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Wordle Clue: Today’s Wordle Answer For Monday 13 June 2022

by Nemo
today's Wordle

Are you having trouble solving today’s wordle? What is todays wordle?Are you concerned about keeping your wordle streak going? Don’t be concerned! Here wordle today answer and wordle clue for Wordle 359. Are you looking for the today Wordle solution for Monday, June 13th, 2022?

Wordle is a puzzle game that may easily become addictive, with a new five-letter word to guess every day. You have just six tries to guess the answer, and you may share your score with others to demonstrate how many tries it took you to figure out today’s Wordle solution.

If you’re a today’s Wordle expert, you could even start to create a streak. However, not every Wordle answer is simple, and the prospect of breaking your streak after a few weeks may be too much to handle. Fortunately, we’re here to assist you in figuring out the wordle today answer, every day.

You’ll find three hints in this tutorial that will point you in the proper direction, so you may enjoy guessing without feeling completely lost. You may find today’s Wordle solution and a simple definition below if you just want to know the wordle today answer or if you already know it and want to know what it means.

Today’s Wordle hint for puzzle (Monday, June 13 2022)

It’s never enjoyable to jump to the solution right away, but neither is guessing endlessly and knowing you could lose.

Below are three hints to help you figure out today’s Wordle answer:

  • The two vowels in today’s Wordle answer are the same.
  • “N” is the third letter.
  • Four letters would display yellow if you wrote “ADORN.”

Looking for a Wordle substitute?

To add to your daily puzzle routine, here are eight of our favourite Wordle-likes.

What is the June 14 Wordle answer 360?

Today’s Wordle is a verb. There are three vowels in today’s Wordle answer. It literally means “to make amends or to make recompense.” Train, ankle, and alone are some of the hints for today’s word game.

  • The 14th of June’s wordle is
  • “DONOR” was the wordle for June 13.

A 5X6 grid is used in the game. The players must guess the word by typing letters into a labyrinth box. Players’ alphabets are highlighted in various colours on each try. If a box becomes green, it indicates that the letter is part of the word of the day and is in the correct location. If the box becomes yellow, it means the letter is part of the today’s Wordle but isn’t in the right spot. If a letter is not part of the word, the box will turn grey.

Today’s Wordle: How to Play

  • You get six chances to guess the word of the day on today’s Wordle.
  • Enter five-letter words and submit them using the Wordle keyboard’s “Enter” key.
  • Once you submit the tiles, the colour will change.
  • A green tile shows that you correctly inserted the letter in the correct location.
  • A yellow tile indicates that you chose the correct letter but positioned it incorrectly.

Today's Wordle


The New York Times Wordle

Wordle – the new york times: Josh Wardle, a software programmer, designed the game, which he later sold to the New York Times when it became an international hit. “Since releasing Wordle, I have been in awe at the response of everyone who has played,” he wrote on Twitter. “The game has grown greater than I ever envisioned” (which isn’t saying much since I designed it for a one-game audience).

It’s been great to see how much fun the game has brought to so many people, and I’m grateful for the personal stories that some of you have shared with me, like how Wordle has helped bring long-distance family members together, sparked friendly competitions, and helped people get better after being sick.

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Looking for an Alternative to Wordle?

Try Octordle, a devilishly tough version in which you must guess just a few times while playing four words at once. If you’re feeling a little NSFW, you may also utilize lewdle, which uses some, well, alternative terminology. We’re not seeking to destabilize today Wordle, which has become a favorite activity for millions. However, we couldn’t resist mentioning a today’s Wordle hack that is literally there in front of your eyes.

How to Take on the Role of a Wordle Victory

You’ve had a really bad day. With a quick today Wordle success, you just want to feel good about yourself and earn a few virtual pats on the back. That’s amazing if you win the Wordle. However, if you lose, Wordle will display the solution at the top of your screen. Simply open Wordle in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge in Incognito or InPrivate Mode, complete the puzzle (or not), and record the winning word. Leave Incognito/InPrivate mode and play Wordle with all of your cookies turned on in your browser. You’ll win Wordle, continue your winning streak, and gain the favour of your friends.

