airdresser is not a must-have. If this describes you, the samsung airdresser will save you time ironing and cleaning clothes, as well as money at the dry cleaners over time.

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