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Skull Shaver Review [ Complete Guide In This Year 2022]

by Julia
skull shaver

The skull shaver review: Pitbull Gold PRO is the third of four men’s skull shavers produced by the skull shaver firm. The Skull Shaver Pitbull is the first and cheapest in the skull shaver line, which I recently purchased, tried, used, and evaluated. After that, I was excited to use and test out the professional (silver, gold, and platinum) models.

Skull shavers are primarily used by men to shave their heads, although they can also be used to shave their faces. The skull shaver is marketed as a head and face shaver by the firm. Many balding gentlemen (like me) require a shaver that can function effectively and get the job done quickly. While the skull shaver Pitbull Gold PRO appears to be the perfect shaver for many men, it isn’t inexpensive. So, before spending money on a shaver like this, it’s always important to gain a clear understanding of the advantages and downsides. Let’s take a deeper look at what the Pitbull Gold PRO was supposed to accomplish for my balding head, how it performed after a month, and who it’s best for.

Features & Description

Skull Shaver blades, as previously said, hold a patent on their design. While there are several head shavers on the market today that seem extremely similar to skull shavers, they are one-of-a-kind in terms of design.


One of this Skull Shaver Argos primary selling features is the patented design of the body. The biggest benefit of ergonomics is that you can put your fingers between the blades and the handle, making shaving the curves of the head more easier. Both sides of the shaver can be used. Four detachable rotating blades may be easily clipped on and off the shaver for cleaning or replacement. Skull shavers come with a variety of blades, including the Forte PRO 4, which are constructed of quality hypoallergenic Japanese stainless steel, according to the firm. The shaving debris collects in the inner area of the blade unit, which must be cleaned. The integrated lithium-ion battery is charged via the USB lead when plugged into the back of the shaver for cordless and corded usage. The 1400 mAh battery should last 90 minutes on a full charge, which takes 2.5 hours. The shaver can be used while it is charging. When a user turns on the shaver, an indicator displays the percentage of battery life remaining.

Wet and dry shaving

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO is water-resistant and can be used wet or dry. Wet shaving, according to Skull Shaver, delivers a closer and better shave. Apart from the USB cable, this shaver only comes with a little pouch that functions as a travel bag or shaver cover. Buyers receive a 12-month warranty on products purchased through the company’s approved distributors. However, buyers are responsible for return postage, which has been a source of contention for many former consumers.

Gold Skull Shaver: Design

Because of the distinctive form, you can securely grip and control the shaver all over your head, including around the back. In reality, there are a few other ways to hold it: from the top, grip the black handle, or slide two fingers over the rear of the Skull Shaver blades and manage it that way. The blade on the Forte Pro 4 is actually a distinct item that detaches from the handle with a simple 90° counter-clockwise spin. It’s simple to replace when the time comes. It also ensures that chopped hair doesn’t go into the motor’s workings, and it’s simple to clean because the top piece can be unclipped from the bottom. Because cut hairs are confined within the blades’ bodies, you can use the shaver almost anyplace without producing a mess: you can shave while fully clothed in the back of a taxi on your way to your destination.

Price & Availability of the Skull Shaver

You can purchase a Skull shaver for woman from the company’s European website, but if you’re in the United States, go to the main site. You can also get a Skull Shaver from Amazon, however, it’s branded something else (the Pitbull Goro) and has a different logo on the handle. There are a variety of types available, with a surprisingly wide price range ranging from the entry-level Palm to the Platinum, which includes a rinse stand. Replacement blades for the Forte Pro 4 are £29.99 and last 3-6 months. If you’re not satisfied, there’s a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, and clients in the UK and the US even get free return shipping. The guarantee is valid for one year. See our roundup of the top electric shavers for more options.


So, how does it fare in terms of performance? Overall, it went pretty nicely. I enjoy how the shaver is much lighter than it appears, making it much more comfortable to use than a heavier one. Because I’m not bald and don’t shave my head, I was only able to use the Gold to shave my face. Even so, it was clear from the start that it was a good shaver. The skull shaver blades are razor-sharp and cut quickly and cleanly. It was still painless to shave with no pulled hairs after a couple of days’ growth, although I had to go over places a few times to get all the hairs.

Furthermore, the steel performs as expected: I experienced no skin irritation, nicks, or cuts, even on a raised scar. It also gives a close shave – not as smooth as a wet razor shave, but close enough. If you wet shave and apply foam, you’ll get the closest shave. I also discovered that almost all of the chopped hair was retained in the blades and did not end up in the sink, shower, or on my clothes. After a few weeks of use, the battery is still over 70% charged (at least according to the display), and I appreciate that it recharges through USB, so I could theoretically charge it anywhere with a USB power bank. If you need to shave your head every other day, the expense of replacement blades could make the skull shaver a little pricy in the long run, as this will also shorten the blades’ life.


The skull shaver does an excellent job. It’s easy to use and would be ideal for someone who has to shave their head fast and efficiently, especially if they need to do it while traveling It’s not the best pick for only shaving your face: the four blades are a little too broad – but don’t forget that the Amazon bargain also includes a free three-blade head.

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