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Top 9 Best HR Services For Outsourcing In 2022 – Techlion

by Julia
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Do you want to skip ahead to the answer? Rippling or Paychex are the best HR services for the majority of people. Human resources are an essential component of any business. However, not every business has the resources to staff an in-house human resources department. That shouldn’t stop you from getting the help you need or having access to the best solutions.

HR Services allows you to delegate some or all of your HR-related responsibilities. These HR specialists can handle everything from payroll taxes to benefit administration. Some of these options will allow you to offload HR tasks one at a time, whether it’s payroll, benefits administration, or something else.

Alternatively, you can delegate all of your HR duties to a professional employer organisation (PEO). If that sounds interesting, check out my recent review of the best PEO service providers. However, for this list, I’ve included a variety of HR services, including those that provide PEO-type services. I provide detailed reviews of each, covering their features, benefits, and other important considerations.

In addition, I included a summary of the criteria I used to evaluate each product. Continue reading to find the best service for you.

Reviews of the Best HR Services

There are numerous services available to assist your organization in managing its human resource tasks. I went through each one and only included the best of the best. Here’s the lowdown on each service on my list.

#1. Insperity

HR services

While they do provide individual HR offerings, as do the other products discussed here, Insperity is a clear winner due to their full-service solutions. Their services are frequently bundled, allowing you to get a broader range of HR services in a single package. Payroll, for example, is included with their human capital management software.

With everything you could possibly need under one roof, all of your HR tasks will work in unison. This service bundling is what distinguishes Insperity as a true “set it and forget it” option for HR task management. It is also the means by which you can fully customise your HR package.

Insperity also lets you outsource payroll, W-2s, W-4s, and employment verification, and gives your employees great benefits like medical, vision, and dental coverage.

With more than three decades of experience and over 70 offices across the country, Insperity is a top consideration for HR outsourcing that your midsize organisation will never have to worry about.


#2. ADP

HR services

ADP provides a full range of HR software and solutions. However, I like them because they are also ideal for businesses that require piecemeal HR services.

It truly is a customizable HR solution. You may not require the full range of services—from payroll to retirement to insurance—and ADP allows you to select one, all, or only what you require right now.

This is ideal for small businesses that may not have the budget for everything. You can add more as you grow until it makes sense to go with their PEO arrangements.

#3. Rippling

HR services

The details you don’t know about can sink a company, resulting in massive fines, and even cause conflict between employees and management. HR and IT management can take years to perfect.

This is where ripples come into play. They handle onboarding, offboarding, payroll, taxes, and state regulations across the board.

The platform includes everything you need to separate HR and IT while keeping all of your data unified for your workforce. Rippling is your sole source of information. And it’s only $8 per month per user to have complete control over your company’s workflow.

Also, the Rippling Automator can automate almost any workflow you have. For example, it can add information about new hires, review applications, pay employees, and even update engineering documentation.

#4. Paychex

HR services

One of the most important tasks for any HR department is to ensure that your employees’ payrolls are error-free. Paychex is one of the best online payroll services, as the name suggests.

Paychex excels at this because they provide solutions for virtually every payment situation imaginable. Have you got a workforce comprised of both contractors and full-time employees? Paychex handles it effortlessly. A distinct payment cycle that goes beyond the standard “twice a month paycheck” routine Paychex can also handle this.

And what if employees prefer to be paid with prepaid debit cards? Paychex makes it simple to comply with such requests. Paychex provides excellent HR outsourcing services in addition to payroll processing.

#5. Zenefits

HR services

Zenefits is a little different from the other options on our list. That’s because Zenefits isn’t technically an outsourcing service—it’s resources management software.

They enable you to integrate and centralise your HR systems into a single user-friendly platform. In terms of convenience and cost savings, it serves the same purpose as an outsourced service. It’s also less expensive than hiring a full-service outsourcing firm.

Most HR outsourcing services necessitate obtaining a customised quote from the provider. But since this is software, Zenefits’ prices are easy to understand and can be found on the company’s website.

#6. TriNet

HR services

TriNet is yet another full-service HR outsourcing provider. They offer adaptable plans and services to meet the requirements of any size business.

What sets TriNet apart is their ability to offer some of the most competitive benefits on the market. This is a sure way to attract top talent to your company.

TriNet has teamed up with some of the largest health insurance companies in the country to help you offer your employees good coverage.At the same time, MetLife, Kaiser Permanente, Transamerica, Aetna, Aflac, MassMutual, and UnitedHealth Group are among the top carriers.

#7. G&A Partners

HR services

G&A Partners provides full-service HR outsourcing for payroll, benefits, compliance, workplace safety, performance management, and recruitment.

G&A Partners can be partnered with your company in two ways: through a PEO or an ASO (administrative services only) model. So they give you some leeway in terms of what you want them to assist you with.

What I like best about G&A Partners is that they provide an automated training and development system for all of your employees. They give you access to almost 1,500 training courses that can be adjusted and changed to fit the needs and requirements of your company.

#8. Engage PEO 

HR services

Engage Professional Employer Organization is a full-service professional employer organisation. With their innovative business model, they provide a PEO experience that always aims to put the client’s needs first.

What distinguishes Engage PEO as an HR services provider? It is the people… who are all lawyers. Seriously, Their entire HR consulting team is comprised of attorneys. These attorneys have extensive experience in labour and employment law.

#9. Tandem HR

HR services

Tandem HR provides a variety of human resource solutions to small businesses. This service provider has the tools and expertise to assist small businesses as they grow.

What distinguishes them is their unique risk management solution. They offer services like safety audits, keeping OSHA records, accident investigations, and more to make sure your business is ready for the worst.

If things go wrong, they even provide worker’s compensation consultation and claim resolution services.

Remember, a safer workplace is a better workplace, and a better workplace is a cheaper workplace. It benefits not only your employees, you, and your company, but it also benefits everyone’s wallet. That’s a four-win situation.

How to Select the Best HR Outsourcing Service for Your Company

With so many options available, how can you know which HR service is best for your needs?

This is the method Quick Sprout employs. You can also use it to help you narrow down your options.

  • Hands-On vs. Hands-Off HR Partner
  • Customizable and Comprehensive Service Packages
  • HR Maturity at the Present
  • Prompt Customer Service

HR Outsourcing Services in Brief

The best human resource outsourcing services are provided by Rippling, Paychex, Insperity, and ADP. Whether you need to outsource an entire HR department or just a single function, the best HR outsourcing services in this guide have you covered.

Every business can lighten its load with payroll assistance, benefits administration, and HR software. Other providers on our list are classified as ASOs (administrative service organisations).

ASOs are not co-employers of your employees like PEOs are, and they usually don’t offer the same wide range of services as PEOs.

Both PEOs and ASOs are typically the same prices. So it’s just a matter of how much responsibility you want to take on when it comes to employee benefits administration.

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