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Top 15 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers in 2022

by Julia
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Even as we’ve seen better (and more portable) waterproof Bluetooth speakers come into the cosmos, the greatest waterproof Bluetooth speakers still has a special place in our hearts. It’s enjoyable and simple to ask an Amazon Echo or Google Nest speaker to play your favourite song or give you the weather forecast, but waterproof Bluetooth speakers have a few drawbacks, the most important of which is reliable Wi-Fi. In order for waterproof Bluetooth speakers to be able to go outside of the house, they don’t have voice assistants or Wi-Fi antennas. This allows them to be taken to places like the beach or a hot Airbnb spa. They operate with any smartphone and sound just as nice as their smart-speaker counterparts.

Top 15 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers in 2022

We’ve evaluated hundreds of versions over the last several years, and we’re happy to report that they’re still among the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers available. Here are some of our current favourite waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Check out our shopping guides for the best soundbars, best wire-free earbuds, and best smart waterproof Bluetooth speakers, among others. The Sony SRS-RA5000 and Tribit Storm box Micro 2 have been included.

1. UE Boom 3

UE Boom 3

There are larger and badder waterproof Bluetooth speakers out there, but none compares to the Ultimate Ears Boom in terms of enjoyment and ease of use. For its size, it produces some of the most pleasant, balanced sounds. The waterproof cylinder comes in a variety of colours, lasts 15 hours between charges, and has a Bluetooth range of 100 feet. In addition, it comes with a two-year guarantee. Bigger and boomier: If you really want to get the party started, the Megaboom 3 ($200) is a beefier variant with more bass.

2. Sonos Roam

Sonos Roam

The bigger Sonos Move is ideal if you want a waterproof Bluetooth Speakers that you can use both indoors and outside. However, it’s not something you’d want to put in your backpack. This is where the Roam comes into play. This little Sonos speaker has all of the same smarts as its bigger brothers, plus an IP67 dust-and-water-resistant rating and a 10-hour listening period. It’s roughly the same size as a 16-ounce beer can and fits comfortably in cup holders and knapsacks.

3. Tribit StormBox

Tribit StormBox

Tribit is a brand you’ve probably never heard of, but their waterproof Bluetooth Speakers sound a lot better than they should give the price. My favourite model is StormBox. It comes in a 7-inch pill design with dual-firing drivers and passive radiators. It won’t start a trance dance party on its own, but its sound quality is excellent, and it features a fun additional bass button that adds a surprise, though slightly murky, thud. It’s a fantastic companion for backyard tunes, a walk down the river, or other casual events, with a battery life of 20 hours or so and an IPX7 waterproof rating—which means it’s not dust-proof but can be submerged in water.

4. Sonos Move

Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is a good waterproof Bluetooth Speakers to build a home network around if you want something that can fill any room (or patio) but spends most of its time inside. Sonos is the company that pioneered wireless multiroom speakers. It has speakers that work with Google Assistant or Alexa and can connect to almost any streaming service. They also sound incredible in every way.

When you take the Move outside, it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker or to stream music over your Wi-Fi network. It has a battery life of 11 hours and is splash-resistant. We sprayed it with a hose to see if it could withstand being wet. It also features a recharge station for when the party is over outside.

5. UE Wonderboom 2

UE Wonderboom 2

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom because it was the finest pool buddy you could possess. The Wonderboom 2 is much more impressive. The 4-inch pleasure ball now has IP67 water and dust resistance rating. It has a 13-hour battery life (three more than before), a 100-foot Bluetooth range, floats, and plays surprisingly loud music. It also has 13-hour battery life. It’s “drop-proof” up to 5 feet, according to UE, but you can honestly play some light catch with it on the lawn and it won’t be damaged. When you’re through, simply wash it away. You can even connect two of them for stereo sound.

6. JBL Clip 4

JBL Clip 4

We prefer the most recent JBL Clip model to its three predecessors. It’s about the size of a hockey puck, and it’s tiny enough to carry on practically any journey. It’s waterproof and comes with a carabiner clip on the top so you can attach it to anything. It also has more options (volume, playback, Bluetooth, and power) than other mini speakers, and its sound is surprisingly powerful, making it ideal for hanging from packs or harnesses on weight-restricted adventures.

7. Tribit StormBox Micro 2

Tribit StormBox Micro 2

The initial edition of the Tribit StormBox Micro was great because it included an easy-to-use silicone strap that kept it securely attached to bicycle handlebars. Tribit has improved the battery life (about 12 hours) and the bass in this version while keeping the robust IP67 classification against water and dust. Whether you’re strolling around the yard or house, the new Bluetooth 5.2 technology allows it to cast a larger signal than its predecessor.

