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Top 15 Free Manga Apps for Manga Lovers in 2022

by Julia
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Manga is Japanese-style comics that are very popular. There are a lot of manga apps out there, and the comics come in a variety of genres. If you’re a fan, you’ll need a highly convenient way to read the manga apps. A manga apps is an excellent choice because it allows you to read your favorite manga while on the road. Take a look at the top 15 free manga apps. Manga apps have been around for a very long time. It is also an important aspect of Japanese culture. People all across the world are becoming increasingly interested in manga. It hasn’t spread very far yet.

Top 15 Free Manga Apps for Manga Lovers in 2022

Your mobile device, on the other hand, can be a terrific spot to look for some. We’d like to make a special mention of Crunchyroll Manga. It offers a great collection, but the user interface is a bit clunky. Because manga is similar to comic books, you may also use the best comic book readers if you already have your own collection and only need a reliable reader.

1. Manga By Crunchyroll

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Manga by Crunchyroll is one of the best free manga apps. Manga by Crunchyroll is the number one app on this list. Crunchyroll is a notable anime brand and a WarnerMedia subsidiary. This app offers manga and anime comics to enthusiasts from all over the world. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones.

With this app, you have access to thousands of manga comics from the world’s largest collection. You’ll find both vintage manga and freshly released ones. Not only that, but the app has the most recent manga just an hour after they’re released. It also has Crunchyroll Originals.

The manga and anime are arranged by subject, so the app is easy to use. There are other parts as well, like the popular, updated, and promotion sections. Also, you can arrange mangas alphabetically and make your own watchlist to get a more personalized interface. The app is free to use; however, you’ll have to deal with adverts and you can only watch online. A premium subscription is available to get rid of this advertising. The premium account will also allow you to download mangas for offline viewing, and you can stream them on up to six devices at a time.

2. Manga Toon

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Manga Toon is a free manga reader app with some of the latest manga comics. The app gets updated every day, so there’s always something new to read. These comics are available in HD, and you’ll find several genres available. The Manga Toon app doesn’t contain only Japanese comics. It also features some Korean comics from Webtoon. You may subscribe, and you’ll be alerted whenever there’s a new episode of your favorite manga comic.

Not all manga comics on Manga Toon are free, except for a majority of them. Others are accessible for pay-per-view watching. With MangaToon, you may download comics for offline viewing. If you’re a manga creator, you’ll like the Manga Toon app. In fact, you can create humorous stories to share with other viewers.

The admins will pick the greatest comic stories and convert them to manga, which will subsequently feature on the app. Notably, more than a million users make use of Manga Toon. The manga comics presented are available in many languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and a few others. The app works with iOS and Android devices.

3. Manga Dogs

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With the Manga Dogs app, you can read manga online for free. The app is an iOS app and can’t be used by Android users. Nevertheless, it offers highly popular manga and it is quite easy to use. This app features manga from over 20 sources, and the manga is available in about six different languages. From the popular section of the app, you can check what other users are reading, and the app draws recommendations based on the mangas you’ve read. You can organize your favorite manga using the bookshelf, and the app also keeps a tab on your reading history.

Manga Dogs features a number of advanced settings. These settings let you make the already optimized viewer even better for reading by changing how it looks and how it works. The app features a smart speed optimizer that minimizes your data usage and saves your battery life. Furthermore, there are push notifications that alert you once there’s a new manga chapter.

The Manga Dogs app syncs across different devices. It doesn’t matter what device you’re reading from; your activities remain the same once you log into your account. This app features advertisements, although you can pay to remove them.

4. Manga Plus

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This app was developed by Shuiesa and is the official manga reading app of the company. Shuiesa is a globally renowned manga publisher. They publish some of the most popular mangas, including Dragon Ball, Naruto, etc. The Manga Plus library is updated with the latest mangas as soon as they are released. Hence, new mangas are added every day and you can access them for free. The app is a lot more like a social network.

As a user, you can drop comments on the manga you read and also read comments posted by others. Furthermore, you can message the creators of your favorite mangas and also join their fan communities. Likewise, you can save your favorite mangas for quick access. When you save your favorites, you’ll also get notifications when there’s a new chapter.

As it’s a free app, Manga Plus features ads that are how the creators make money. Unfortunately, you cannot pay to eliminate the ads. Manga Plus comics are available in English and Spanish. Also, the app is geared toward iOS and Android devices.

