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Minecraft Castle Ideas: How to build a Minecraft Castle Blueprints

by Nemo
Minecraft Castle

With our minecraft castle ideas survival, you may build a castle or a vast fortress appropriate for a king or queen. Are you looking for Minecraft castle blueprints and ideas? These blueprints are simple and easy to download and follow if you need some inspiration for a castle design.

These Minecraft castle ideas range from little fortresses to enormous, Victorian-style manors if you’ve outgrown your Minecraft house and want something more “ye olde worlde” than a magnificent mansion. Of course, if you’re looking for something truly unique, these Minecraft castles or buildings have a variety of remarkable designs to admire or try out for yourself.

So, whether you just want a modest keep to hold up through the night, or something more vast and imposing, here are the greatest Minecraft castle small tower ideas, complete with links to the plans to make things a little easier. You may even combine two of these ideas to create an impenetrable castle of seclusion where you can spend your Minecraft castle ideas survival tower days writing books or pottering around your neighboring Minecraft farm.

How to build a Minecraft Castle Small?

If you’d prefer to follow a lesson then work from a blueprint, The Mythical Sausage, whose agricultural concepts we also admire, has a simple and easy small castle instruction to follow. It takes only 30 minutes to construct and, to be honest, it resembles an old stone church.

Even so, there’s plenty of space to store stuff or construct a workshop to house your anvil and grindstone. It also has a little stability for your Minecraft horse, as well as a lot of flora and artwork to make it feel homey. If you don’t want to bother with planning your own Minecraft castle tower, why not get the blueprints for one of these luxurious forts:

Minecraft Castle Small

It is ideal for busy Minecrafters who want to construct a castle with fewer materials. It also has the added bonus of keeping creepers and other lurking hostile Minecraft monsters out, and it’s just the right size to fill with all of the creatures comforts you’ll need. With a single battlement, a spacious holding, and carved stone windows to hoist your banners, we recommend creating a moat around the perimeter as a finishing touch – plus it will provide you with somewhere to paddle your Minecraft boat.

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Minecraft medieval Castle

A traditional and welcoming castle with all the trappings of the Middle Ages, such as flags, torches, hidden rooms, and a plethora of dusty old books. This deceptively large and intricately constructed structure is ideal for sitting atop a hill overlooking a Minecraft hamlet and assuming that everyone is working for you.

Minecraft mini Castle

If you’re short on time, this teeny-tiny castle is ideal for setting up quickly. It’s barely three layers tall, with two little towers and just enough space for a small Minecraft kitchen and a sleeping area.

Minecraft Victorian Castle

This magnificent Victorian-inspired Minecraft castle has a meticulous level of detail in every nook and cranny if you want to stretch your creative limits to the utmost. This castle has all the beauty and attraction of an expansive bar, but with lots of space, thanks to wide glass windows, a modest brick chimney, and stone slabs covered with wooden beams.

Minecraft Feudal Japanese Osaka Castle

Maybe you’re seeking a castle with a more eastern feel? With its remarkable construction, this colossal Japanese castle will dwarf the surrounding scenery, and you can even customize the interior if you want. It’s 57 stories tall and requires 21,931 blocks to build, so you’ll probably want to buy the blueprint to nail all the exterior elements. It will, however, be the focal point of your Minecraft world once built.

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Minecraft Feudal Japanese Osaka Castle

Despite being a tenth of the size of Osaka Castle and requiring only a tenth of the number of blocks to construct, this tall tower can nonetheless offer some stunning views from the uppermost room. There are fewer details to be added, so it won’t take nearly as long to construct. There’s also nothing stopping you from adding another level on top of this one if you want to make it even higher!

Minecraft Medieval Throne Hall

This medieval throne hall can be used as part of a larger structure if you want to really feel like a ruler. It’s 23 levels tall and 4547 blocks wide, so if you create it, it’ll take up a lot of space in your custom design. This enormous throne room comprises four rooms, one in each corner, and a little green in the center with a large tree and a throne facing the tree. Of course, you are free to change it so that there isn’t a large tree in the middle of the room and it becomes a regular corridor.

How to construct a functioning castle gate?

It’s one thing to have a castle that looks the part, but do you want a castle gate that operates as well? Like, when you trigger a mechanism, it opens and closes? It may sound like witchcraft, but fortunately for us, there is a blueprint for a working version that you can put in your castle.

It even has a lock on it, so you can keep intruders at bay while you’re away. This build does require a number of Redstone-powered devices to function, so it may not be suitable for individuals who aren’t yet comfortable with creating working technology, but a working gate that matches your castle can make a fantastic first impression when you show others around.


That concludes the list of the coolest Minecraft castles. You can always visit prefabricated castles on these Minecraft maps if you don’t want to go through the trouble of making your own Minecraft castle. You can also check out the Minecraft Hogwarts map for the ultimate castle and Harry Potter experience.

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