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Subnautica: Below Zero transports you to a fantastic alien planet where you can explore a mind-bogglingly cold underwater world. Subnautica Below Zero Map 2022: The greatest places to develop your base in this alien world can be found here.

Subnautica Below Zero Map

Subnautica Below Zero map size in 2022 is unknown, but it is smaller and shallower than previous Subnautica games’ maps. Some gamers are pleased with the new map, while others believe it lacks variety. Underwater biomes, above-water biomes, and underwater caves are the three main types of biomes found on the Below Zero map.

On this map, players can farm a lot of materials and discover a lot of mysteries. Because much of the first Subnautica’s magnetic attraction was probably formed by how little we knew about the world we found ourselves in, and of not knowing what illuminating or scary revelation awaited us, Below Zero has some difficult fins to fill.

That initial foray into the Safe Shallows and into the waiting maw of a hungry Reaper leviathan was an eye-opening experience that’s hard to match. Does Subnautica: Below Zero feel like a stale rehash of old techniques, or is it capable of inventing fresh thrills? Under the sea, there are also numerous resources, wrecks, and life pods.

However, because swimming is the only way to advance on this map, gamers frequently become frustrated while exploring. As a result, many gamers employ the Subnautica Below Zero Map mod to make exploration easier.

Subnautica Below Zero Map

Best Base Locations On Subnautica Below Zero Map

In this, one of the top action-adventure games of 2022, it’s critical to pick the best location for your base. You’ll need to return to your headquarters to get kitted up and store the supplies you’ve harvested. Building the base closest to all of the game’s content is recommended by veterans. On the Subnautica Below Zero Map 2022, these are the best places for players to develop their bases.

1. Twisty Bridges Biome

Building your initial base near the Twisty Bridges biome is recommended by veterans. This beautiful and safe biome is an excellent choice for your initial base. There aren’t many deadly creatures to be found here. Furthermore, you get access to early game supplies. Ribbon plants, for example, can be found in abundance in this biome. This biome’s southern waters are ideal for establishing a foundation. The Thermal Spires biome is also within striking distance of this site. You can get closer to the central section of the map by heading towards Delta Island. Lithium, titanium, and silver are among the resources found near this location.

2. The Purple Vents

The Purple Vents are the next best area to set up your foundation. You can harvest a large number of thermal generators here to power your base indefinitely. On the Subnautica Below Zero map, this site can be found on the eastern side of Delta Island. Avoid putting your base too close to the vent because it may cause clipping issues and inflict damage to the players in the base. Keep a brief safe distance between your base and these vents. Furthermore, if you build your base too deep in this biome, you may encounter some vexing chemi-cerates.

3. Delta Island

Delta Island is another great place for players to set up shop on the Below Zero map. It’s a good area to gain infinite solar power, which is the game’s safest and most stable energy source from the start. Players can create a vast above-water base on the Lilypad Islands. You can also stay near different biomes and resources, such as Arctic Spires if you choose to. You can also park your boat at the Seatruck port on Delta Island. Keeping your head above water will keep you warm and save your base power.

4. The Ventgarden

The Ventgarden is also an excellent option for a base. Do you wish to establish a base near a large garden within a massive jellyfish? It has to be the most innovative concept in Subnautica Below Zero Map. They may be found in the Tree Spires biome. Players can farm a lot of materials in the Ventgarden. On the flat plateaus there, you can build a great base. In this location, though, you may come across a tiny annoyance and at least one chelicerate.

5. The Glacial Basin

If you want to begin the game in the Glacial Basin, you should start in the west of the Below Zero map. Beyond the Kelp Forests is where you’ll find it. This location may present you with some unique problems. In the glacial zones, for example, you can come across several ferocious snow stalkers. These species, on the other hand, are excellent sources of fur for players to harvest.

Subnautica Below Zero Map

Ice Worms, which may be rather hazardous on the ice, are your main enemies in this location. A few thumbs in the area, though, keep it safe from other threats. The Glacial Basin is located in the southwest part of the Below Zero map. As a result, it may be a long way from other resources in the center or on the outskirts. That’s everything there is to know about the Subnautica Below Zero map size 2022 and the best area to put your base. Let’s dive into this fascinating extraterrestrial world in Subnautica Below Zero.


The addition of the Seatruck, a smaller map, and a greater focus on land-based survival are just a few of the more significant changes made by Below Zero to the acclaimed Subnautica formula. There’s something experimental and innovative for every ten things Unknown Worlds perfected. Subnautica: Below Zero is similar in many aspects to its predecessor, but there are enough differences to distinguish it from its sequel.

Although Subnautica: Below Zero falls short of the original game, it proves that Unknown World’s 2018 survival game wasn’t a fluke. In Below Zero, the act of exploring a mysterious underwater world while attempting to stay alive is nearly as compelling as it was back then. Even though I’m not a huge fan of survival games, I had a blast playing Subnautica: Below Zero. Even though I knew most of the tricks by now, the experience was still fantastic.