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How To Get Followers On TikTok In 2022 – Techlion

by Julia
how to get followers on tiktok

Want to know the secret to getting a lot of how to get followers on TikTok? or best times to post on tiktok? We don’t blame you! With 689 million global active users as of January 2021, everyone and their grandmothers are interested in learning how to get a lot of tik tok followers. Having lots of followers can mean having a direct line to your business’s target audience—a connection that most marketing strategists only dream of—so making sure your audience can find you is key.

So, how do you make yourself “findable”? And better yet, “follow-able”? The best of the best have some ways you can get around increasing followers without spending a cent or at a low cost. One way can be through working with brands using influencers and sharing their content across various platforms, such as Instagram, how to get followers on TikTok or Facebook.

Creating great content that resonates with your audience is another way to engage your audience. Posting such content regularly will get you more attention than posting once in a while. While how to get followers on TikTok seems difficult to grow on TikTok, there are some ways that will make it easier.

How to get more followers on TikTok is one of the newest social media platforms, and despite having gotten its start in 2016 (more than four years ago), was a banner year for the platform. As a global pandemic kept people indoors and away from their friends, Tiktok skyrocketed in popularity. And it seems the novelty of the platform hasn’t worn off. In fact, as the platform grows, more and more Gen X and Boomers are using it, even though Gen Z and Millennials are still the largest groups.

Ready to capture the attention of over 800 million people? how to get followers on TikTok or best times to post on tiktok? How do you get a lot of followers on TikTok Let’s get started!

How To Get Followers On TikTok In 2022

Do you know how to get followers on tiktok? If you want to succeed in getting a lot of followers on Tik Tok, you need to nurture an extensive presence on the platform. When you have a larger audience, you’ll get more attention for your brand so you can increase brand awareness, boost sales, and create lasting relationships with your target audience. While there are platforms you can use to help you get more followers fast, that’s really only going to help you short-term. To use the platform to its fullest potential, you need genuine TikTok followers that actually care about your brand and what you have to say.

1. Determine Your Target Audience

One of the most important things to do if you want to grow your how to get a lot of followers on tik tok is to identify your target audience. Like other social media platforms, gaining TikTok followers means covering multiple demographics, locations, and niches. The type of content that works well for one group might not resonate with another group. So, before you start creating TikTok marketing or how to get followers on tiktok from influencer strategy, it’s important to find out what your target audience is doing on the platform.

2. Leverage Trends

how to gain followers on TikTok. It’s all about the trends, and you can drastically increase your TikTok followers by jumping on trends as they arise. Of course, just because something is trending doesn’t mean you have to participate. Be discerning about the trends that you join in on to make sure that they’re the trends your target audience is also participating in.

3. Educate Your Followers

The best way to gain followers on Tiktok is through educational and entertaining content. Use TikTok to create engaging and educational content that provides value to your followers. It’s a great idea to use clever TikTok content to share information about your products and services that can best serve your audience and make their lives easier.

4. Use More hashtags

Hashtags are popular on most social media platforms because they make it so easy to find collections of the content you’re interested in. Using hashtags on TikTok can help you grow your TikTok audience—especially when you use a combination of branded hashtags, trending hashtags, business-specific hashtags, and general hashtags. You can find some great hashtags.

5. Engagement and services

Social media is all about engagement. Users are on there to feel like they are socializing with other humans. Engagement on how to gain followers on tiktok can be done through commenting on videos and creating entertaining content that people can comment on, share and like. Content that does well in terms of engagement is usually funny and entertaining. Great content that is liked and shared by a lot of people will put the algorithm in your favor, which means it will appear to other users more, getting the word out about your page. In that same vein, Tokupgrade is a service that allows users to buy active TikTok followers, and can help users manage their TikTok page and grow it using the best tactics on the app at a fee. Due to their experience with TikTok, they know what works best to gain more followers.

6. Hashtag Challenges

Hashtags are the maps to everything you want to find on TikTok. Hashtag challenges are an activity-based hashtag where users on TikTok are challenged to create a video based on the challenge, share it and hopefully, enjoy the engagement that comes with it. Some hashtag challenges are trends and create a lot of engagement around them. These are great opportunities for brands that want to get the word out about their brand while showing their customers that they are fun and interesting. It is no longer enough to just sell a product or service. A brand must also be relatable and engaging to make people trust it on TikTok, and hashtag challenges are one way to achieve this. Some popular hashtag challenges include the ice bucket challenge.

7. Posting at the Right Time

Creating and sharing great content is one part of the recipe. Without posting content at the right time, you are bound to miss out on reaching the right users on TikTok. It is like being on time for the wrong bus at the station. The best times to post on TikTok are between 6am to 10 am and 7pm to 11pm. With the best times, your page can get the highest engagement rates because that is when most people are active on the social network and will be more likely to come across your content if it is worthwhile. The time may differ depending on the creator and their audience. With the right time, posting consistently will get you more traction. Influencers recommend that you post 1-3 times a day and they are someone you can trust when it comes to how to get followers on tiktok.

8. Understand Your Audience

Different audiences play different content on TikTok. It is important to know what those tastes are in order to grow in knowing how to get followers on tiktok. If you post content that is unappealing, they are more likely to look away rather than engage your page. Analytics helps you understand what content they are responding to and what demographics find your content appealing, which you can use in determining what kind of content to post to be effective in attracting engagement.


Growing up on how to get followers on tiktok may seem tedious and difficult, but by understanding your audience, posting at the right time, engaging, and using hashtag challenges, you may be well on your way. Add some patience and nothing can stop you.

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