5. Manga Zone

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This app was developed to help other manga lovers access the best manga. It’s available for free and there are thousands of mangas on the app to read. With this app, you’ll enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted manga reading experience. Manga Zone draws the best manga from multiple sources, and the library is steadily expanding. As soon as new manga chapters are available, they get added to the library. You can access recommended mangas via the Today page from your dashboard.

The app allows users to leave comments and share opinions about the manga they read. You can easily save your favorite manga and also monitor your reading progress. Furthermore, the app features some advanced filtering options to find the manga you want. Manga Zone is a good thing to use because it doesn’t have a lot of ads even though it’s a free manga reading app. You can purchase the app with a one-time payment to get rid of all ads and access all mangas. This free manga app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.

6. Manga Z

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Manga Z is described as a one-stop manga reader for all manga fans. It is natively compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Notably, it’s also available as a Windows desktop application. If you don’t know which manga to read, you can access the daily recommendations section. There you’ll discover the best new manga available. You’ll find it easy to locate any specific manga with this app. This is because Manga Z features several filtering and sorting options. You can sort the manga list by author, title, genre, and popularity, amongst others.

Conversely, you can either stream manga comics online or download them for offline reading. Like most free manga apps already mentioned, Manga Z will notify you when there’s a new release of your favorite manga. As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of manga to read for free with this app. If you want to read more, you can purchase the full app with a one-time payment.

7. UR Manga

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UR Manga is a popular manga reading app used by over 1 million users. It’s one of the best free manga apps thanks to its ever-expanding library. More than 2,000 new manga comics are added to the UR Manga library daily. You’ll find a manga on different themes with UR Manga, including love, fantasy, adventure, etc. The app features an interactive reading model. The plots are tailored for each user, and what you choose will determine the outcome of the story.

You can fully operate it with one hand thanks to the unique positioning lens and scroll mode. There’s an option for you to add your best mangas to your favorites for easy access. While reading online, the unique image processing technology will help minimize data usage. Likewise, when you download to read offline, the technology will ensure the download doesn’t take up much space. This app features adverts to pay creators. If you’re uncomfortable with the ads, you can pay for the VIP subscription service. It doesn’t only remove ads but also gives you access to premium content.

8. Manga Now

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Here is another best-free manga app for iOS devices. It was optimized to be a very fast-performing app, and by default, Manga Now supports color and long strip manga. The app is also compatible with Android OS, but not officially because it is not present in the Google Play Store. Manga Now features a minimalistic UI. With such a simple UI, you can easily and quickly locate any manga comic you’re interested in. It doesn’t have any redundant features, and it uses a powerful engine to optimize the manga loading speed and save the user’s data.

The app features manga in different collections, including comedy, sci-fi, action, horror, adventure, and a lot more. Notably, Manga Now features manga comics from popular websites like MangaNelo, Mangakakalot, Manga Eden, and Mangago, amongst others. Manga Now comics can be translated into five different languages, including English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The app is free and also without ads. Plus, there are no payment methods at the moment.

9. Manga UP!

Manga UP!

Manga UP! boasts of having literally all the manga and manhwa comics. This free app uses manga from a variety of authors. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It also includes content in a variety of languages. When new manga chapters become available, they have immediately added to the Manga UP! app. You can read your favorite manga offline by downloading it, and the app has a function that lets you go back to the last chapter. The app displays high-resolution manga images.

The photos are also optimized and cached, which makes them load quickly but not lose quality. The history part of your dashboard allows you to view all the manga comics you’ve previously read. The more mangas you read on the app, the more points you earn and the new levels you can access. There’s also a section called “genre advice” that recommends the most fascinating mangas to watch. Despite the fact that the Manga Up! app has ads, they are not intrusive and will not interfere with your reading experience.

10. Manga Fox

Manga FoxManga Fox is a free manga and manhwa comic reader by Free Manga Studio. This manga app is relatively quick and simple to use, but it is only available for Android smartphones. Manga Fox is not for you if you have an iPhone. This is a one-of-a-kind app. It functions as a proxy that allows you to visit multiple manga websites. As a result, it has manga from a lot of different comic websites that are very good to read. In comic mode, Manga Fox allows you to read constantly and without interruption. You can change the look of your dashboard to make it easier to find your favorite manga websites.

You can keep track of your most frequented manga sites, bookmarks, and history from the smart toolbar. A privacy mode is available in this free manga app. It lets you go to manga websites in a way that hides your browser history so that you can keep your online privacy safe. A “Do Not Track” option is also available, which prohibits marketers from collecting information about your browsing habits. When you surf manga websites that have adverts, Manga Fox has an ad blocker to avoid ad incursion. This app provides a faster browsing and streaming experience in general.

