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ZippyShare Review In 2022 | Techlion

by Julia

It’s easy to reject it as a ruse: a business that provides infinite hosting space for free seems too wonderful to be true. But, despite its flaws and quirks, it is a legal file-sharing service. Indeed, ZippyShare.com has been around longer than many of the current crop of file-sharing providers.

It’s worth noting that you may use ZippyShare to transfer and exchange files without first registering with the site. While this option is excellent for sharing a single file quickly, if you plan on using the site frequently, you should create an account to have access to additional services. Before we go through its features, keep in mind that ZippyShare is primarily a file-sharing application. To put it another way, don’t be shocked if it lacks some of the functionality that other services provide.

Best Features:

One of ZippyShare’s most notable characteristics is that it provides limitless storage space, which is virtually unheard of among file-sharing platforms. Individual uploads, however, must not exceed 500 MB in size. This shouldn’t be an issue for most lawful usage, and it’s in place to discourage users from using the site to illegally exchange data.

Another feature that is common among free accounts on other file sharing sites is that after 30 days of inactivity, ZippyShare will automatically remove files from your account. If no one has downloaded any of your files in the previous month, ZippyShare.com  will delete them permanently. There is no way to recover deleted data from the recycle bin. You’ll have to re-upload the deleted files to your ZippyShare account if you want to distribute them.

Another advantage is that, like its disc space, ZippyShare’s download bandwidth is unrestricted. You may share the files with anyone, and they’ll be available for download as long as they don’t sit idle for more than a certain amount of time.

The ZippyShare.com bilingual interface is a feature that won’t be of much use to TechRadar Pro readers but is a lovely touch in the bigger context. Aside from English, the service is available in a dozen additional languages, greatly increasing its accessibility.


Use an interface

You can use the service without establishing an account, although it’s recommended that you do so. Although you don’t get the ease of single sign-on, it only requires your name and login credentials.

Uploading files uses the same interface as before: a basic text box into which you can drag and drop any number of files and folders. While each file is being uploaded, ZippyShare.com  will indicate its progress. The uploads are swift, and there is no artificial delay, which is surprising given that the service is free. When you submit a file, ZippyShare will immediately share it with others and publicise the URLs to view it.

You may also upload files from a remote URL using the service. This is a unique feature that I was astonished to discover on ZippyShare. The remote links to files I pasted in the appropriate area were accepted, but they never appeared in my account, and the URLs it produced for these files always returned a “File not found” error.

Downloads and Apps

In terms of applications, ZippyShare doesn’t have much to offer. It does not use browser extensions to complement the online interface, unlike its competitors. There are no smartphone applications for the service either. To upload and share content from your phone, open the web browser on your phone and go to ZippyShare.com.

The service does have a desktop version, but it is just for Windows. Even then, the programme is only a helper for uploading. You can use the app to upload several files, but like the web app, you’ll have to queue them up before clicking the upload button. Additionally, the desktop client, like the online version, spits out URLs after files are submitted to your account.

The app’s sole true benefit is that it allows you to upload files larger than 500 MB. When you refer to a huge file, the programme suggests splitting it into 500-MB portions. Although the tool failed to split Linux ISO images in our tests, it did perform as claimed on several home films in the MP4 format.

It’s easy to think that the free service is supported by advertisements, particularly on the downloads page. They’re normally not bothersome, but certain download URLs display a slew of advertising, pop-ups, and re-directs that may be very aggravating.


The challenge

ZippyShare isn’t the only service that lets you sign up for a free account. MediaFire’s free account is subsidised by advertisements. While you may subscribe to a premium account for an ad-free experience, ZippyShare does not provide an equivalent option.

While I can deal with the commercials, the lack of privacy settings is the true issue for me. You may mark uploads as private in both the online and desktop uploaders, and they will not be shared automatically. You may also password-protect folders, requiring the password before allowing access to the contents when shared. That’s all there is to it. If you’re expecting access limits or two-factor verification, you’ll be disappointed with Mega’s free account.

Mega’s encryption capabilities also amazed us. While ZippyShare uses an https connection for all transfers, it lacks end-to-end encryption, which is a must-have feature, especially if you plan to use the service frequently.

Furthermore, the lack of smartphone apps for ZippyShare does not speak well for the business. It’s the polar opposite of MediaFire, which includes Android and iOS apps but no desktop version. Even ZippyShare’s desktop application isn’t very useful. It lacks capabilities like file synchronisation that other providers like pCloud and Mega provide.


Price and Cost

ZippyShare ensures its consumers that everything on their site is completely free.


ZippyShare, like most file-sharing platforms, does not guarantee stability or uptime. The service works most of the time, however it is evident that being free is not a top priority for any network concerns.

The Data Center

ZippyShare is a corporation established in the United States.

Customer Service

Customers may contact ZippyShare tech support by email, and there is a FAQ available in the menu, however it is currently unavailable.

The Control Panel

There is no need for a control panel; all that is required is an upload interface and a basic web application for file management.

Final Words:

Although the service is free, it is not suitable for everyone. The advertisements are a significant turn-off, especially since there is no way to disable them. The absence of security features also makes the service unsuitable for exchanging crucial files. You can’t use ZippyShare.com to effortlessly sync your data between multiple computers and devices since its desktop software lacks a sync feature.

In truth, ZippyShare is best suited for casual users who wish to exchange non-important files that are too large to send by email. Everyone else will be better off going somewhere else.

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