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Top 15 Deep Fake Apps for Android & iOS in 2022

by Julia
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Deep fake apps have been around for quite some time now. If you want to take a picture or video to look more real, you can manipulate it to make it look more real. Developing false material does not necessitate a high level of expertise. Simply get started by downloading the top deep fake apps for your mobile device. There are a lot of deep fake apps that can help you make funny memes or fake content. Most deep fake apps are simple to use, allowing you to modify photos, videos, and music with minimal effort. It’s easier to choose an app that matches your demands now that you have a wider range of functions at your disposal.

Top 15 Deep Fake Apps for Android & iOS in 2022

Have you seen Barack Obama’s video in which he calls Donald Trump a “complete jerk?” It wasn’t an actual video, of course. Instead, it was a “deep fake” video, which allows users to replace someone else’s voice and facial features in an existing video or image. Recent advances in artificial intelligence have led to an explosion of apps and movies that look like they were made by real people. Here are the top 15 deep fake apps and websites to try out for making funny movies and images:

These are the best apps for Android and iOS. deepfake Please keep in mind that deep fake apps can be both beneficial and harmful. Because the following programs are intended for entertainment and creativity, you must exercise caution when using them.

1. FaceApp

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FaceApp is the most popular Android and iPhone face editor and beautification app in the world. Artificial intelligence aids in the smooth and seamless editing of photos. While many people use this deep fake app software to improve their selfies, it also allows you to make large adjustments to the image.

It allows you to add a mustache or beard, change the color of your hair, and change the appearance of your face. You can also visualize how you will appear in the future. FaceApp also has a powerful video editor that lets you apply filters to your videos. Live-action video editing has never been so simple!

2. Reface – deepfake app

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This award-winning face swap program makes a realistic deep fake app video and image. When you use face morphing technology, it can change your appearance and make you look like a different person. Face swap technology is also included in Reface, allowing you to replace your face with another. Because of the fluid movement and believable facial expressions, nobody will be able to tell it’s a fake. To have some fun, share this with your friends and see how they react. Reface also has a number of other functions, such as a face changer and gender switch.

The last option allows you to view how you might appear if you were of a different gender.

3. MyHeritage

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It’s a great idea to bring your ancestors to life by making their faces move in old photos. Deep Nostalgia, a fantastic service introduced by MyHeritage, allows you to do just that. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make you feel like you were there again and bring back memories. By entering numerous names into this software, you can create a family tree. MyHeritage uses sophisticated matching technology to find information from its database automatically.

There are currently over 81 million family trees on the site, some of which may be your relatives. Furthermore, MyHeritage’s colorizer feature allows you to turn black-and-white photos into colorful images. It also aids in the resolution of other difficulties, such as faded colors and unclear faces. This is a fantastic photo editor for preserving your history, as the name implies.

4. Wombo

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Have you ever seen a strange selfie that sings on social media? You might be perplexed as to how people can be so inventive when it comes to photo editing. And now you’re going to find out what they’re hiding. Wombo is a fantastic tool for creating those hilarious and entertaining singing selfies. In a way, this app is like a lip-syncing app that uses artificial intelligence to make your selfies sing. You may impress your friends or family with a unique selfie by following a few simple steps. It’s really easy to get started with Wombo. When you first open the app, take a selfie and choose a song to sing. Allow Wombo’s magic to work and watch as your snapshot morphs into a quirky, singing selfie. Will you tell your buddies about this secret?

5. Jiggy – deepfake app

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Jiggy is another great free deep fake app for creating fake social media content. This smartphone app is truly amazing. It animates still photographs into stickers, GIFs, and videos using cutting-edge technology. Prank your friends or family with this one-of-a-kind and unusual merchandise. In addition to the full-body change, Jiggy comes with a slew of interesting features. There are over 100 different dances and GIFs to animate your images. It also delivers instant results, allowing you to avoid manual editing. Are you pleased with your finished product? Share it with your friends and take pleasure in the laughter. Above all, Jiggy is really simple to use. Simply upload your images, select a dance, and leave the rest to Jiggy.

6. Face Swap Booth

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If you enjoy changing your appearance, this deep-fake tool is for you. Face Swap Booth is a photo editing app that allows you to swap faces across many photographs for a unique and surprising effect. Replace the faces of your friends, relatives, or even famous people in your images. With advanced editor capabilities, you have a lot of possibilities for improving the photographs after they’ve been swapped. If you like it, keep the faces so you can use them in future photos. This software includes an advanced face detector that detects faces in photos automatically. You’ll also appreciate the preloaded celebrity images and swappable faces.