How to use Wordle to find out which Wordle word will be used the next day?

Today's Wordle

The fourth Wordle cheating technique is significantly more sophisticated. Are you ready for the unexpected? All of the wordle answers are already in wordle. Because the author of Wordle didn’t want to waste time downloading a new puzzle every day, he simply placed all of the answers in the problem’s code. Because Wordle problems are only refreshed once a day, potential answers are available for a very long time. The Java script that comes with the Wordle site contains the today Wordle answers in particular. (We didn’t come up with this strategy; it was suggested to us by someone who preferred anonymity.) Do you want to know what the Wordle answers will be tomorrow, next week, months, or years from now?

Is this how you go about Today’s Wordle?

To begin with, open Google Chrome and go to the Wordle website. On Chrome’s “ellipsis menu” in the upper right, go to More tools > Developer tools. Although the site has a few Javascript files, the Google tag manager and index may be deleted. Instead, open the file underneath the index, which on the page I loaded was main.bd4cb59c.js. Yes, there will be a lot of code, much of it useless.

In contrast, the responses are saved in plaintext in an array file. Use Chrome’s “beautiful print” feature, which is accessible via a button at the top of the page. If not, just paste the entire text block into a text editor like Microsoft Word. Several GitHub pages have attempted to figure out how to figure out the next word to add to the today Wordle list, including this one. The list of Wordle solutions for the next few months is already there in the source code, so it looks like the today Wordle site has already computed it.

The simplest approach to getting that list is to look for the terms in the most recent answer. (We tracked this for a day or two before publishing, and the pattern appears to be constant.) To receive the most current answer, simply press Ctrl+F, then go on to the next word on the list.

This brings us to the end of our conversation.

Today’s Wordle Answer – Monday, June 13

  • Wordle No. 359 (June 13): DONOR

Past Wordle answers

  • Wordle No. 358 (June 12): FLOAT
  • Wordle No. 357 (June 11): GOOSE
  • Wordle No. 356 (June 10): PIETY
  • Wordle No. 355 (June 9): GIRTH
  • Wordle No. 354 (June 8): TRAIT
  • Wordle No. 353 (June 7): FLOOD
  • Wordle No. 352 (June 6): GLOOM
  • Wordle No. 351 (June 5): DEPTH
  • Wordle No. 350 (June 4): FROTH
  • Wordle No. 349 (June 3): PHASE
  • Wordle No. 348 (June 2): SHOWY
  • Wordle No. 347 (June 1): CREAK
  • Wordle No. 346 (May 31): MANOR
  • Wordle No. 345 (May 30): ATOLL
  • Wordle No. 344 (May 29): BAYOU
  • Wordle No. 343 (May 28): CREPT
  • Wordle No. 342 (May 27): TIARA
  • Wordle No. 341 (May 26): ASSET
  • Wordle No. 340 (May 25): VOUCH
  • Wordle No. 339 (May 24): ALBUM
  • Wordle No. 338 (May 23): HINGE
  • Wordle No. 337 (May 22): MONEY
  • Wordle No. 336 (May 21): SCRAP
  • Wordle No. 335 (May 20): GAMER
  • Wordle No. 334 (May 19): GLASS
  • Wordle No. 333 (May 18): SCOUR
  • Wordle No. 332 (May 17): BEING
  • Wordle No. 331 (May 16): DELVE
  • Wordle No. 330 (May 15): YIELD
  • Wordle No. 329 (May 14): METAL
  • Wordle No. 328 (May 13): TIPSY
  • Wordle No. 327 (May 12): SLUNG
  • Wordle No. 326 (May 11): FARCE
  • Wordle No. 325 (May 10): GECKO
  • Wordle No. 324 (May 9): SHINE
  • Wordle No. 323 (May 8): CANNY
  • Wordle No. 322 (May 7): MIDST
  • Wordle No. 321 (May 6): BADGE
  • Wordle No. 320 (May 5): HOMER
  • Wordle No. 319 (May 4): TRAIN
  • Wordle No. 318 (May 3): HAIRY
  • Wordle No. 317 (May 2): STORY
  • Wordle No. 316 (May 1): FORGO

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