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Top 15 Sites Subtitles Download For Movies & TV Shows 2022

by Julia
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As soon as the Korean film Parasite won Best Picture at the Academy Awards, it was a big moment for foreign-language films. It set the stage for more attention in English-speaking countries. In the near future, knowing how to download subtitles download for movies and television shows may become a necessary ability in the near future. These websites should be able to help you find subtitles download for almost any movie you want to watch, so don’t worry about it. The following are some of the greatest websites for subtitle downloads.

Top 15 Sites Subtitles Download For Movies & TV Shows 2022

As the world’s cultures become increasingly entwined, the only thing that will allow you to enjoy the videos if you are unable to grasp the language are subtitles download . Besides these benefits, subtitles download help you understand movies better when the background noise is too loud or some actors speak in a different language. Getting subtitles is a big deal because we know how important they are. We also know where to get the popular Game of Thrones subtitles. The good news is that we’ve listed some incredible resources for you to subtitles download and enjoy learning a new language or watching films in a language other than your native or English language. Here, we’ve put together a list of 15 websites where you can subtitles download . You can check them out by reading on!

1 YIFY subtitles

 subtitles download

Because all of the subtitles download are written by other people, they can be found in a lot of different languages. Additionally, you may stream movies on Netflix. ‘YIFY subtitles’ offers a diverse selection of films in a variety of languages. The site features an attractive layout that makes it simple to find the videos you’re looking for. While the download is in progress, the interface redirects you to a PDF page, which is a little confusing.


  • It has categories for the most popular films, classic films, new releases, films that have recently been added, and films that have been popular for years.
  • It is an open website with simple navigation.
  • You may sort films by genre.
  • When you open a film, you will also see the year and rating.

2. Subscene

subtitles download

It facilitates downloading for hearing-impaired individuals, which is ideal for a particular demographic. This website has a large collection of subtitles for your favourite films. It features a very basic and outmoded user interface. You may download subtitles for a variety of films, including the Harry Potter series. Additionally, it features advertisements at the top of the page.


  • On this page, you may adjust the subtitle filter.
  • This website also includes links to movies, television programmes, and music videos.
  • Additionally, the website displays the overall number of downloads for a particular movie subtitle.

3. Movie Subtitles

subtitles download

It supports thirteen different languages. You can also find the most recent and popular movies. This website exclusively includes movie subtitles. Advertisements are rather obnoxious and detract from the page’s substance. To view DivX or XviD movies with subtitles in Windows Media Player, you must install the DirectVobSub filter. Because the files are compressed using WinZip, you must extract them after downloading.


  • Subtitles are available in a variety of languages.
  • It categorises the most frequently used subtitles as well as the most recent and popular films.

4. Open Subtitles

subtitles download

This website is available in over twenty languages. Additionally, you may add subtitles, and the forum is rather active. This website provides a great deal more than movie subtitles and even allows you to upload your own. It has over 4,700,000 subtitles for your consumption. The page has a lot of annoying ads, and clicking or scrolling usually takes you to another landing page or advertisement page. However, you may avoid the ads entirely by subscribing to a VIP account.


  • Additionally, it contains an embedded player that you may access.
  • You may save time by watching movies using torrent websites.

5. Subtitle Seeker

subtitles download

Subtitles are divided into two categories: film and television series. Subtitle Seeker exclusively provides English subtitles in the STR format, which means that this website should cover the majority of your demands if you’re seeking English subtitles. There is no alphabetical listing of all subtitles, but you may search for a specific one.


  • Numerous subtitle sites for the television series “Game of Thrones”
  • Users may choose from a variety of SRTM quality options, ranging from 480p to Blu-ray.
  • Each film’s page has a full breakdown of the stages.

6. Addic7ed


After registering on this site, you may browse and update subtitles. Here is another webpage that may be of assistance. Subtitles for TV shows and movies are both supported by Addic7ed. Although the site requires registration, you may download the subtitles without registering. To view the list, scroll down.


  • There are several categories, ranging from historical releases to the most recent fresh releases.
  • In addition, the site lets you see which movies and TV shows are still being translated and which have been finished.
  • Which files have been downloaded the most today and which files have been most recently submitted are also displayed on the website.