11. WebComics


Do you want a free manga app that is incredibly interactive? If that’s the case, WebComics is an app worth checking out. This app not only allows you to read wonderful manga comics, but it also allows you to talk with other users, like a social platform. More than eight million comic book fans use WebComics. The app includes comics by artists from all over the world. It contains manga and various sorts of comics, for example. Fantasy, love, action, and romance are just a few of the genres available. Many of them are free, and you can get even more by collecting free comic cards.

You may access several comic sections from your home dashboard. Must Read, Editor’s Pick, Complete Comics, New Comics, and Rising Comics are just a few examples. Similarly, you can arrange the comics by genre or use the search bar to find what you’re looking for. After you’ve finished reading a manga, you can rate it and add it to your favorites list to encourage others to read it as well. The WebComics app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

12. MangaMan


MangaMan has a large library of manga and other comics. To provide the highest picture quality, these are available in HD. MangaMan also has a variety of comic genres. This app has a unique user interface that every user will find simple to use. It offers a large collection with over 4,000 manga comics available for free. The app is always up to date, and there’s always a new chapter, so you’re always up to date on the current manga. MangaMan, in particular, contains a few short stories that you’ll enjoy.

The app’s three primary sections are where you may find comics. The latest part, the popular portion, and the category section are all included. The “New” area contains newly added manga chapters and comics, whilst the “Popular” part contains the app’s most popular mangas. You can sort the library by genre by going to the category area.

Hot updates, comics being read right now, and more categories are also available. MangaMan offers a variety of manga comics, both free and paid. They also come in a variety of languages, including English, Vietnamese, and Thai. It’s also compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

13. Manga ME

Manga ME

Manga ME is one of the best free manga apps for Android devices that were made by Pikysik Studio. Unfortunately, the iOS version of this app is not currently available. This app has an ever-expanding manga comic library. There are more than 30,000 mangas that can be downloaded for free in a wide range of languages. New manga stories and chapters are added to the app as soon as they are available. Reading manga has never been easier because of its simple and intuitive interface.

The comics are available to read online or to download for offline reading. Manga ME has the advantage of letting you download manga one at a time or in bulk. This app, like most modern mobile apps, has day and night reading modes to keep you comfortable at all times. Manga can be read either left-to-right or right-to-left. You may also bookmark your favorite manga for easy access. Manga ME has a variety of settings that make reading a breeze. This includes, among other things, rotation lock, brightness adjustment, zoom in and zoom out, and image cropping.

14. INKR Comics

INKR Comics

InkR is a popular app for reading comic books. It includes manga as well as other comics such as Webtoon and Manhua. INKR has more than 100,000 installations on Android alone. It’s also compatible with iPhones and iPads. The INKR comics app has a large selection of titles. This collection includes comics from both established and up-and-coming publishers. There are comics in a variety of genres, including horror, humor, drama, action, science fiction, and more. The app allows you to preview the first few pages of a manga to be sure you’ll enjoy it before you read it.

There will be no need to download the manga or even open the viewer. The INKR Comics app eliminates the hassle of choosing which manga to read. The app’s AI scours the web and makes recommendations to you on a daily basis. It looks at your past to make sure that you only get manga recommendations that you will like. It has a variety of areas and allows you to customize your dashboard. Mangas can be bookmarked, and subscribed to receive notifications when new chapters are published, liked or disliked, and so on.

You may also use the app on a variety of devices. All you have to do is sign in to your account to have your reading data synced across platforms.

15. Manga Reader

Manga Reader

The Manga Reader allows you to read manga for free and without any restrictions. It has a reasonably substantial library, featuring content from around 20 manga websites. MangaHere, MangaFox, MangaReader, Batoto, MangaPanda, KissManga, and other libraries are included. You can stream manga from a single library or from numerous libraries at the same time. With its advanced filtering function, Manga Reader makes it simple to find your favorite mangas.

The library can be sorted by genre, rank, title, author name, and so forth. The mangas can be viewed and downloaded online, and the app downloads quickly. A manga viewer is a strong tool that facilitates reading. After each chapter, your reading progress is saved, and you can save your favorite pages. You can also trim and save your favorite manga pages.

You may bookmark your favorite manga in the app, and your account is hosted on a cloud server, so you can view your manga from any device. The Manga Reader also lets you read in three different directions: the right to left, left to right, and vertically. Similarly, there are three reading modes: page curl, continuous reading, and page scroll reading.


The 15 top free manga apps listed above include a wide range of manga apps to choose from. As a result, you can choose any of them that appeals to you.

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