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Thrustmaster TMX Review In 2022 | Techlion

by Julia
Thrustmaster TMX

What exactly is a Thrustmaster TMX? T150, TMX, T300, and so on. It might be difficult to figure out which Thrustmaster racing wheel is perfect for you. to eliminate any opportunity for misunderstanding. Thrustmaster’s cheap racing wheel, the Thrustmaster TMX, is designed for compatibility with Xbox platforms.

Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel is very similar to the T150. The key distinction is that the T150 is only compatible with PlayStation systems and will not operate with Xbox systems. If you’re an Xbox gamer, the Thrustmaster TMX is the way to go.

A separate racing wheel for each console is standard practice in the sim racing scene. This is how to wheel makers get past the Xbox and PlayStation systems’ various security and system architectures. Logitech has the G29 for PS4 and the G920 for Xbox One and Series X. Fanatec, a high-end wheel maker, has console-specific racing wheels for each console.

What’s the difference between the Thrustmaster TMX and the Thrustmaster T150?

Thrustmaster TMX

What’s the difference? That’s all there is to it. On PC, both racing wheels function identically, and practically all of the internal components are identical on both wheels. The most noticeable modifications are in the look of the steering wheels.

When you compare the TMX and T150 side by side, you’ll see that the button arrangement is different. Each wheel is designed to work with a certain console. The TMX has the traditional A, B, X, and Y buttons, but the T150 has PlayStation square, circle, triangle, and other buttons.

In our opinion, the TMX steering wheel is a bit more elegant than the T150 wheel. This is all due to the T150’s PlayStation blue hand grips. On the TMX, we like the all-black, more authentic leather.

The diameter of both racing wheels is the same, and they feel practically identical in your hand. This is also owing to the fact that the force feedback is the same on both wheelbases.

What is your impression of the Thrustmaster TMX?

At first glance, the TMX appears to be adequate for a cheap racing wheel. You won’t find anything particularly dazzling here; it’s been built to do one thing and one thing alone.

Due to its design, the racing wheel itself might appear a touch antiquated when viewed alone. It’s fairly plain, and the steering wheel isn’t really attractive.

In comparison to its major competitor, the Logitech G29, The G920 has a considerably more contemporary appearance. In comparison to the TMX’s partly plastic and rubber wheels, it has finer leather surrounding the wheel. In addition, the metal wheel body has a considerably more curved and elegant appearance.

Overall, the Logitech G920 is more attractive and comfortable to hold.

Like other racing wheels, the TMX is fitted with two paddle shifters. These appear to be quite responsive when used. The click when you complete a shift isn’t really gratifying, but it sufficed for us.

What is the Thrustmaster TMX’s performance like?

Let’s get right to the point of this review and see how well the TMX performs in games. For starters, this wheel was created exclusively for Xbox platforms. Both when driving and in the menu, all of the button inputs operate flawlessly.

There’s a built-in D-Pad that makes it simple to navigate the options before launching into a race. You won’t have to swap between a controller and a steering wheel. You’ll see the belt-driven force feedback in all of its grandeur once you’re really racing. If you’ve ever driven with a Logitech G29 racing wheel, you’ll be aware of its noise. Driving the TMX is a whole other experience.

Because of the smooth belt that provides force feedback, the Thrustmaster TMX is extremely quiet when driven. It’s not only silent, but the force feedback is also incredibly smooth. You can feel the gears grinding in the Logitech G29, which might cause you to squirm at the wheel in an awkward way.

The TMX does not suffer from this issue in the least, and the force feedback is rather natural. When it comes to forcing feedback, the Thrustmaster TMX performs admirably. When compared to many racing wheels, it is lacking in strength. The force feedback, on the other hand, is a strong point for an entry-level racing wheel.

If you’re serious about sim racing, you won’t want to race with this racing wheel for a long time. However, it is more than competent as a first step into the realm of sim racing.

One of the TMX’s main flaws is the provided pedals. They’re made completely of plastic, giving them a cheap appearance. However, aside from the build quality, these pedals lack the excellent feel that a pedal set should have.

Thrustmaster TMX

Both the brake and the throttle have a reasonable amount of resistance, but none accurately simulate an actual road automobile. Then there’s the lack of a third clutch pedal, which means the shifter add-on is useless.

For the first several months, these pedals will suffice as you get acclimated to driving with a racing wheel. However, we strongly advise you to upgrade to the T3PA-Pro pedals as soon as possible.


The advantage of having a racing wheel made for a certain console is that it just works! Once you’ve connected your wheel to your console with the USB wire, you’re ready to go. It will appear in any compatible racing game you are playing. It’s as simple as plugging it in. Perfect.

The TMX racing wheel not only works perfectly with the Xbox One, but it also works with the whole Thrustmaster peripheral line. You have the option of upgrading to the T3PA-Pro pedal set, which we strongly suggest!

What is the price of the Thrustmaster TMX?

So there’s good news if you’re searching for one of the cheapest force feedback racing wheels. Under $200 gets you the Thrustmaster TMX and two pedals. Isn’t it fantastic?

As I previously stated, this is the cost of the two-pedal set. The racing wheel is included, as well as a very rudimentary, plastic two-pedal add-on. This two-pedal set isn’t particularly impressive. It works… OK. You can clearly brake and accelerate more realistically with them than you can with a joystick. However, the brake pedal isn’t very good, and there isn’t a third clutch pedal. You couldn’t use a shifter with this base set, even if you bought one for your sim setup.

Upgrade to the T3PA-Pro pedals if you want to. This is a complete three-pedal set that includes a brake mod for more realistic braking. If you’re a Thrustmaster racer, this kit is a must-have!! We can’t emphasize enough how much this pedal add-on improves immersion and gaming. When you start putting in further pedal improvements, though, the price tends to rise slightly. So your low-cost wheel transforms into a high-cost race wheel…

The enhanced pedal set is roughly $150, and the racing wheel is around $180. And your low-cost racing wheel has risen to almost $300. This, by coincidence, brings it in line with the Logitech G29 price. G920’s So you could get either the Logitech G920 or the Thrustmaster TMX with T3PA-Pro pedals for the same price.

Is it worth it to invest in a Thrustmaster TMX?

The Thrustmaster TMX, with its two-pedal bundle, is a wonderful place to start if you’ve never raced with a sim racing wheel before. This racing wheel, complete with pedals, can be yours for about $200, and you’ll be racing in no time. However, if you want to compete competitively with a cheap racing wheel, you’ll need to add on the T3PA-Pro pedals. This increases the total cost to roughly $300.

You’re not a million miles away from being able to upgrade to the Thrustmaster TX wheel for that money. If you’re serious about sim racing, getting the Thrustmaster TX right away may be a good investment. The TX is a superior wheel to the TMX in every regard. It will also save you money in the long run by avoiding the cost of upgrading, although at a somewhat higher initial cost.

But let’s get back to the primary point. Is the Thrustmaster TMX the best budget racing wheel, and is it worth buying? It’s very probably the greatest racing wheel for the money on the market right now. We also recommend getting this wheel combo for beginner sim racers.

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