7. Subtitles for Divx and DVD Movies

Subtitles for Divx and DVD Moviess

It is committed to the development of a DivX movie community and hence the finest source for DivX subtitles. The design is unintuitive due to the lack of theme-based categorization of the films. To see the films, you must install DirectVobSub. The page looks a little confusing at first, because there are no substitutes on it. Additionally, this page defines what a subtitle is.


  • Simply tap on the letters at the top to locate the subtitles that correspond to your search criteria.
  • Due to the fact that the frame rate and duration of the Divx movies vary, you may need to adapt them to your liking.



Numerous themes to pick from, ranging from cartoons to television series. When you click the play button, it contains several false links. The site has an appealing and user-friendly interface for selecting movies. The pleasant reprieve is that there are no obnoxious advertisements over there. The top bar of the page indicates the order of the films.


  • Subtitles for both films and television programmes are available here.
  • You may view the most recently updated subtitles for movies in the top-right corner of the page.
  • Genre, country, and tags are used to categorise the films and television shows on the website.

9. Isubtitles


There are a lot of subtitle files for each movie, as well as descriptions and a way to rate them. Due to the limited selection of films, it is missing several popular films. At the top of this page, there is a search box where you may input the title of the film to locate the subtitles. The advertisements on the page are somewhat annoying to the user. On the right side of the page, you’ll find a list of recent film releases. You may use the “Browse” button to browse the page’s wide assortment of movies.


  • Each film’s title is accompanied by an IMDB rating.
  • The films are categorised by genre, nation, and so forth.

10. English-Subtitles


This website has a lot of popular movie subtitles, like Suite, Avengers, and more. There are no additional languages available since only English subtitles are available. At the top of the page, there is a search box where you may input a name to locate subtitles. Subtitles for films and television shows are available on the site. This page has advertisements, but they are less intrusive than those on other subtitle sites.


  • It has an RSS feed and a mobile version.

11. Subdivx


This site features over 560,000 subtitles and a discussion forum. For many people, the UI is a muddle, which means you’ll require some time. Despite a lengthy list of subtitles, the website is not in English. A non-English website is hard for anyone to use because they may not speak the language.


  • The site is ad-free, which is a convenience for users.
  • The UI is really simple to use.
  • You may utilise the forum’s features and filter results by “More Commented” or “More Voted” movies.

12. SubsMax

subtitles download

A simple interface makes it simple to locate subtitles. Many users report that the materials are somewhat restricted. The page’s UI is really clean and uncomplicated. Although such a simple interface may occasionally disappoint moviegoers, as there are no trailers for movies or television shows available on the screen.


  • This article comprises both films and television programmes.
  • The bottom half of the screen shows new movie subtitles, as well as the language.

13. Digital-Digest

subtitles download

It’s a place where you can find all of the subtitles for your favourite movies and TV shows. The forum format should be improved, as it is out of date. While we’re on the subject of subtitle downloads, we adored this site. If you can’t find a movie’s subtitle, this feature lets you search for it right away. This website offers high-resolution videos that you may download and watch.


  • Though it has a basic UI, the main page does not show any movies or television series.
  • With the goal of simplifying users’ lives, this website offers user instructions that may be used to learn how to use any video software.

14. SRT Subtitle

SRT Subtitle

Users can choose from 12 subtitle languages. It is only available with SRT subtitles. You’ll need to visit other websites to download additional subtitle formats. The website features subtitles for both films and television shows. They are organised into two distinct groups on the right-hand side of the page. The main part of the screen is for new TV or movie series, depending on which tab you choose. For example, “TV Series Subtitles” or “Movie Subtitles.”


  • The language buttons are located at the top of the screen; tap on them to get subtitles in that language.
  • Additionally, the same buttons would alter the page’s language.
  • Therefore, use caution when picking.
  • Fortunately, unlike other websites, there are no advertisements.

15. Subtitles HR

Subtitles HR

Accurate English subtitles are required, otherwise they will be directed to other websites. It includes workout videos, which is perplexing. Apart from movies and television programmes, this page contains useful information. Additionally, it includes fitness videos to assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The current movie subtitles are divided into two categories: English and foreign languages. You must choose your preferred choice in order to maximise its benefits.


  • You may quickly choose a letter from the top half of the screen and discover a movie that begins with that letter, which will simplify your life.
  • Additionally, you may download applications from this website.
  • Download subtitles

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