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Top 15 FREE IP Camera Software for Windows PC in 2022

by Julia
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The IP camera software is a type of surveillance software that may be used for home, company, and family security. This security ip camera software can detect motion automatically and provide you with notifications through text messages, voice phone calls, and other methods. With several of these ip camera software, you can easily watch recorded webcams and live footage. A list of the best ip camera software, with information about what people like and how to get to their websites.

Top 15 FREE IP Camera Software for Windows PC in 2022

CCTV software that is both open-source (free) and commercial (paid) is included in the list. Security Eye is a video surveillance software that uses webcams and IP cameras to monitor. This programme can keep intruders out of your business or house. It sends out SMS and email alerts. For Windows PC, the Best IP camera software & Security Camera Software

1) Security Eye

ip camera software

Security Eye is a video surveillance software that uses webcams and IP cameras to monitor. This programme can keep intruders out of your business or house. It sends out SMS and email alerts.


  • You may use the software to specify a certain date and time of day.
  • The Security Eye tool records high-quality video.
  • This NVR (Network Video Recorder) system is compatible with over 1200 IP camera models.
  • It contains an inbuilt video player that is simple to use.

2) ManyCam

ip camera software

ManyCam is a live streaming software that makes it simple to broadcast professional video, broadcasts, and online lectures. During a web conference, you may use the tool to blur, change, or delete the background.


  • Facebook and YouTube Live are both supported.
  • It has streaming and broadcasting capabilities.
  • This programme can record movies in WMV and AVI formats.
  • It’s compatible with Skype and Yahoo Messenger.
  • The platform that is supported is:
  • PC with Windows 10, 8, and 7.
  • With the code 21BSCHOOL35, Guru99 members may save up to 35% on premium plans.

3) Xeoma

ip camera software

Xeoma is a free IP camera software for Windows that allows you to record video and audio. It provides you with immediate responses and notifications. It allows you to concurrently capture displays from numerous monitors.


  • The level of the sound may be adjusted.
  • With the device list, you can explore and operate cameras.
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) control is supported.
  • It has the ability to perceive sound.
  • Face recognition-based access is available with this security camera for the Macintosh.
  • Use a password to protect your video.

4) YouCam

ip camera software

Because YouCam is free, you don’t have to pay to use it. It can be easily used with video calling services like Zoom, Skype and Facebook. It enables users to apply cosmetics and skin enhancements with ease.


  • It has over 200 effects to choose from.
  • This programme allows you to create your own headings and pictures.
  • Animated emojis are available on YouCam.
  • It allows you to log in and log out using your face.
  • Images may be embellished with frames and scenery.
  • This tool allows you to alter the video’s brightness and clarity.
  • Windows 10, 8, and 7 are supported.

5) Netcam Studio

ip camera software

Netcam Studio is a free IP security camera software that may be used to monitor your house, company, or family. Dropbox, Slack, and Google Drive instructions may be received or sent using this programme. It sends you emails and pushes notifications to keep you up to date on any unusual behaviour.


  • It enables you to create rules that will initiate external or internal actions.
  • It comes with a web browser client that may be used on any device.
  • This software allows you to connect to up to 64 cameras.
  • You may evaluate any occurrence more quickly.
  • It senses motion and speed automatically.
  • More than 2000 templates are included in this software.

6) Blue Iris

Blue Iris

Blue Iris is a camera and security software that can take JPEG screenshots as well as movies in AVI, MP4, and DVR formats. This programme allows you to watch recorded videos without any effort. It may send you warnings by text message, voice phone call, and other methods.


  • Cameras are simple to navigate.
  • The picture is captured in MPEG and JPEG file formats.
  • To start recording, the app employs audio and motion detection.
  • Blue Iris may be accessed from a distance.
  • You can easily examine recorded cameras and live clips.
  • It keeps a complete track of everything that happens.
  • It has a digital zoom and a panning feature.

7) Anycam


Anycam is one of the best Wi-Fi security cameras on the market. It lets you easily watch and record live broadcasts. RTSP, RTMP, and MPEG-4 stream cameras are all supported by this programme.


  • You may watch recorded movies separately using this WiFi camera software for your PC.
  • To add a new camera, you simply need to enter the IP address or domain name.
  • Anycam can play recordings from your computer or a network disc.
  • You may easily play an archived video.