8. Sony SRS-XB13

Sony SRS-XB13

Thanks to a smart built-in strap and the fact that they fit flat in a bike basket, these Sony sub-$100 speakers have become a go-to for biking to socially distant occasions. They have a battery life of up to 16 hours, are dust and water-resistant to IP67, and can even be linked together for stereo sound. They also come in a range of fun colours, like bright blue and pink, so you’ll never get lost in the throng.

9. Marshall Stockwell II

Marshall Stockwell II

If you’re into music or just like the look of Marshall guitar amplifiers, this waterproof Bluetooth Speakers is ready to go. The style comes at a cost, as it does with all Marshall items, but the audio lives up to the hype. It sounds incredible for a speaker that’s roughly the size of four old DVD cases piled upright, with a smooth, balanced, and polished sound. A steel grille covers the front and back of the car, and the outside has a strong, waterproof silicone coating. It includes a front-facing woofer and a tweeter on each side, and it’s powered by a battery that can last up to 20 hours (USB-C charging with a 3.5-mm connector is also available), depending on how much you fiddle with the sleek volume, treble, and bass dials up top.

The battery indicator comes in useful as well. With its carry strap, which has a leather feel on the exterior and red velvet on the inside, you’ll enjoy toting all 3 pounds of it about. Marshall Kilburn II ($266) is a wonderful extra-portable addition to the amp company’s Bluetooth line if you want a little more power and heaviness, while Marshall Emberton ($150) is a nice extra-portable addition to the amp company’s Bluetooth line if you want a little more power and heft. It includes a built-in battery gauge, just like the Stockwell II.

10. Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is the best waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for a party because it has 24 hours of battery life, a durable design, and a big sound that fills the whole backyard. Similar to the Sonos Move, smart algorithms use data from a built-in microphone to figure out where you’ve put the speaker, giving you the best possible sound. If you don’t want a future house network of speakers, this is a better alternative than Sonos. Although it lacks the features of other party speakers, such as lighting and cup holders, this is the best-built big Bluetooth speaker we’ve tried. It’s been thrown from vehicles, left out in the rain, and used at backyard barbecues this summer. It even has a large silicone strap that invites you to take it with you wherever you go.

11. Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)

The circular, IP67-rated Bluetooth speaker from Bang & Olufsen costs $250, but it features one of the greatest sounding compact speakers we’ve ever heard. It rapidly became a favourite because of the supplied leather strap, great controls, and super-durable construction. This is the little luxury choice to beat if you’re ready to pay a lot more for the best of all portable worlds—looks included.

12. JBL Jr. Pop Speaker

JBL Jr. Pop Speaker

Purchasing a Bluetooth speaker for your child under the age of ten may appear extravagant. However, when she’s misplaced your UE Roll 2 ($230) (also a great speaker) for the second time while listening to her kid-friendly podcasts, you might want to try JBL’s inexpensive, gorgeous kid speaker. It is less than 4 inches in diameter, comes in a number of colours, and includes a button strap for connecting it to a bag strap or a car seat. The colourful flashing lights can be used as a nightlight when you’re on the road, as well as for bedtime meditations that make you feel good. The sound is clean and not as robust as some of our other recommendations. But, to be honest, do you really want your kids to listen to Megadeth at full volume?

13. Vizio 2.1 Soundbar and Sub (SB3621N-G8)

Vizio 2.1 Soundbar and Sub (SB3621N-G8)

This compact bar and subwoofer combo from Vizio is one of the best soundbars for the money, and if you’re weary of dealing with connections to and from your TV, it’ll do the trick. This Vizio doesn’t have a glamorous name, but it does include a Bluetooth connection, so you can quickly couple it with your TV and mobile phone or tablet for streaming. With brushed aluminium accents and a basic rectangular subwoofer that might fit beneath your sofa, it’s also easy on the eyes. Keep an eye on it because it goes in and out of stock frequently.

14. KEF LSX Speakers

KEF LSX Speakers

They use KEF’s unique concentric driver architecture and elegant casings to make any medium-sized room sound like an audiophile’s home. They’re pricey, but they come with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, making them an excellent choice for individuals who like to stream music directly to their speakers rather than through their phones.

15. Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level

Bang & Olufsen creates some of the greatest waterproof Bluetooth Speakers high-end audio hardware, and when it comes to wireless listening, they’ve lately adopted a “buy once, weep once” philosophy. The Beosound Level is a high-priced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker with a modular design and the goal of being able to be fixed for as long as possible. The 16-hour battery, as well as the wood and textile parts, are all changeable. The beautiful and well-sounding speaker might be a long-term audio investment that can be upgraded as technology advances or accidents occur.

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