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Top 12 Best Proxies Service Providers in 2022

by Julia
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Best proxies server is a network-based program or online service that allows a computer to make requests on its behalf. It’s a middleman between a client and a service, with the customer being your computer, and the best proxies service being the website you’ve asked to access.

The most common purpose for using a best proxies server while visiting a website is to disguise or modify the IP address.

Top 12 Best Proxies Service Providers in 2022

Best proxies servers aren’t just used to get around filters on the Internet. They’re also used to keep an eye on and control how children and employees use the Internet. It may be set up to block access to specified websites. It improves network performance overall and is also used to protect data from illegal access, preserve anonymity, and analyze prohibited material.

1. Bright Data


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Bright Data includes a Proxy Manager that allows you to manage all of your best proxies from one place. The Proxy Manager is a free and open-source application. It has scraping capabilities built-in. Bright Data provides data center proxies, ISP proxies, residential best proxies, mobile best proxies, Web Unlockers, and more tools are available from Bright Data.


  • Bright Data Proxy Manager lets you route requests through home data centers, mobile IP networks, and other networks based on rules.
  • It has Regex and custom rules for reducing traffic.
  • It keeps track of all requests in great detail.
  • All requests sent through a proxy may be browsed and monitored.

2. HMA

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For anonymous browsing, HMA provides a free proxy server. It allows you to visit restricted websites from anywhere on the globe and includes features such as private surfing in one tab, IP masking in one tab, safe online banking on any network, and more. Because we can use it on any device, we will have more secure access to online games and apps.


  • Using HMA’s tools, you can keep your entire browser history private from your ISP. This way, you can keep your history private from your ISP.
  • It makes a secure connection, so you can surf even when you’re on public Wi-Fi which isn’t safe.
  • With premium membership services, it can watch US TV programming.
  • You may visit any restricted website with HMA.

3. Whoer

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Whoer offers services such as web proxy, Internet speed test, online ping test checker, domain and IP checker, and DNS leak test. It has a web proxy that lets you change your IP address, unblock websites, and get online anonymity for free. Its services are offered in a number of nations.


  • Whoer offers features that prevent websites and Internet providers from monitoring and banning you.
  • Whoer’s premium anonymizer connects you quickly to servers in the countries you specify.
  • These connections have a low ping and are very fast.
  • With both the premium and free versions, no user activity will be tracked, and no logs will be kept.
  • It has great security rules, and no one will know about your internet activity, including Whoer.

4. Hide.me

best proxies

Hide.me is a safe online proxy with applications for all platforms and VPN protocols. It adheres to a stringent log-free policy. In the premium edition, you get port forwarding, a fixed IP address, and streaming. It offers a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox users.


  • IKEv2, WireGuard, OpenVPN, and other common protocols are supported by all servers.
  • Hide.me may be used by everyone, including novices, geeks, kids, and adults.
  • It’s a secure and easy-to-use platform.
  • It works on Windows, Mac, Apple TVs, cellphones, and other platforms.

5. Oxylabs Proxy Server

Oxylabs Proxy Server

Oxylabs provides a unique proxy solution for large-scale data collection. Datacenter proxies, residential proxies, Next-Gen Residential Proxies, and Real-time Crawler are some of the services it provides. The self-service dashboard from OxyLabs® will provide you with complete information on proxy usage. It aids in the formation of sub-users, IP whitelisting, and other tasks.


  • Datacenter’s proxies come with unlimited bandwidth and domains, as well as a dedicated account manager who will help you with your account.
  • Residential proxies let you do human-like scraping without blocking your IP address. They also offer 24/7 help, 99.2% success rates, and city-level targeting.
  • Next-Gen Residential Proxies are AI and machine learning-based online scraping tools that have an auto-retry system, captcha handling, and a parser that can be changed.
  • Data may be extracted from search engines and e-commerce websites using a real-time crawler.
  • It provides country and ASN filtering features.

6. 4everproxy


4everproxy features VPN servers in eight different places. It uses TLS to encrypt all connections. Every page you view is served from a distinct IP address. The URLs in your browser are not visible to anyone. 4everproxy allows you to select the server’s location. You may use the Custom HTTP Proxy option to enter a custom proxy in IP: PORT format. All traffic is routed through 4everproxy’s server and then through the proxy, you designate.


  • After 2 hours of inactivity, 4everproxy deletes the proxy sessions.
  • It offers the Double Proxy feature, which allows you to connect to several proxy servers at the same time.
  • All VPN connections are completely encrypted.
  • It doesn’t keep track of your web activity.

7. CroxyProxy


CroxyProxy is a powerful web proxy that is both free and safe. It may be used for video hosting sites, search engines, social media sites, and so forth. It allows for anonymous video site surfing with full video streaming. It’s a free utility that doesn’t require any downloads or configuration. It performs the function of a proxy browser. CroxyProxy employs cutting-edge technologies to facilitate access to current websites and online applications.


  • CroxyProxy lets you hide your true IP address, so you can surf the web without anyone knowing who you are.
  • SSL encryption will be used on all websites.
  • It has permalink features that make it easy to share the sites you’ve opened with others.
  • Android and Chrome OS are among the platforms it supports.
  • CroxyProxy supports HTML5 video and audio playback.

8. ProxySite


ProxySite.com is a free online proxy service that provides dedicated VPN servers all around the world. It keeps no logs and ensures the highest level of security and privacy. Its gigabit network will let you browse online pages more quickly.


  • Its Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption ensures that you are surfing safely.
  • It gives you access to the entire world.
  • Regardless of whether the target website is safe or not, ProxySite.com returns everything to you.

9. Tor Browser

 Tor Browser

Tor is a browser that allows you to remain anonymous online. It safeguards you from being tracked, monitored, or censored. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. Tor can protect apps that are correctly setup. Despite the fact that Tor encrypts data to and within the Tor network, the encryption of traffic to the ultimate destination website is up to that website.


  • Tor stops trackers from following you, protects you from being monitored, and stops you from being fingerprinted.
  • It has many layers of encryption.
  • It has added HTTPS to all of its pages to make sure that they are encrypted in a safe way.
  • It prevents browser plugins such as RealPlayer and QuickTime from revealing your IP address.
  • Its purpose is to prevent websites from fingerprinting you using your browser’s settings.

10. Proxify


Best for a one-of-a-kind proxy solution that safeguards your internet privacy and security. If you want to use the internet safely and anonymously, Proxify is a tool you can use. It offers capabilities that allow you to conceal your IP address. There are proxy servers all around the world. There are 1290 satellites in 219 cities across 65 countries. It has 87 satellites in the United States. Your conversations are encrypted using Proxify.


  • This anonymous proxy allows you to browse the web safely and anonymously.
  • Your network traffic will not be monitored since the connection will be encrypted.
  • It is used by individuals from more than 200 nations worldwide.
  • It works with all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari, on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

11. ProxySite.cloud


ProxySite is a cloud-based web proxy in the United States that allows you to unblock websites and bypass censors. It features a specialized network of proxy sites that run on 1 GB dedicated pipes in the United States, resulting in fast speeds. It’s a lightning-fast anonymous web proxy browser that’s both dependable and safe.

12. RSocks Proxy Server

RSocks Proxy Server

RSocks sells high-quality best proxies for a wide range of reasons, including free best proxies and private mobile proxies. The free best proxies service comes with constant proxy quality checks, 100 constantly updated IPs, and no work limits. With RSocks, you may use a variety of proxy packages for various purposes. This solution is available for a free trial.

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