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How To Enable Screen Share On Discord Mac In 2022

by Julia
How to enable screen share on discord server
Is your discord screen share not working iPhone? How to enable screen share on discord server is a popularly used chat server supporting remarkable features such as voice and messages. Screen share on discord server, Commonly used for social and business groups along with gaming, what most people overlook is the complete video calling and screen sharing solution this platform has to offer. The video-sharing can host up to ten people in one live chat along with simultaneous screen sharing.
This is a unique and particularly useful feature that is integrated within the Discord app itself and requires no additional installation. With this feature integrated within the Discord app, it has come up as a challenging competitor to all other video calling applications. I have compiled this article to give a detailed guide on how to set up screen share and video calls in Discord.
Discord is one of the best full-featured text and voice chat platforms for gamers. Using this, you can create your own Discord Server for some game groups or some other social networking trick. Video games are meant to be interactive. They do not have to be an individual’s experience.
Screen share on Discord server allows you to video chat with your friends or share your screen simultaneously while playing games with up to nine other group members. While displaying screen share discord, you can also speak while playing the game to attract the audience’s attention. You can also watch or share marvelous gameplay. Its helpful when discord screen share not working iPhone 2022.

What is Discord Screen Share?

Why can’t i screen share on discord on mac? How to enable screen share on discord server app provides one of the best platforms for users to chat with their team members either through voice or text. However, as mentioned earlier, the app does not limit itself to voice or text chat only. It allows you to share your screen with teammates or co-workers, either using it for gaming or business purposes.

Can you screen share on Discord desktop?

The simple and straightforward answer to the question is, yes, you can set up screen share on how to enable screen share on-screen share in Discord screen share server desktop. Supporting the screen share feature, how to enable screen share on Discord screen share audio only shows the desktop server and allows you to choose 480p to 720p quality as per your desire. Besides, if you have a premium, you can stream in 1080p or 4k as well.

Can you screen share on Discord mobile?

Sadly, the how to enable screen share on how to share screen on Discord PC server app does not support the screen share feature on-screen share in Discord server mobile yet. However, you can view live streaming to enable screen share on discord server mobile without any interruption. Moreover, while you live stream on Discord mobile, the audio and video call features are still accessible.

Why can’t i install screen share on discord mac?

This is what makes to enable screen share on discord server:

1. Open how to your Mac or PC — it can be the web client or the downloaded app — and head to the server you want to stream to.

2. Go into a voice channel and click on the Discord screen share not working option in the bottom-left. If this option is grayed out, it means you don’t have permission to stream on the channel and will have to ask a server moderator to change your role.

how to enable screen share on discord server

3. Choose what you want to share. You can share your entire screen at once, meaning that people will see your screen exactly as you do, or you can share a specific app. Sharing just an app will let people see just that program, even if you’re not focused on it.

how to enable screen share on discord server

Choose your streaming quality and framerate. If you know how to enable screen share on the discord server Nitro, you can stream at 1080p or higher at 60FPS — otherwise, you’ll be limited to 720p at 30FPS. You can also use the drop-down menu to pick a preset option like Smoother Video.

5. Click Go Live. You’ll start streaming your screen to the voice channel. To see your stream, double-click the red LIVE icon next to your name. Only up to 50 people (yourself included) can watch your stream at any given time.

6. To end the stream, disconnect from the voice channel or click the Discord screen share no audio option in the bottom-left again. You can also share your screen in a private call. Head to your direct messages and start a call there, and then click the icon that looks like a computer screen with an arrow on it. Just like above, you’ll be asked what you want to share and the quality.

how to enable screen share on discord server

ADDING FRIENDS TO YOUR “CALL LIST” – Screen Share on Discord Server

To start a video call, you will need to be friends on how to enable screen share on the Discord server with everyone in the calling group. Once everyone is on your friend’s list, it’s time to get the call started! If you’re not there already, check your homepage by tapping on the how to enable screen share on the discord server icon just above the list of servers with which you’re affiliated.

Step 1:

Firstly, open your Friend List by clicking on Friends.

Step 2:

Then click the username of the friend or hover over their name. That will show the option to start a video call.

Step 3:

After clicking on the friend’s name, just open a DM with them. Above the DM window, you can select to start a video call by tapping the appropriate icon. If you are using the iOS or Android client, you can begin a video call by clicking the triple dot icon. While in a DM or Group Message, select Start Video Call from the options.


1. Expand down arrow

how to enable screen share on discord server

Expand down arrow

Using the expand down arrow on your screen; you can easily expand your screen. You can see the arrow on the top left of your screen. Once you start the video call, you have to click on this arrow to expand the screen to the maximum height to enable screen share on discord server.

2. Swapping from video

how to enable screen share on discord server

Swapping from video

3. Mute Toggle and User Setting

how to enable screen share on discord server

Mute toggle And user setting

An icon resembles a microphone to enable screen share on discord server; this icon refers to ‘mute toggle.’ This icon is present on the left of the ‘Leave call’ button and allows you to mute or unmute as per your desire.

4. Leave Call Button

Leave call button

Leave call button

As mentioned above, there is a ‘leave call’ button on your how to enable screen share on the Discord server. The button’s function is self-explanatory; that is, when you click on the button, the call drops right away. Ensure that you do not press this button unintentionally because it does not ask for confirmation but terminates the call quickly.

5. Video Marquee

Video marquee

Video marquee

To bring a user from the video call group into focus, you need to click on the user’s avatar. While you focus on one specific user, you can keep others on the right side of the screen in a marquee. To change your focus to another user, click on his avatar to do so!

6. Toogle Full Screen



Another valuable feature of how to enable screen share on how to enable screen server is toggling full-screen. If you wish to expand your screen to the fullest, make sure you click on the Toggle full-screen icon to get your task done. Besides, you need to press the ESC key if you want to exit the full-screen.

7. Sharing Sound while sharing Screen

Sharing sound

Sharing sound

If you have enabled the screen sharing feature to enable screen share on discord server, it is your choice if you want to share the sound as well with your team members or not. However, sharing sound while sharing a screen is pretty much a straightforward process.


Undoubtedly, Server share feature is beneficial for users since it allows them to show their team members whatever they are doing on their desktop screen. However, in this guide, we have discussed the common issues that users usually encounter while enabling the screen share feature on the desktop, along with their easy and quick fixes.

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