7. FaceMagic


FaceMagic is a face-swapping app with AI that lets you change the faces in any image, video, or GIF. In a matter of seconds, you can create hilarious faces with only a few simple actions. Simply upload a photo from your computer’s gallery and let FaceMagic work its deep-fake magic. It can perform additional feats of magic in addition to face-swapping. Choose a photo and perform some magic to make it dance. Alternatively, you might want to morph your or a friend’s visage into the visage of a celebrity. Also, see “15 Best Android and iOS Stretching Apps.” You should also take advantage of the gender swap option. This function allows you to examine how your face might appear to a different gender. Feel the fun by sharing the images with your family.

8. Anyface


Anyface is a great program for giving your buddies a fresh look. This program is meant to animate and bring your photographs to life with a single click. To perform deep fake magic, all you have to do is choose a photo. In a few seconds, you’ll see a new face. This wonderful software is jam-packed with entertaining features.

Bring the photographs to life and make them talk if animating them isn’t enough for you. It comes with pre-programmed sentences that may be used to make talking pictures. It also allows you to add gorgeous filers to improve the image as one of the top deep fake apps. Any face might be a great tool for everyone because it has a simple and easy-to-use interface. You won’t have to worry about your editing skills because it comes with simple tools. Upgrade your content and enjoy a better user experience!

9. Deepfake Studio

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Deepfake Studio takes the concept of face swapping to a new level. When switching faces between photographs is no longer entertaining, you can swap the faces of musicians in a music video. Deepfake Studio has facets that help you achieve this. Each face set contains up to 500 photos, giving you virtually limitless face-swapping options. Things only get better now that you can create your own facets. This tool, like most deep fake apps, is powered by artificial intelligence technology, which makes it easy for people to switch from one thing to another. Deep fake app Studio may be able to make a low-res image bigger so it looks more realistic.

10. Faces


This is a hilarious face changer that you should use to spread some joy among your buddies. You may make humorous movies and gifs with this software for any occasion, such as birthdays, New Year’s Eve, or just for fun. It takes a photo with your front camera, so be sure it’s in good working order.

Faces is a fun and unique photo that combines your face with funny frames. It also offers a wide range of hair, glasses, hats, and masks to enhance photos, gifs, and selfie videos. You’ll be able to share your creation with pals in just a few steps. Faces, as one of the deep fake apps, can perform a live face exchange. Enjoy a fantastic time by changing faces with your friends, pets, or even celebrities.

11. Cupace


Cupace should be on your list if you prefer simple copy-paste editing. This is a basic picture editor with a simple interface that lets you make memes and humorous photos. It’s simple to understand how it works.

Cut a photo’s face and paste it onto another. That concludes our discussion. For the best results, before cutting, draw a path on the face. If required, use a magnifying glass to ensure that your face is correctly trimmed. You can also modify the photographs by adding text or stickers. This is a fantastic substitute for a face swap. It not only improves the end product, but also helps you improve your photo editing skills.

12. FaceLab Photo Editor

FaceLab Photo Editor

This app may be installed on the smartphones of some of your friends. FaceLab is one of the top deep fake app programs available, with a variety of features such as gender switch, aging software, and beard effect. FaceLab allows you to experiment with different looks. You can use an aging effect to make yourself look younger or older. There’s also a gender switch option, which may be used to see how you’d appear in a different gender. Furthermoreeffect would be your go-to app for enhancing your masculinity.

13. SpeakPic


SpeakPic features everything you need to produce deep fake app content, with millions of downloads. It not only enables you to put a photograph to life, but it also allows you to type any text. SpeakPic has got you covered, whether you want to alter celebrity photos or your own. A translator is included in this deep fake tool, whose voice will make you giggle. It comes with a variety of narrators’ voices to choose from, allowing you to customize the impact. Fortunately, the voices come in a variety of languages.

14. iface


With iFace, swapping faces on your iPhone has never been easier. This app, which is powered by AI, lets you make new videos in just a few seconds. This program contains everything you need to transform your face into a cool movie clip or fool your pals. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat are also good places to show off your work. Remember to change the video descriptions and tags to safeguard your privacy.

15. Copy Replace Face Photo Editor

Copy Replace Face Photo Editor

This iPhone software, like Space, allows you to make a basic face swap. You’ll need to cut out your face and put it in a different photo. This photo editor is ideal for those who like a more traditional method of switching faces. You’ll find features like collage, face blend, and face bomb once you’ve downloaded the app.

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