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22 Top Popular Facebook Games That You Should Play In 2023

by Julia
Popular Facebook Games

We normally unwind by playing popular Facebook games on our phones or computers. Facebook, as we all know, is the most popular social networking site, and it allows us to share our thoughts, photographs, videos, and audio with our friends and family.

Aside from all of this, Popular Facebook Games also has a game portal where you can enjoy playing the best popular Facebook games when you are tired of chatting and sharing things. Let’s say you’re at work or on the road and you have some spare time. You may then access to play games anonymously without having to be online with anyone, while also enjoying your free time.

Instead, Popular Facebook Games features a great number of games. You can play any game that appeals to you. You may also see the most popular games in 2010 in the trend. They also have other categories, such as casual games, battles, and so on.

Otherwise, you might look for the best games of all time that are similar to action games, sports games, and so on. You can play these games on Android and iOS, just like you can on Facebook. Check out the popular Facebook games listed below for some of the best Facebook games to play in your spare time.

Top 22 Best Facebook Games That You Should Play

Below are the Popular Facebook Games that should be easily played on PC or mobile phones.

1:  Ludo King


Ludo king

Ludo is a popular Indian board game for two to four players. It is a very old and Popular Facebook Games that have been played for many years, but now Ludo King has a digital version that allows you to play with anyone, regardless of whether they are on your friend’s list or not. Ludo King is one of the best FB games to play with friends, with millions of users. If you’ve never tried a game like Ludo, you should try FB , a popular game that is played by a large number of people at the same time. Apart from using your Facebook account to play Ludo King, you may also download Ludo King apps that do not require you to use your FB account to play.

2. Mafia Wars


Mafia wars

Mafia Wars is a Popular Facebook Games that revolves around the formation of mafias. This game can be played with your Facebook friends and this game is the best games of all time.

3. Happy Aquarium

happy aquarium

Happy aquarium

Happy Aquarium is the most popular facebook games 2021 fish game. The game’s popularity is due to the fact that it has over 28 million players.

4. Pet Society

pet society

pet society

It is a very interesting game and it is one of the facebook games 2012 where you can create your virtual pet and raise it. These pets are more like humans and they can go fishing or do shopping.

5. Zoo World

zoo world

zoo world

Zoo World is a fantastic game and the best facebook games to play with friends in which you may build a zoo and watch it expand. You can earn a lot of money and expand the zoo if you can increase the number of neighbors.

6.  Restaurant City


Restaurant city

Restaurant city comes in the most popular FB games list You will have to decorate a restaurant and then run it in Restaurant City. You must satisfy consumers that enter the restaurant and ensure that they leave satisfied.

7. Social City

social city

social city

The social city is popular facebook games and in this game, One can build dwellings and raise the population in this game. You can construct amusement structures and keep them pleased. Building factories is also an option, and creating things will earn you game currency.

8. YoVille



It’s a fantastic 2D game but comes in old facebook games list that allows FB users to work, play, and talk in an animated environment. One can virtually decorate his home or adopt a pet.

9. Happy Island

Happy island

Happy island

This Happy island game is the best facebook games to play with friends takes place on a vacation island that the players must construct themselves. He is permitted to decorate and construct the attractions in order to generate revenue.

10. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled blitz

Bejeweled blitz

It’s a standard puzzle game on Facebook, and is Popular Facebook Games created by Pop Cap, that anyone may play on their own computer.

11. Country Life

country life

country life

Country Life is another type of farming game. This country life game is the best facebook games of all time that is very different from Farm Ville. Here crops that a player harvests can be harvested for sale.

12. Farm Town


farm town

Here the player acquires experience points while harvesting the field. These points will help him to unlock things he wants to purchase including seeds and animals. You can play farm town games with your friends as best facebook games to play with your friends.

13. Happy pets

Happy pets

Happy pets

This popular facebook games 2020 is all about taking care of pets. Here the player will have to treat his pets by feeding, cleaning up, or playing with them as if they are real ones.

14. Island Paradise

Island paradise

Island paradise

This popular FB games 2010 is developed by Meteor Games. In the gameplay, the player arrives on an isolated island where he will have to grow crops, find treasure, and meet with his neighbors.

15. Cafe World

Popular Facebook Games

Cafe world

Cafe World is a classic restaurant theme on FB developed by Zynga where the player has to run a restaurant with his close friends. cafe world is Popular Facebook Games.

16. Treasure Isle

Popular Facebook Games

Treasure isle

Treasure Isle is the game for you if you enjoy the adventure! In this game, you can choose a character to play as and go on a treasure hunt.

17. Pet Ville

Popular Facebook Games


The user can build his own character, name his pet, and give it a home in the Pet Ville popular facebook games 2020. Zynga is also responsible for the game’s design.

18. Fish Ville

Popular Facebook Games

Fish villa

Zynga’s Fishville is yet another fascinating Facebook aquarium game. Various varieties of fish can be raised in a virtual fish tank according to the game’s rules.

19. MindJolt Games

Popular Facebook Games


It is not only a game but also a library that can grow indefinitely and is fantastic facebook games 2012 but Playing this game can be a great way to spend time.

20. Hotel City

Popular Facebook Games

Hotel city

Playfish’s Hotel City is a fun game to play. This popular games combines the old Sim Tower and Restaurant City into one. You can roam around in this game to gain a better look at the hotel.

21. Tiki Resort

Popular Facebook Games

Tikki resort

The Tiki Resort game is Popular Facebook Games, and can be the best games of all time the player develops a thriving tourist business on a small island cut off from the ocean.

22. Bubble Island



This exciting puzzle game is based on a popular arcade model that has been modified for the purpose of social gaming. A user fires a bubble cannon, which explodes bubbles of comparable colors, allowing them to advance through the stages.


Popular Facebook Games are a fun and challenging way to play games that aren’t too taxing on your computer’s resources. Most of these games also allow me to challenge my friends, which adds a personal touch to them. Check out the list and let us know which games are your favorites. If you’re seeking for great iPhone games to play on flights, check out our list of the greatest offline and popular FB games .

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