8) ZoneMinder


ZoneMinder is one of the most effective video surveillance programmes for monitoring your workplace and home. This app is compatible with a broad range of cameras. This PC-based open-source IP camera software has APIs for third-party integration.


  • You can keep an eye on things from your Android phone or PC.
  • With authorization, you may control your recorded data.
  • This software’s free version is compatible with the Raspberry Pi and the newest hardware.
  • This IP camera application is very simple to set up.
  • This webcam monitoring software aids in the prevention of theft.

9) Perfect Surveillance

 Perfect Surveillance

Perfect Surveillance is a security camera software that allows you to see footage from an IP address. More than 1200 camera models are supported by this programme. It allows you to easily capture pictures and movies.


  • You may record in real-time or on a schedule.
  • It detects motion and takes action as a result.
  • This home security system sends out text and email warnings.
  • Any browser is supported by the ideal surveillance tool.
  • You may connect this software safely with a password.
  • It has a video player built-in.
  • Filter video recordings based on the time, date, and camera name.

10) iVideon


IVideon is video surveillance software that may be used in both the workplace and at home. With this CCTV camera software for PC, you can rapidly create and delete users.


  • This software may be integrated with corporate management systems.
  • It may be accessed using Android mobile and desktop apps.
  • You may rapidly review previous occurrences that have been recorded.
  • The free iVideon CCTV software for Windows lets you quickly draw a surveillance area on a map.

11) Camcloud VMS

Camcloud VMS

Camcloud VMS is one of the best CCTV software for PCs that don’t require a hardware gateway. It lets you pick from the widest range of cameras that are ready to use right away.


  • This VMS (Video Management Solution) programme finds cameras automatically.
  • You can easily manage cameras.
  • This free Windows 10 security camera software works with NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SD cards.
  • It allows you to check the camera’s health.
  • It provides online and mobile app services for controlling the camera.
  • It has a multi-camera timeline for easy cloud management.

12) Genius Vision

Genius Vision

Genius Vision is a video camera software that enables remote monitoring and recording. It has a graphical user interface with full remote control capabilities. Pan, tilt and zoom cameras are all possible with this software.


  • Multiple IP camera brands are supported.
  • It’s simple to set up and operate this VMS (Video Management Solution).
  • It’s possible to stream 3GPP (the 3rd Generation Partnership Project) mobile video with this top free IP camera software for Windows 10.
  • This software may be used in conjunction with Google Maps.
  • You can schedule recordings using this IP camera software.

13) ContaCam


Contacam is one of the greatest home security camera systems available, and it will fulfil your security requirements. It comes in a variety of languages, including English, French, Chinese, Italian, and others. This programme has a built-in web server with password security.


  • On a daily basis, it offers a summary video.
  • The motion recording feature is available in this webcam surveillance software.
  • You’ll be able to manually create records and snapshots.
  • When you use the ContaCam IP cam viewer, you can set up as many cameras as you want.
  • Cloud clients are used to enabling remote viewing.

14) Deskshare IP Camera Viewer

# 14) Deskshare IP Camera ViewerDeskshare IP Camera Viewer

The IP Camera Viewer is a security camera solution that lets you see live footage from IP or USB cameras. It may be used in your house, business, or any other location where security is required. It is compatible with over 2000 different IP camera models.


  • It uploads captured videos to a server automatically.
  • All IP camera models are supported by the tool.
  • More than four camera videos may be controlled and viewed.
  • This free IP camera recording software allows you to see numerous cameras simultaneously.
  • By changing the video and picture properties of your IP camera, you can make the video better.
  • It allows you to set the video resolution and frame rate.

15) Hanwha Wisenet WAVE VMS

Hanwha Wisenet WAVE VMS

Hanwha Wisenet WAVE VMS is a security camera management system that makes it simple to control footage. It’s one of the best webcam monitoring software, with a clever viewer that lets you watch live feeds with a simple user interface.


  • From a linked camera, you may watch up to 72 videos.
  • It lets you search for and playback data based on the type of event that was recorded.
  • You may search by person, system, or record in this programme.
  • The IP Video Management platform may be easily customised.
  • It is simple to export a video.

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